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New Viper XM-177 GBBR Videos on HMSG

image[5]LT Mac of the HMSG has written a review of the Viper Xm-177:

Hey Troops, LT MAC here. As you know I just got my Viper Xm-177 review up on our Historical Military Simulations blog.

Check out these new reliability videos!

I stand by my review:

“The Viper XM-177 is the best air soft gun I have ever held. The workmanship is better than the Inokatsu guns in my opinion. As soon as I get my hands on the M16A1 version I will have my 2 primary combat weapons. In combination with the ProWin 20rd magazine they are a very realistic and satisfying combination for Vietnam operations.”


AI attending Airsoft Arms Fair, 22nd May 2010

image[6]AI will be attending the first Airsoft Arms Fair being held at The Grange in the West Midlands this May:

The UK best selling Airsoft Magazine is pleased to announce our
participation in the forth coming Airsoft Arms Fair


  • We are giving away yes giving away back issues of Ai and it’s sister
    publication Raider ( One copy of each whilst stocks last)
  • The current issue will be on sale for a budget busting show special
    price £2.00
  • Buy a copy and get entered into our show special raffle ( UKARA
    registration Applies)
  • Ai Patch wearers pop by (showing your patch) and pick up a free gift
    Free gifts include
    – Revision Shooting Glasses
    – ESS Goggles
    – Pistol Lanyards
  • And much, much more

Remember  the futures bright the future is AI


Product update from Land Warrior Airsoft

Here is the latest product update from Land Warrior Airsoft:

Hi,  Here’s the latest news from Land Warrior Airsoft –

Airsoft Soldier – Issue 5

imageJust in time for the weekend we’ve taken delivery of the new VFC E Series!
VFC M4ES 105R (E Series) £284.99
VFC M4ES 145R (E Series) £284.99
VFC M4ES 120R (E Series) £284.99
VFC SR16 Defender (E Series) £319.99
VFC M4ES Tactical Carbine (E Series) £345.99
VFC KAC PDW DX version £469.99
VFC SCAR Heavy Gen. III CQC Black £469.99
VFC SCAR Heavy Gen. III CQC Darth Earth £469.99
VFC Romania AIMS £424.99
VFC Dummy M26 Grenade Gas Charger £49.99
VFC Dummy M67 Grenade Gas Charger £49.99
VFC AN/PEQ 15 Laser Light Module Black £99.99
VFC AN/PEQ 15 Laser Light Module Tan £99.99

All in stock and ready to ship, remember all order over £100 receive free UK next day shipping when you select Parcel Force!

Facebook link –

(Land Warrior Airsoft)

Product update from Airsoft Global

Here is the latest news from Airsoft Global:

Dear Sir, We have got some new items released. Please kind to visit our website ( to obtain more information!


a_002 a_008a_003

a_004a_010 aa_006

a_013a_005 a_011

Best Regards, Mujiadam (Airsoft Global)

Army Kimber & PPK full metal in stock at CRW

Here is the latest news from CRW:

Hi, CRW now have Army Kimber and PPK full metal in stock.

  • Kimber Warrior by Army R28 Black


  • PPK full metal GBB by XDY


Please also check our youtube review


Regards, Eddie, Director (CRW)

Pre-order LWRC PSD at Airsoft Extreme

You can now pre-order the LWRC PSD at Airsoft Extreme:


(Airsoft Extreme)

Airsoft GITV sneak peek at Echo 1’s 2010 new releases!

Airsoft GI have two new videos showing a sneak peek at Echo 1’s new releases:

We would like to thank our friends at Echo 1 for allowing us to film these guns before they hit the market.  These are sneak peek videos of pre-production samples of the Echo 1 MK17 and the Echo 1 RPK, enjoy.  Also, stay tuned early next week when we air the exclusive interview with Echo 1 where they shed some light on the whole "rebrand" issue that’s been the topic of discussion for so long…

Finally, restocked items, if you’ve been waiting for one of these items to come back in stock you’d better act fast:
AE .20 black bb
AE .23 white bb
AE .28 white bb
Combat Machine blowback
Combat  Machine blowback tan
M4 high cap
KP45 NS2 Mags
M19/17/18c high cap
KP45 Tactical mag
M93r standard mag
M93r hi cap
Kp8 compact mag
Kwa hop up bucking
MP7 hi cap
KWA AEG Gear Set
KWA AEG piston
KP45 Tactical
KP45 Match
M16 battle rifle

Best Regards, Tim Seargeant (Airsoft GI)

New Magpul PTS PMag & EMag at Spartan Imports

New Magpul PTS PMag (M-Version) and EMag midcapacity magazines coming soon to Spartan Imports:


(Spartan Imports)

YouTube subscription update – 26 March 2010

Here’s the latest YouTube airsoft videos:

New Videos from crwairsofthk

New Videos from TheAirsoftReviewer1

New Videos from AIRSOFTGIdotcom

New Videos from alleywayairsoft

New Videos from evikecom

New Videos from scoutthedoggie

New Videos from o0AirsoftExtreme0o

New Videos from deathcoreairsoft

New Videos from ThumpMaster6

New Videos from MDyanyan

As you can see a few videos have been posted here this week before however you might have missed a few.

If you have an Airsoft YouTube Channel, or videos you’d like us to post please just email them over.

Forum news digest for Mar 27, 2010

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Dr. Airsoft tests Classic Army Safety Goggles

Dr Airsoft has a new video:

Dr. Airsoft has posted a new practical testing video at  This time he tests the Classic Army Safety Goggle.

(Dr. Airsoft)

CrossFit San Diego Sectionals & Forged fashion

Forged Clothing are supporting the CrossFit San Diego Sectionals and holding a fashion show:

image Forged Clothing is hittin’ up the CrossFit San Diego/AZ Sectionals this weekend!  We’ll be out in force to support our local CrossFit competitors.
We’ll be hanging with the CrossFit Forged crew, friends and athletes.  Make sure you check us out at our spot if you’re in town.

For SD Sectionals times, location & info CLICK HERE

Forged Clothing hits the Runway!
This Saturday, Forged partners with Consuul to rock some fashion.
The entire event is taking over FLUXX Nightclub, San Diego’s newest hotspot.  We’ll be hanging out, so come by after the show!

With CrossFit Sectionals and the Forged Fashion Show all taking place this weekend, expect cool vids and sick pics to be showing up on our Facebook.

(Forged Clothing)

Classic Army LWRC M6A2 wallpaper from Spartan Imports

Spartan Imports have a new wallpaper to liven up your desktop:


Download the Classic Army LWRC M6A2 wallpaper!

Tired of your current wallpaper and want something with more “bang”?

Download this new Spartan Imports wallpaper featuring the ultra sexy Classic Army LWRC M6A2 Auto Blowback AEG!

3 resolutions to choose from:

  • 1600×1200
  • 1920×1080
  • 1920×1200

available at Spartan Imports’ Website:

(Spartan Imports)

Tactical Talk: Beej Cronin of Kitanica

Jeanette has written an interesting piece on the Tactical Pants Blog following an interview with the founder of Kitanica:

Dear News Fairy, OK, this isn’t exactly news, but it might interest your readers nonetheless. I interviewed the lead designer and founder of Kitanica, a men’s heavy-duty tactical outwear line. You can check it out here:

I tried to see if Kitanica ships to the UK, but I’m sure they do. It’s pretty sweet stuff!

Have a great weekend, Jeanette (Tactical Pants)

Play the bad guy with Tacamo’s AK-upgrades at RAP4

The latest news from RAP4:

image Play the Bad Guy with Tacamo’s AK-Upgrades

Make your Tippmann marker into the pride of the Soviets with Tacamo’s exclusive line of upgrade parts. Sometimes you’ll play as the Cuban Revolutionaries…sometimes as the drug cartel’s henchmen…and sometimes as the pride of the old Soviet Empire. Regardless of the challenge, you can dress your gear in AK-47 clothes and be ready to rock as the opposing force in a matter of minutes.

Build your Tippmann into an AK-pattern marker with Tacamo’s individual accessories. These bolt-on replacement parts swap out for certain parts of your marker, saving weight, or attach to the sight rail you already have. The Barrel Kit threads into Phenom, X7, A5, or M98 markers, giving you an AK-pattern barrel with wood-grain forearm and a truly useful front sight. Add an AK-pattern rear sight, or use your own barrel with the Front and Rear Sight Kit, and you’ll improve first shot accuracy.

The AK Buttstock replaces the rear body plug, and gives you not just the look of the real AK’s posterior…it also gives you the added stability of shooting from a shoulder-mounted platform. It’s good both for looks and improving your accuracy.

The Tacamo AK Grip kit replaces the black grips on your Tippmann with wooden panels like on the real deal, and the M98 kit replaces the integral tactical handle with a wooden tactical handle that mimics those added to compact AKs.

Folding stocks and short CQB-length barrels are available to build a tanker-model AK out of your Tippmann, and the accessories can be complemented with the AK-style faux magazine. On Phenom, X7, and A5 pattern markers, this faux magazine gives your non-shooting hand a steady place to rest…and gives your marker’s profile that unmistakable AK-look.

Save money and time by getting all the accessories you need, all at once, in Tacamo’s AK kits for your specific model. Designed to fit each of the Tippmann models from M98 to the Phenom, you can pick up the standard AK kit with wooden hardware for the full-size battle rifle look, or the Krinkov kit for the folding-stock, compact-model look.

Tacamo even has complete marker packages, with the Tippmann marker as well as the accessories – prices start at $381 for a Tippmann Model 98 decked out to be a full size AK.

When it’s time to play US or Allied forces again, easily remove the AK hardware and swap in the M4-style collapsible stock, M16-style handguards, and Weaver-rail accessories, and you’re ready to rock.

Tacamo products are proudly presented by Real Action Paintball, as they continue to make paintball As Real as it Gets!


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