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Airsoft GI news update

Here is the latest news from Airsoft GI:

Mojave Thunder is a one day MILSIM operation brought to you this April by Airsoft GI and Desert Fox Fields.  Click the following banner for more information:


For a limited time only Airsoft Innovations is offering a FREE GASCAN with the purchase of a Tornado Impact Grenade.  See below for more details:


Another awesome deal that you can’t afford to miss comes from Cybergun.  You can get an ICS SIG 552, a gun bag, a flashlight, battery, and charger all for only $269.99.

(Airsoft GI) updates

Two new reviews from

Hello! Killabees it has tested one amid the most prominent equipment items for players, and not only for them: the Asolo Flame GTX technical boots


Etabeta it has started an introduction to the new wave in ASG: the GBB rifles


Both will has Italian and English text

Enjoy! Marino, aka Mazariol (

Military camouflage cream from BCB

imageBCB produce military camouflage cream:

Military camouflage cream in sight for hunters

Camouflage cream used by armed forces worldwide is set to be a hit at this year’s IWA and Outdoor Classics Show in Nuremberg, Germany (11-14 March 2011).

imageFor over a decade, UK-based survival equipment specialist, BCB International, has been making camouflage cream for many thousands of soldiers worldwide.  Arguably the pick of the bunch is BCB’s Chameleon compact three colour camouflage cream which has proved to be a great success with service personnel and is currently issued to troops by the UK Ministry of Defence as well as being used by most NATO Forces in Europe.  Provided in a strong and durable plastic case with an integral acrylic mirror in the lid, it is non-irritant, non-reflective infrared and provides a high sun protection factor.


Andrew Howell, the Managing Director of BCB International said: “Here at BCB, we have built up an expertise at making and supplying camouflage cream to armed forces worldwide.  We were the first in the world to develop the only camouflage cream with a proven non-reflective infrared formula which reduces the chances of soldiers being picked up by infrared searching equipment.

“Our camouflage cream products like the Chameleon Camo Compact Cream are used and trusted by troops worldwide.  We believe that hunters and target sports enthusiasts will benefit from our products.”

BCB will be exhibiting its range of products at stand 244 in Hall 4 of the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. (BCB)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: February 25, 2011

  • How to mod your airsoft gun part 2 – Inside the GearBox
    Ok so now we move to the gearbox and strip it down to see what order it is in.
  • OpTactical unboxing – 23 FEB11 – Pt. 2
    Finishing off the unboxing by looking at the HSGI TACO pouches for pistol mags, and then me doing a lot of waffling with some male masturbation comedy all mixed in.
  • Redwolf Airsoft – ARES M3A1
    The ARES M3A1 AEG SMG, a recent addition to the WWII genre. A full-auto only AEG with collapsible stock and magazine carried battery, its quirky to be sure but its also affordable and skirmishable. To find a more detailed description you can find it here:
  • OpTactcal Unboxing – 23 FEB 11 – Pt 1
    Latest order from Op Tactical over in the states, taking a quick look at the Blue force gear SOC-C suspenders and HSGI RAMP kits, all for your belt rig or first line kit.
  • rpg2 3
  • "The Hurt Locker Shoot" by Nutnfancy
    It’s cold, we’re tired, and Eldrige needs saving. Welcome to "The Hurt Locker Shoot" where we try to replicate a pressured shooting situation in a dark alley at about 60 yards. Filmed in long missing but sorely needed night mode with a high end camera, me and the crew take on this scenario I came up with. Long lost BuggetNuster returns in this TNP exercise along with TNP Crew Member PFIDude. Run, breath, shoot…but don’t hit steel or you fail and Eldridge dies. We even give a go with handguns…rather unimpressively. Of course this is a loose interpretation, the targets aren’t moving, and we aren’t taking rounds. But with slightly elevated stress levels it’s still a great exercise and it’s fun. Another Nutnfancy original. //////////////////////////////////// Music: Produced and licensed to TNP from TNRr "THEL1ZARDKING" ( thel1zardking)…great tunes from his band Bodewell. His songs are available for purchase at:­um/ego-trip/id310304033?uo=4 OR
  • How to Make the Bug Belly Bar by TIAT
    The Bug Belly Bar is the fusion of the Bug Belly Weave and an over-under weaving technique (see "Decorative Fusion Knots" for details). Combined, these two tying techniques create a clean looking piece that looks a whole lot like the belly of a bug—thus the tie’s name. Video production by JD of Tying It All Together.
  • How to mod your airsoft gun part 1 – The Strip Down
    I have brought my G&G CQBS into Chris in MainIrishAirsoft to pimp my cqb shooter! We are going to strip it down and rebuild it from the gearbox out! This is the first of 8 vids
  • Airsoft Skirmish in NJ 2011 – M700, M4, AK, WE G39, Sig 556
    Footage from the skirmish @ Picasso Lake PB on February 19th, 2011. Next game hosted there will be March 5th.
  • Shuttle Launch 2011
    Clouds got in the way…. Now back to our regularly scheduled Airsoft Vids….
  • Redwolf Airsoft – 1887
    Reason for this video:

    Redwolf Airsoft Facebook:

  • Airsoft GI 101 – Battery Installation into a Javelin Electric Blowback AK
    RMA cases are coming in due to the blowback arms breaking on the Javelin AK’s. This is due to improper placement of the stick battery. Bob shows us where to put our stick batteries in this short video.
  • Airsoft GI – Tactical Gear Heads – Retail Store Sales Jason Load Out
    Jason has done a TGH before but he has a new rig this time and we have a new showroom.
  • Fusion Engine High Velocity Testing with Prototype P249 – Part II
    Testing the first gen prototype of the M249 Fusion Engine using 0.20g BBs

    This only a prototype. Production Fusion Engine systems are theoretically capable of similar performance, however, the maximum velocity is limited for obvious safety reasons.

    We do not encourage the use of velocities shown in this video. We are simply testing the durability of the system in the most demanding configurations.


  • Airsoft Review of the Javelin Airsoft Works M24 Sniper Rifle
    The Javelin M24 airsoft sniper rifle is a great entry platform. Good solid construction with plenty of upgrades available. So it makes a great airsoft rifle for both new and veteran players.

    For complete information follow this link.

    Follow this gun @ the Skirmish Report

  • (Airsoft Uncut) squ1d – Secure the building – We follow squ1d in a game of "Secure the bomb". This game was played at Desert Fox MOUT field. The game objectives were to secure the bomb and prevent the OpFor from planting it. This video takes place with only 20 minutes left in the game. Tons of sweet airsoft action.

Invitation – S-Thunder display at the NAA Expo

S-Thunder will be attending the NAA Expo next month:

S-Thunder ( is pleased to invite airsoft and paintball wholesalers, dealers, retailers and players to its display at the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo ( which will be presented by S-Thunder’s east coast distributor, On Target Airsoft (

S-Thunder’s display can be found at the following,

– Location:  211 E Commerce Ave, High Point, NC 27260, USA
– Dates:  March 4 – 6, 2011
– Booth #:  15 – 16

On Target Airsoft will exhibit a complete range of S-Thunder’s products that will include S-Thunder’s series of,

– milsim landmines
– pistol type grenade launchers
– M203 style grenades
– foam ball grenades
– CO2 accessories

Complete product information as well as media tests/reviews of all of S-Thunder’s Milsim Gear can be found on S-Thunder’s website, YouTube and Facebook pages as per the links below,

– website:
– YouTube page:
– Facebook page:


Airsoft Extreme – H&K G36s, EOTechs and TX-800’s


H&K G36C’s on Sale

H&K AEG's on Sale

Fully licensed H&K G36C’s are on sale for only $249.99

With electric blowback, easy to change spring setup, decocking feature and full HK logo’s this is a must own AEG.  Click image to see more information.


EO Tech EXPS3-0 TANThe NEW EO Tech EXPS3-0 in TAN is now in stock.  This model includes a QD lever for easy mounting and removal.  Plus all controls are located on the side just like the original EXPS models.  Please click image for more information.

Guarder TX-800 Goggles back in STOCK

Guarder TX-800 GogglesOur most popular full seal goggles are back in stock and are available immediately.  These goggles are approved for airsoft play and fully seal and protect your eyes while looking super stylish on the field all for only $25.00.  Click image to order yours today.

Free Ground Shipping!

As an exclusive offer to our newsletter subscribers, Airsoft Extreme would like to provide FREE GROUND SHIPPING on your next online order of $25 or more.

To redeem this offer, during check out use the code:


Offer Expires: June 15, 2011

Spartan Imports – FN2000 and Magpul Calendar Releases

Spartan Imports

Licensed FN2000 AEGs are Shipping Out to Dealers Now!

There are only a few units of each left in stock, so if you would like these in your store, call your Spartan Imports Sales Representative today!


Magpul USA 2011 16-Month Calendar is In Stock!

Magpul is back at it again with a 2nd edition Magpul Girls & Guns calendar featuring beautiful girls and beautiful guns. Their girls are outfitted in Caleb Crye’s sexy debut swimwear line and their guns are outfitted in super hot Magpul gear.

This year Magpul figured 12 months wasn’t enough so they piled on 4 more. 16 months for the price of 12!

Airsoft International: March issue now out

Paul, (Airsoft International) has sent over details of their latest issue:

imageThe March issue of Ai has just hit the stores. With this issue we have launched yet another two new sections.

The work Bench: Designed to help you find and fix common AEG and pistol faults.

That’s Pretty Ninja: Dispelling some of the Urban Myths surrounding Airsoft.

Ai is now and has for some time been the constant in Airsoft Publishing Each month (13 Times a year) we publish at least an 86 page Guide to the world of Airsoft. We are on sale in the worlds news trade and selected Airsoft retailers.


Join us on our face book page for great giveaways and stimulating  conversation.

Paul, (Airsoft International)

SOCOMGEAR licensed Barrett M82A2 prototype shots

Mad Bull Airsoft have sent over some snaps of their new project:

SOCOMGEAR licensed Barrett M82A2 prototype sneak peek!
Will be released in 2011. Possibly GBB version.

The M82A2 is a rare version of the M82 and only a few been sold to the public. We are very lucky to be able to check out one of the M82A2 and produce the Airsoft replicas!


All our rifles are closely 1:1 external dimensions. The internal dimensions are fully modified to fit gear box and Airsoft components.

About M82A2:

The least-known member of the Barrett .50 family is the 27-pound M82A2 conceived in 1987, reportedly for use against helicopters in Afghanistan. It is an M82Al gun, “semi-bullpupped” and reconfigured for firing “over the shoulder” like a rocket launcher. It has a forward pistol grip and two perforations in the top of the muzzle brake to counteract recoil jump.

This is primarily a quick-reaction weapon for standing or kneeling positions, and is accordingly fitted with a red dot sight for rapid acquisition and engagement of fast-moving targets. Very few of these rifles have been sold, but their operational applications are just now being formalized. This alone might indicate that the sales were to the military for testing and not to the general public.

As a result, the U.S. Marines are reexamining the M82A2, and a number of foreign orders are now in the offing. Ideas for wider application include using this rifle as a helicopter gun to provide local defense during resupply, and it could also be a more versatile option than the M82A1 for guarding strategic installations.

Ronnie Barrett has understandably shot a great deal of ammunition through the M82A2, and can lay down a withering rapid-fire barrage with it. "I found it balances very well, and the red dot sight is great for snap-shooting. When we tried this gun in the desert some years before, a helicopter temptingly flew across my front, but I decided to spare it."

(Madbull Marketing, Mad Bull Airsoft)

RA-Tech WE Scar steel bolt & KC-02 mag release

Here is the latest test video from RA-Tech:

Hello, We made a new video for scar heavy  steel bolt & kc-02  tactical mag release.


NAA Expo update from Thumpy

Thumpy has an update on the upcoming NAA Expo:

North Atlantic Airsoft Expo UPDATE:  CALLING ALL SHOOTERS!

Z-Shot and PANTAC host Competitive Shooting Course!


Shooting Challenge – Come test your skill! Pantac USA & is bringing their fun and competitive tactical shooting challenge to NAA Expo, where winner takes all! Participants with the best posted scores will take home valuable prizes including Ares Tavor TAR-21, Tactical Gear, and other goodies. Your first try is included with your admission – Don’t miss out!


And, if you missed the INAUGURAL NAA Expo, here’s Thumpy’s look at LAST YEAR’s EVENTS!

And, Thumpy is stepping it up, with more updates and a countdown to the big weekend.  Do NOT MISS the Airsoft Expo Event of the year!   THUMPY….OVER

(Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft)

Grenade launchers at Hobby e-shop

New grenade launchers at Hobby e-shop:

Hi every one, This time , we are going to introduce some great Grenade Launcher to you guys!!check this out!


Please come to visit our site Hobby e-shop and Facebook page to get more Items with an extremely economy price  (Hobby e-shop)

Airsoft Global product update 24/2/11

Here is the latest product update from Airsoft Global:

Please check out our new products added daily! Latest Products Update !! Please kind to visit our website ( to obtain more information!





(Airsoft Global)

Dingodogs stock update

Here is the latest stock update from Dingodogs Airsoft:

Dingodogs Airsoft & Tactical Supplies ( are now stocking ITW FASTMAGS GEN III. These are an amazing innovative product and are great for use in real military environments as well as the airsoft skirmish field. We are dong a special introductory offer on these fast mags while they last. Buy one for £18.99 , two for £18.49 each or three for £17.99 each excluding p&p.


Fastmag® The FASTMAG®; Gen III holds most 5.56mm/.223 ammunition magazines. It reduces reloading cycle time for the operator and can be mounted in the up or down direction (operator’s preference). The system eliminates the need for traditional top closures, while providing a secure point of access. The tension system is adjustable to meet the users preference for removal force. The mounting slots on the front allow operators to ‘double-stack’ or attach nylon accessory pouches using MALICE®; Clips, giving even more options for your kit setup. Colour : Dark Earth/Tan


We also are now stocking the legendary Israeli IMI Holsters, Molle adaptors and accessories.

IMI Rotating Holster : Sig 226/228 9mm/.40/357, Right Handed (With SIG Trademarks) Glock 17/22/31, Right Handed Colt 1911 Variants with and without rails, Right Handed (With 1911 Trademarks) Beretta 92/96 All in one holster, Right Handed Available In: Desert Tan, OD, Black.

The IMI Defense Molle Attachment is designed as an optional attaching device for military and law enforcement applications and is demanded by the Military forces. This new and innovative product easily attaches IMI Defense accessories, such as Polymer Holsters and magazine pouches, to body armor, load bearing equipment, vests, tactical bags, pouches, and more. The IMI Defense Molle Attachment is constructed of polymer, designed for strength and durability, which can withstand the most extreme operating conditions.

Holsters are £29.99 +p&p, Molle adaptors are £12.99

I`m sure you will agree these are a very affordable option for a high quality retention holster with the option of a molle attachment for mounting at any angle on your webbing/vest/belt etc


We will also be uploading the new IMI Mag Holsters/Pouches to our website this evening. These can also be Molle mounted and completes the whole package!!


We have many more exciting products to be added and uploaded to our website within the next 2 weeks so keep watching the news,forums etc for the latest updates!

Best Regards, (Dingodogs Team)

New Airsoft Map version & Airbana Info Hub goes live

The Airsoft Map from Airbana has just been made even better:

Airbana has just released the latest version of the World Wide Airsoft Map ( with new HTML5 features such as GeoLocation awareness to be able to draw where you are on the map in relation to the Skirmish and Retail sites, web workers to make things faster, Google Street View and other improvements.

The new version also includes a more comprehensive overview of a site including upcoming events, prices and now integrates directly with the database so you see exactly what’s on, where and what other Skirmishers think of it!


As always you can filter your use of the website to be just the US, UK, Europe or Asia.

The new HTML 5 features have also been integrated into the Mobile Airsoft Map (, a website designed specifically for mobile devices as well as the embeddable Airsoft Map, an Airbana Map that can be integrated with your website!

Airbana has been working on various projects such as an Airsoft Teams Database, the Airsoft Map, Airsoft Reviews and Airsoft Events, after a lot of hard work I’m pleased to announce that you can now find all of this information in one place; the Airbana Info Hub

Featuring full (but not required) social integration with Facebook including a dedicated Facebook application ( ) you can find or add all the Airsoft information you need about Skirmish sites, Retailers, Events and Teams in one place!

If you have any suggestions then feel free to email me ( follow @Airbana on Twitter or submit your ideas to the Blog:


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