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Airsplat May update – New Celcius CTW’s in stock

Kent has sent in some news from AirSplat:

Celcius CTW’s just arrived! The amazing Celcius Training Weapon has landed and is available. These CTW M4’s are a very similar version of the Systema PTW’s, with some tweaks and changes of their own. This CTW M4 is about half the price of the regular PTW’s and a great value at ONLY $619.95.

CELCIUS M4 A1 CTW Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle ONLY $619.95

We have a new line of Flash lights, available in both Xenon and LED. The G2 nitrolon flash light uses a 9V xenon bulb or LED that are both over a 100 lumens. Prices start at $24.95. Also new is the M3 Pistol RIS Tactical Light. This also comes with a 9V xenon bulb or LED. Is compatible with all pistol rails, including Glock’s, M9’s, USP, etc. Prices start at $34.95

J-Rich G2 XENON Nitrolon Flashlight Black ONLY $24.95 / LED version ONLY $34.95

J-Rich M3 9V RIS Flashlight Gun Light ONLY $44.95 / LED Version ONLY $49.95


MADBULL RAS RAIL now available at JAG

The MadBull RAS rail is now out at JAG:

One of the best design for Airsoft players!


Available now in USA. Distributed by JAG Precision.

Please contact your local dealers for details.

New woodland Ambush site – Camp Delta

Hustler ( dropped me a line about their new woodland site:

Hi Arnie, Thought I’d drop you a line to let you know about Ambush Wargames Events (AWE) new woodland site "Camp Delta".

Situated in over 300 acres of woodland Camp Delta is a strikingly varied woodland site with areas of huge ferns some dark dark woods and 40ft high Rhodie Jungles. The game areas are secluded and the site features a  well equipped safe zone with all the facilities you would expect to find, and a few more too.

image image

We have big plans for this site and have already started building Fire bases, Sniper nests and bunkers, but these are the icing on the cake the natural features of the woodland alone provide more than challenging game zones!

Located on the A327 about a mile away from the entrance to the original Eversley site Camp Delta is situated within easy access of the M4 and the M3.

Both site are still fully operation so we now have weekly AWE open Days! And the monthly milsims will alternate between the two.

Hustler (

Modify – Li Po Battery Cell Safety Test Report

Modify have sent over a new video comparing li-po batteries:

We made Video for our new product "Modify Li Po Battery Cell Safety Test Report".  Here is the Youtube link:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Best Regards and Have a nice day!

Sophie Liu Modify Co.
Tel: +886-3-3334980
Fax: +886-3-3311460

Airsoft Extreme News Flash April 29, 2009

Airsoft Extreme have sent in their latest:

Airsoft Extreme News Flash April 29, 2009

Real Sword Type 56 Rifles back in stock at Airsoft Extreme

RS 9.6v battery

(Airsoft Extreme)

ASGI Custom by Tim – a video review

Airsoft GI have sent in a new video from their guys

Another quick video review of the latest ASGI Custom by Tim:

Additionally, we’ve received the new Ares MK235 and M110. G&G has given us their Close Range Weapon (CRW), Xtreme 45 CO2 Pistol and awesome new RK Beta.

In the midst of our spring cleaning this year we’ve found a lot of great stuff that never made it onto the website. Be sure to check out for new items being updated by the hour!

image image image
image image

Best Regards, Tim Seargeant (Airsoft GI)

Airsoftology Podcast: Episode #8

image751[1] Airsoftology have their 8th episode out now:

Airsoftology Podcast: Episode #8

Hey Arn,

Airsoftology show #8 is ready up on the site. Chris is out sick this week (it’s not swine flu) but our friend Steve steps up for the challenge…and hilarity ensues.

In This Show:

  • We discuss the latest in airsoft news and rumors from around the web.
  • Jonathan reviews the Airsoft Innovations distraction device adapter.
  • Jonathan, Tim and Steve answer your calls and questions in our feedback segment.
  • We pass on the tech tip this show and cover a controversial topic instead: Age and airsoft!

Where to get it:

Episode 8 is available from all the usual sources: Just search for “airsoftology” on iTunes or follow this link: iTunes Page.

If you don’t have iTunes, you can download directly from the link below:

*Right Click to Download*

Show notes are available here. (Airsoftology)

May edition of airsoft International

The May edition of AI is out:

May edition Of Ai: Unlike other publishers that have problems publishing 4 issue a year Ai is always on time and this issue is bigger and better than ever.

First off your favourite Airsoft publication has increased in size yet again to a whooping 84 pages and launched yet another new editorial section called the ready room

image image



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WE Gas Blow Back M4 CO2 Mags at Airsoft Buddy

Airsoft Buddy are accepting pre-orders on the WE GBB M4 CO2 mags now:

Airsoft Buddy is accepting Pre-Order for WE Gas Blow Back M4 CO2 Magazine now.


Pre-Order price is US$40@. After the pre-order period, the price will be

(Airsoft Buddy)

MadBull Airsoft RAS-FIX details

MadBull Airsoft have released details on the RAS-FIX:

MSRP is about $20-25 The real gun handguard rail (RAS) is fixed by gas tube.

Toy gun doesn’t have gas tube and that cause the toy gun handguard loosing from time to time.

RAS-FIX I & II can fix this problem.

image image image

Plus, you can use it as a scope raiser.

Compared to version I, Ver. 2 is shorter and cheaper. RAS-FIX II available now.

(MadBull Airsoft)

15% off at Monsters in Motion

Monsters in Motion have sent out a discount voucher for the next two days:

Monster In Motion Newsletter


Just print this coupon out and show it to the cashier when making a purchase

This offer is ONLY available in stores


We are located at 181 W. Orangethorpe Avenue, Unit E, Placentia, California 92870 (714) 577.8863. (Monsters in Motion)

Arniegeddon 09 is go!

It’s back; the rumours are true. Arniesairsoft’s official event is back with a bang!


For more details of the event visit the Arniegeddon 09 forum. For more site details, visit

Forum news digest for Apr 30, 2009

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

WE chromed barrels, Magpul PTS at Airsoft Buddy

Airsoft Buddy have the new WE chromed barrels in:

Dear Arnie, Can you please help to post the following message on your kindly website? Airsoft Product Update:

WE just launched their Chromed 6.025mm Inner Barrel. This chromed inner barrel have 2 different length for you to choose (262mm and 363mm). With new design hop-up. Each chromed inner barrel is comes with the new design hop-up rubber.


imageFor details, please refer to the following links.

Magpul also launched their MOE PTS Grip for WA and WE.

Thanks, (Airsoft Buddy)

King Arms product update Apr 2009

Mark , (King Arms) has sent in a load of updates, click the link through to read the full post

Hi all,

It has been a while since last update. We have some new distributors in Europe helping us to distribute our products and hopefully people can be able to enjoy KA items in a faster and cheaper way. There is a new KA AEG just came out, also with some new items we like to share with you. Enjoy!


You all have seen the KA Galil AR, SAR, and MAR versions. Here comes the most sought version which everyone has been waiting for, the Galil ARM AEG. Fully licensed products with the same high standards KA always carry. Ready to deliver.

a_003a_014 a_004 a_011 a a_013

Real Wood Handguard for Galil ARM

Are you a classic guns collector? Or you are interested in original setting for your AEG? We offer you this real wood handguard for our Galil ARM so you can have the have a modern/ classic ARM at your choice.

a_002 a_010 a_005 a_018

M16 Metal Body – Vltor MUR / TROY (Update Version)

M16 Metal Body – Vltor MUR (Update Version)

We have these 2 updated MUR metal bodies with different logos of your choice.

a_008 a_019

You guys have seen our SIG 556 AEG, we now offer you the spare magazine. They will not only fit our SIG 556, and they will fit Marui M4 series also.

135 rounds 556 Style Magazine for M4 Series


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