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Limited Edition, Airsoft GI G4-A2

AirsoftGI have sent in some new videos:

We have a new, Limited Edition, Airsoft GI G4-A2, the Flaming Hog. The Flaming Hog is a CQB version of the G4 carbine and it features a Noveske KX3 Flash Hider. Also, Tim’s been really busy cranking out videos for Airsoft GI TV, check out his latest releases:



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New WELL rifle photos

Peter of has sent in news of a new clone:

WELL showed complete clone sniper rifle STAR-RG-AW338, quality is much better than the well-known MB01/WARRIOR.

Shooting power 450fps, gas magazine capacity 23bullets. Clone sniper rifle STAR-RG-AW338 Will be on sale in two months.

Best regards Peter
Krakman SC
Vetulaniego 1A
31-227 Krakow

UN product update – 16 May 2009

UN Company have sent in their latest updates for 16th May:

Dear All, UN Company is going to introduce you guys a famous pistol series this week.

The Colt Bob Chow Special Series pistols by Western Arms.

WA Colt BOB CHOW Special Limited Edition (BK):

WA Colt BOB CHOW Special-Limited (Grey)

WA Colt BOB CHOW Special Carbon Black:

WA Colt BOB CHOW Special (Ver. 1.5)

WA Colt BOB CHOW Special B-Comp Limited Edition:

WA Colt BOB CHOW Special Ver.2 Limited Edition:

imageBelow is the history of Bob Chow:

Bob Chow (1908-2003), a master pistol-smith. He is an excellent competition shooter who represented USA in shooting event of 1948 Olympic Games in London.

In 50-th century, he opened a gun store in San Francisco and started to build and sell custom pistols.  Many well-known shooters like the Colt series pistols which are made or modified by him.

Besides his business, he was leading a shooting team to get many good results and world records in competitions. After he died, his shooting and modification skills are still to be eulogized everywhere.

And all his customs pistols become rare collections.

Bob Chow’s custom pistols are extremely accurate and functional. All of them are handmade. His ingenious designed pistols are outstanding in most 1911 pistols.

Western Arms had released these Bob Chow Special replicas in limited edition..

They have belt clip / adjustable rear sight / extended outer barrel / detailed trademarks / compensator / Herretts wood grip….

They can give you a realistic appearance and together an incredible good feeling.

Don’t miss the chance to get these nice limited edition collector pieces.

Please visit our site for more new hot items. You may also found more airsoft products you need there. Enjoy!

(UN Company)

Airbana SMS Shortcode Live

image2[1]Airbana’s SMS shortcode is now live:

The Airbana Shortcode service is now live for the UK (was supposed to be part of the V4 launch earlier in the month)

In the event that you don’t have Airbana’s TomTom POI file installed (updates every 30 mins) and your phone doesn’t have internet browsing (Airbana’s Mobile Airsoft Map) but you need to get a sites details e.g. the Postcode, GPS co-ordinates or phone number then you can send a text!

Simply send a text to 83010 with the text AIRBANA SiteName or if you roughly know the postcode within 20 miles of the site the text AIRBANA PostCode and Airbana will try and match your query to a site (or sites – as many as it can fit in 1 text) in the Database and send it back.

For example:

Please be aware that this service does cost money to use – 25p + one Standard Network Rate Text (This money goes straight to the Shortcode provider not to me!)

If your phone has internet capability it may be cheaper to use which has the same information available.


Airsoft Extreme News Flash May 14, 2009

Airsoft Extreme have sent in their latest news:

Airsoft Extreme News Flash May 14, 2009

New Magpul Accessories at Airsoft Extreme

Systema SUPER MAX PTW's are back at Airsoft Extreme

(Airsoft Extreme)

Airsoft Extreme update – OP: AFTERMATH 2

Airsoft Extreme have sent in an update about their upcoming events:

Airsoft Extreme Upcoming Events May 17, 2009

Just a reminder of the two AEX Events coming THIS weekend! See below for details!

AEX Customer Appreciation game at Sequoia Airsoft

Click here to register for the Sequoia Game!

In 2077, the Great War has a devastating effect on the entire world: nuclear weapons eradicate millions of people and dramatically changing the landscape forever. Radioactive fallout kills millions more in the ensuing months and the ones that remain alive have to contend with limited food, supplies, and most importantly, pure water.

Over one hundred years later, the remnants of civilization attempt to piece together a semblance of unity under the guidance of the UGS or the NPR. The UGS (United Global States), waving a blue banner, relies on its strength through protecting the weak and providing representative democracy to all. The NPR (New People’s Republic), uniting under the red banner of communism, opposes the UGS and supports socialist ideals as the means to a better future.

A few months ago, the NPR managed to drive away the UGS in the area formally known as Los Angeles and declared leadership over the region. The battle severely depleted supplies, forcing them to ration out remainders and search for sustenance elsewhere. Roaming traders from the south brought rumors of an untapped cache of weaponry, food, and medical supplies, in a place known as the “City of Tomorrow .” The NPR (from the Los Angeles area) will move south in an attempt to secure this source. However, the area once known as San Diego has a strong UGS faction and will work to stop the NPR from invading their territory.

The greatest threat, perhaps, may come from the Super Mutants, who are a small, extremely dangerous group of genetic ally altered soldiers, invulnerable to small arms fire, seeking to destroy the survivors of humanity.

Click here for more information on OP Aftermath 2!

(Airsoft Extreme)

World of War props from Enola Militaria

Enola Gaye have sent in an email about their products:

image World of War Props

From Enola Militaria: For more props like C4, TNT, Tank mines & Fake gold click here!

image image

James / Jim / Mark / Olly

3rd Light Limited

t: 01189 714470  f: 01189 712981
Unit 3, Lodge Farm, Lower Padworth,
Reading, Berkshire. RG7 4HY

Hobby Media’s live coverage of Shizuoka 2009

Fra has dropped me a line to say that he’s live blogging the 2009 Tokyo Hobby Show at the moment:

Ciao Arnie!

I’m live blogging news and videos from The SHIZUOKA HOBBY SHOW 2009:

(YouTube source)

Today I met the president of Tokyo Marui and in the next few months later I hope to be able to make a reportage from their Company.

All the best from Tokyo!!


Photos from Shizuoka Hobby Show from X-Fire

Tomo from X-Fire is at the Shizuoka Hobby Show and has sent in some photos from the Marui booth:


IMG_3600 IMG_3601 IMG_3602 
IMG_3551 IMG_3556 IMG_3573

bannerYou can find full details on his pages here: Here’s the details on the what is there and the new L96:

14th May 2009,in Shizuoka.Tokyo Marui announced so many new products. The line up is

1.L96 Black & ODs
2.FN 5-7
3.AK series & NEW M4 accessories
4.Limited colors Pistol ,Gun & Rifle.

Please click the above interested items.You can go that page & will find the detail.

Today we introduce the L96, tomorrow we update more pictures!

L96. The price : 29,800 YEN Sale on July
This L96 has Magazine on real position. And has a capacity of 40 BBS inside. When you push the bolt,that one carry BB to forward chamber. This system has already adopted by Marui for some cheaper pistol, so really smooth action, less jam. Tomo (X-Fire)

Forum news digest for May 15, 2009

Editorial staff change at U.S.A.S.O.C.

There’s been a bit of a change in management with U.S.A.S.O.C. The Magazine, here’s the announcement:

image As of 1st May, 2009, Nick Petrus retired from U.S.A.S.O.C. The Magazine and passed on ownership to Patrick Scott, owner of Tactical Airsoft Review magazine. In an effort to combine resources, Guardian Publications, LLC. was formed.

What does this mean for the two magazines? Well, it means that now each magazine has more available writers, and staff to get the job done. Will the two magazines merge into one publication? No. They will continue to publish on their established schedules. In essence, there will be a free downloadable magazine at the beginning of each and every month.

We at Guardian Publications are dedicated to excellence of product and service to our readers and customers. It is our hope that through our efforts, we will be able to help the airsoft industry improve and grow.

To that end, all product reviews in our publications will be conducted in a fair and unbiased way. Our reviews are not complete unless we have used the item(s) under actual use conditions. If we find the product to be faulty, we will explain why and goive our suggestions on how to fix the problem.

Patrick Scott
C.E.O. / Chief Editor
U.S.A.S.O.C. The Magazine
A division of Guardian Publications, LLC

Patrick Scott, (C.E.O. / Chief Editor, Guardian Productions LLC.)

MadBull High Impact BB 8mm and video

Simon over at Madbull Airsoft has sent in news of their new BB line:

MadBull High Impact BB 8mm.

+/- 0.02mm 850 rounds 0.48g
$10~15 Low MARP. The most affordable 8mm BB in the market.


Product detail here. How to make BB?

MadBull Si-Fi BB will be available soon.

Very special BB. Only available from MadBull!

Available in 7 days!


Simon, (Madbull Airsoft)

BOYi/Kalash factory GHK AKS74U

Peter at has sent in shots and details on the BOYi/Kalash factory GHK AKS74U:

BOYi/Kalash factory has almost completed clone GHK AKS74U made from steel.BOYi/Kalash factory prepares all earlier series RK in the gas ver.,all outer parts will be made from steel(Barell,Rear Sight with block, Flash Hider, Front Sight, Body, Stock)

Best regards
Krakman SC
Vetulaniego 1A
31-227 Krakow

Firesupport latest stock news for May 2009

image Frank, (FireSupport) has sent over their news for May 2009:

Firesupport Latest Stock News for May 2009, NOW in Stock:

Marui – Pistols

  • Desert Eagle HK
  • Desert Eagle Chrome HK
  • P226
  • G17
  • Python 2.5,4 and 6 inch
  • MEU
  • 1911
  • M92 Military
  • M92 Tactical Master
  • MK23 SOCOM
  • G26
  • G26 Advance
  • Detonics 45
  • Hicapa 4.3
  • Hicapa dual stainless
  • Hicapa extreme
  • Hicapa 5.1
  • Marui Magazines
  • GBB Magazines
  • NBB Magazines
  • AEP Magazines
  • Shotgun Shells
  • AEG magazines
  • Marui Shotguns
  • M3 Shorty
  • M3 Super 90
  • SPAS 12
  • Marui Sniper rifles
  • VSR10 pro

G&P AEGS and parts

  • G&P M733
    G&P XM177E1
    G&P M16VN
    G&P M16A1
    G&P M16A3 (Colt; GP175)
    G&P M4A1 (6 Position) w M500 (GP174)
    G&P SR15 URX (Medium) (GP702B)
    G&P M4 EOD
    G&P Tank (Fix Stock) (GP704)
    G&P Defender (GP707)
    G&P M4A1 (4 Position) (Colt;GP174)
    G&P SPR/A Package (with GP327 & GP057)(GP175)
    G&P CQBR (GP174)
    G&P M4 Commando (Colt; GP174))
    G&P M4 Special Operation (GP174)
    G&P M16A3 with M203 (GP175)
    G&P M4 Special Forces (GP174)
    G&P USMC SAM-R (GP175)
    G&P M4 RAS II Commando (Navy; GP539)
    G&P SR16 URX (GP541)
    G&P Stubby Killer (GP542)

Guarder Parts and Accessories, Marui bbs, Excel bbs, Classic Army AEGs back in stock, ICS AEGs, value and pro series

All NEW and in stock from All available at

Thanks Frank, (FireSupport)

AirsoftGI videos and news

Here’s all the latest from the AirsoftGI guys:

Our first Perfect Tactical Trainer AEG sold very quickly.  Now there are two new custom gun models to follow in its footsteps.  The PTT Block 1 and PTT Block 2 are based off the KWA M4 and feature Real Steel Daniel Defense Free Float Rail Systems.  This gun is built from the very best real steel and aftermarket airsoft parts, it is built for the most enthusiastic airsoft players and professional training personnel. The reason we used such high quality parts it to provide a durable/reliable training gun that’s more realistic and usable than the blue rubber gun, and also cheaper than the Systema PTW.

The new Airsoft GI G4 Series AEGs are off to a great start.  The current guns are increasing in popularity, but now, take a look at these great new models:

The new G4-A1 MOD 0, very similar to the G4-A1.  However, the flip sights were removed and replaced with the red dot scope for better target acquisition.  The free float RIS was exchanged for a different type of mid length.  Same great value with a fresh new look and pre-accessorized out of the box.  Now, the new G4-A5, the URX Style Free float is solid, and provides even more real-estate for accessories and can accommodate for more shooting styles.  Also, the URX RIS has the front flip sight built into it.  Finally, the new G4-A5 DMR, same base as the previous gun but this one has a different one piece outer barrel, low profile gas block and 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel!  This thing is made for long range so we threw a tight bore in there so you can reach out and touch the enemy.

Your feedback has been very helpful and much appreciated.  Be sure to visit our online poll at: and receive a free ASGI Patch!


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