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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: August 29, 2012

  • FirstSpear Flotation Cummerbund in Action
    Here you can see an operator who has been forced to abandon ship and finds himself in deep water. He would be weighed down by his armor and equipment and if it weren’t for the FirstSpear flotation integrated into his armor’s cummerbund he might well drown. However, once it is activated he comes to the surface and can not only survive but return fire if needed.
  • RA TECH KC 02 CO2 mag & Charge Handle For WE G39
  • RA TCEH GLETCHER KWA SRC TT 33 Comparison Report
  • ◀World of Tanks – Wespe Quest
    A few rounds with the German Wespe self propelled gun!

    SideStrafe on facebook and twitter –

  • INSIGHT Round 4 – RAINBOW Uncut
    It’s been a while since posting the last round, but were cleaning out our video archive to get ready to bring you some all new footage coming soon!
  • KWA M11A1 NS2 Gas BlowBack Airsoft Gun Shooting
    This is just a brief video of some shooting of my old KWA M11A1 (Mac 11) NS2 Airsoft Gas BlowBack SMG. Review to come! Buy it here:
  • "Remington 700: $700 for 700 yds" by Nutnfancy
    There are many outstanding precision tactical bolt guns. Very few however will cost you $700 or less. Here’s two. Welcome to the detailed Nutnfancy tabletop discussion on the Remington 700 AAC and SPS models. With hundreds of rounds fired at both range and long range engagements there’s plenty of data to share. First is the value equation. Some compromises have been made at this price point and there’s no avoiding it. The plastic stock on the SPS for instance is not free floated, lacks aluminum or pillar bedding, and does not offer the ultimate rigidity of a McMillan of HS-Precison Kevlar/Fiberglass option. The bottom metal is reminiscent of pot metal and of course does not meet military specification of steel manufacture (thank heavens). But at their heart, the AAC and SPS models are true to the proven Remington 700 heritage; one I myself have grown up with. A very strong receiver, big locking lugs, and a forged button rifled barrel (of perfect tactical contour for sustained firing) are hallmarks of this American made rifle. Secondly, accuracy did not disappoint. It is discussed and shown in depth with a variey of loads. 1 MOA is possible, even with these plastic stocks. Ergonomics are excellent in the 700 line: smooth operating bolt, perfectly postioned and positive safety, comfortable stocks (the green Hogue on the AAC is especially quite and comfortable), effective Supercell recoil pads, easy to dump floorplate, excellent and adjustable X Mark Pro trigger and an adequately size bolt knob. Shooting these guns was fun and rewarding…mostly. Reliablity was good but definitely not flawless. Several hang-ups in magazine feeding were experienced and ejection was anemic on several occasions. Keep the ejector and extractor clean free from brass shavings and carefully ensure all rounds are rearward pushed upon mag loading. Also methodical bolt manipulation on these 700s helps avoid hang-ups. The AAC version with its 20" threaded barrel is ready for either can or compensator and it is a very portable choice. It excelled in RunNGun action. For ultimate long range precision, I prefer the 26" barrel on the SPS gaining whatever velocity possible on the .308 chambering. This is a gun that can range out to 700 yards in the .308 caliber, perhaps even to 1000 with careful loads, practice, and shooting. Do analyze your POUs carefully as you may be better served by a good albeit more complex and usually heavier SAPR (discussed). Value on both models is excellent and Remington has outstanding service if there’s problems. Competitive options at this price will include the also excellent Savage line up which offers the same value but is usually much heavier. The Remington 700 AAC and SPS are my current favorite tactical offerings in the Remington value line up. The major sacrifice here against a 700P or XCR Tactical offerings is the plastic stock. But again in real world shooting it did not seem to handicap these rifles and they lighten the carry weights substantially. You then can score a very accurate American made sustained fire bolt gun for around $600 ($700 for AAC version) that can keep up with many other more expensive guns./////////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale for both: 8 out of 10 (with more postive ejection and reliability, 10 out of 10)
  • "Nutnfancy’s Answer to Mk 12 Mod 1: Concept SPR"
    The SPR Concept has validity. A lightweight 5.56mm 18" barreled precision AR-15 or M16 variant rifle will offer somewhat improved ballistics, more lethality, and perhaps better precision. Most identify with the SPR as the US Army or US Navy Crane produced Mark 12 SPR in its various iterations. "Concept SPR" begins with an interesting discussion on the Special Purpose AR-15/M16 Rifle and its application, delineating fact from fiction on the SPR. Special emphasis is placed on the limitations of the .223/5.56mm cartridge in long range engagements. I concentrate my efforts and build is in Real World Application of the Special Purpose Rifle; gladly abandoning any attempt to duplicate a Mk 12 in the process. I am not in agreement with several of the component choices of the Mk 12 based on both cost and ergonomic considerations. Moreover I remain a non-worshiper of military adoptions realizing the innovative and unconstrained civilian market is superior in almost all respects. Instead I look to lightness, accuracy, durability, and top shelf ergonomics in the modifications of this rifle. This version of a TNP SPR, built on the Sabre Defense SPR #90116 model, achieves all of that as shown and weighs in at 6 lbs 14 oz with BUIS. This below most other 16" barreled AR-15 carbines. Components are shown and discussed in detail and its two years of shooting performance in TNP is the foundation of the review. Some will spend extraordinary levels of money to replicate a military Mk 12 Mod 0 or 1. I consider this a fool’s errand unless the individual throws out the Second Kind of Cool flag (criticisms off limits then). You’d be better off to focus your build along this concepts shown here. In terms of capabilities and ergonomics, this super lightweight, fast, reliable, and accurate SPR meets and/or surpasses the vaunted Mk 12.//////////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale on TNP SPR: 10 out of 10
  • Airsoft GI – Magpul AR-15 / G36 P-mag Fitment Test
    The Magpul P-Mag is one of the popular magazines in the airsoft market, and for good reason. However, alot of people tend to ask if the magazine will fit properly in their AEG. Well worry no longer! In this episode of GITV, Josh and Andrew will take you through the magazines and test them on multiple platforms.

    Magpul AR-15 P-Mag

    Magpul G36 P-Mag

  • Update Airsoft Outlet Northwest Issue
    This is an update on the retailer review I did on Airsoft Outlet Northwest. I had an issue with the product and this video documents how they handled it.
  • WE Tech X-Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol
    Click here:

    Built with extreme attention to detail, the NEW WE Tech X-Tactical gas blowback airsoft pistol is one of the most realistic and hardest kicking handguns to come out of WE Tech’s factory. This gas blowback pistol features a rugged and durable metal slide and a non-slip textured polymer frame, giving it a balanced and comfortable feel. High grade full metal internal components provide the WE Tech X-Tactical with unparalleled accuracy and range, as well as realistic recoil. The fully functional serrated slide cycles amazingly fast after each shot, and sounds crisp and powerful. Disassembly is nearly identical to its real steel counterpart and allows easy access to the hop-up adjustment, located beneath the barrel. If you are looking for a modern tactical pistol that truly stands out in the crowd, the NEW WE Tech X-Tactical is the perfect gas blowback airsoft pistol for you!

    Join Us:

  • AirSplat – Operation Black Shield Secondary Protocol – Airsoft Event at SC Village
    More upcoming events! –

    AirSplat joined the airsoft fun for Operation Black Shield: Secondary Protocol at SC Village on July 14th. The AirSplat team was there handing out a bunch of great swag including – posters, BBs, shirts, guns, and MORE! Take a look and see what a great turn out it was!

  • Espada y Daga DVD Preview
    New DVD Releases from Tuhon Tim Waid. Double Sword, Espada y Daga, and Pangamut/Dumog/Empty-Hands. Learn and train the Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System properly with basic through advanced Tactics, Techniques and Training Methods available only through PTKGO, the global authority for PTK and FMA.
  • Pangamut / Dumog / Empty-Hands DVD Preview
    New DVD Releases from Tuhon Tim Waid. Double Sword, Espada y Daga, and Pangamut/Dumog/Empty-Hands. Learn and train the Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System properly with basic through advanced Tactics, Techniques and Training Methods available only through PTKGO, the global authority for PTK and FMA.
  • Code Red Black Polo Operator Day – Machine Gun Mayhem – Echo1 PKM, M240 Bravo, M60VN, & MK43
  • Double Sword DVD Preview
    New DVD Releases from Tuhon Tim Waid. Double Sword, Espada y Daga, and Pangamut/Dumog/Empty-Hands. Learn and train the Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System properly with basic through advanced Tactics, Techniques and Training Methods only available through PTKGO, the global authority for authentic PTK and FMA.
    US$ 450.00

    2012 Version features:
    1. Easier to insert the magazine
    2. Steel parts including fire control external part recoil Kit.
    3. GKS-74 series magazines are compatible with AKM magazine.
    4. Increase recoil reaction.
    5. Increase magazine gasification efficiency.

  • Airsoft AirsoftCon 2012 Teaser
    AirsoftCon 2012 is coming October 5th-6th 2012 !
    NEW LOCATION: 2801 W. Mission Road, Alhambra, CA 91803

    This will be an epic weekend as we are combining our Official Grand Opening with our Annual AirsoftCon Sale so you can expect not just great deals, but an amazing time with over 50+ vendors, famous L.A. Food trucks, jumper obstacle courses, movies, video game contests, tons of interactive activities, give-a-ways, music, raffle, gear contests, and much more! Stay tuned for the next few weeks to see what we’re bringing you this year for AirsoftCon 2012! With 100,000 sq. ft.of airsoft goodness, tons of parking, and all your favorite vendors – you are bound to have a great time with friends and family.

    For more information please visit: (information will be updated shortly)


Tokyo Model Company stock update 28th August 2012

Here is the latest stock update from Tokyo Model Company:

Dear Tokyo Model Company Member & Customer, Tokyo Marui M9A1 Gas Blow Back, Umarex/VFC HK416D AEG, G&P M249 Series, G&P Troy M7A1 AEG(Type A),and other new items are ready to ship for Customers now!!!! Other new items are ready to ship too. Please check below link & Picture about the new item please or please visit the web-site(

New Items:






Detail Please Check

For Our News, Promotion and latest update, Please check our Facebook or

Please feel free contact us to check the item please!!!!(

Please check for other items please.

(Tokyo Model Company)

New knives in stock at Intelligent Armour

Intelligent Armour have sent over details of the new knives they have in stock:

New stock of knives at Intelligent Armour
Always trying to keep our clients happy by getting new knives in stock and replacing old stock; here is our latest update.

These knives are aimed at the military market but are suitable for most roles in the field.

imageSpyderco Atlantic Salt Black FRN Knife
A great little Spyderco knife. Strong yet lightweight and very dependable. Spyderco Atlantic Salt knife is a modified Rescue made with state of the art non-rusting H1 steel.
Price: £84.00 (including VAT, Excluding shipping)

imageGerber DMF Manual Folder Tanto Knife, Part Serrated
A great entry level tanto style blade and very cool it is too! Part Serrated blade for ease in cutting wood and plastics etc. Total knife length 8.4 inches.
Price: £36.00 (including VAT, Excluding shipping)

Gerber DMF Folder Knife
Like the tanto but with a curved tip. Gerber knife Blade is designed part straight/part serrated edge for tactical use
Price: £40.80 (including VAT, Excluding shipping)

imageGerber AR 3.00 Stainless, fine edge
The Gerber AR 3.00 Stainless, fine edge is a lightweight (2.8 oz) pocket knife suitable for everyday use. It has a 2.95" blade length and an overall length of 6.95".
Price: £22.80 (including VAT, Excluding shipping)

imageIain Sinclair CardSharp 2 Knife
An awesome little knife that folds up into a card size package. unique safety lock (cannot open in pocket or drawer and child proof). Just three ingenious folding operations metamorphosise the card into an elegant pocket utility tool.
Price: £16.20 (including VAT, Excluding shipping)


(Intelligent Armour)

FPS outlets: Night Evolution coming soon

imageFPS Outlets are eagerly anticipating the arrival of some products from new company Night Evolution:

Night Evolution it’s a new company to provide a better solution for wargamer on battle.Perfect light beam with TIR lens, Brighter light with CREE LED, New structure in this market. Low price but Strong light.


All "NE" products will come to FPS outlets at September,please come to our site to get more information.

(FPS Outlets) test & reviews 28th August 2012

Here are the latest test and review subjects from

Dear ArniesAirsoft, please note our latest tests&reviews about the Steyr AUG A3 Real Steel made by Etabeta, the utility/tactical light Streamlight Sidewinder made by Etabeta too, anche about the Magpul Angled Foregrip AFG2 made by RedBull.


We hope you will enjoy them!

All our articles are written both in Italian and English languages and our website portal is totally foreign friendly.

Our best regards. (

5.11 RUSH pack deals at Platoon Stores

Platoon Stores are rewarding treasure hunters with a special deal on 5.11 RUSH packs:

Hi Guys, With the end of the summer fast approaching we are doing some special deals on 5.11 RUSH packs with up to £20 off, but to claim your discount you will need to do a bit of treasure hunting by visiting our facebook page to get the codes.


Have fun. Jane. (Platoon Stores)

Crosman Pro Airsoft Mask torture tested by Airsoft Medicine

Dr Airsoft has been putting the Crosman Pro Airsoft Mask through it’s paces:

The Crosman Pro Airsoft Mask is torture tested by Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry on this Airsoft Medicine video. It is found to be adequate for protection of the eyes and face in normal airsoft skirmish conditions for prevention of eye and face injury.

(Dr Airsoft)

Evike: The Airsoft Camp 7th-9th September 2012

Evike have sent over details of their upcoming Airsoft Camp event:



Help for Heroes event 2nd September @ Dragons Lair

Yosser has sent over news of an event taking place this Sunday at Dragon Lair in Essex in aid of Help for Heroes:

Arnies, Dragon Lair Airsoft , Essex have a great Help For Hero’s Charity airsoft event on 2nd September


imageCheck the website and Facebook pages and get involved – also a chance to win some great prizes as well from sponsors such as Armex Airsoft distributors of Umarex in the UK as well as MadbadgerAirsoft and Badgertac2


More info here:

Yosser (Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey)

UN Company weekly crazy sales

UN Company have sent over details of what’s on offer in their current crazy sale:

Dear All, UN Weekly Crazy Sale on the some of the selected items , you can save max. US$40 for one item (From Now till 03/09/2012)


WE Full METAL Pistols 
-P226 W/ Navy Seal Marking (FROM US$105 REDUCE TO US$81) 
-M1911A1 W/ Springfield Marking (FROM US$105 REDUCE TO US$82) 
-MEU Pistol (FROM US$105 REDUCE TO US$78) 
-M9A1 (Tan) W/ Rubber Grip (FROM US$115 REDUCE TO US$79)

WIN GUN Full METAL Pistols
-WinGun Sport 7 series Full Metal CO2 Revolver (701-Black) (FROM US$118 REDUCE TO US$78)
-WinGun Sport 7 Full Metal CO2 Revolver (702-AB) (FROM US$144 REDUCE TO US$104)
-WinGun Sport 7 Full Metal CO2 Revolver (702-B) (FROM US$131 REDUCE TO US$91)
-WinGun Sport 7 series Full Metal CO2 Revolver (702S-Silver) (FROM US$144 REDUCE TO US$104)


UN Facebook Page, UN Youtube Page

Please visit our site for more new hot items. You may also found more airsoft products you need there. Enjoy!

(UN Company)

WGC review winner for July–prize: US$300 coupon

WGC have announced the July winner of their review competition:

Announcement of Review Winner
Ellery von Dassow from Friday Harbor, WA, USA


Reviewed Item

( Real Assembly Version )


Made in Taiwan
Built Material: Steel / ABS / Wood
Gear Box: Ver.3
Motor: AK Type
Magazine: 600 Rds
Length: 1042mm
Barrel Length: 605mm
Weight: 4175g
Battery: Mini Type ( Not included )
Muzzle Velocity: 270 – 290 FPS with 0.2g BBs
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine

US$ 430  |   In Stock


New from Angry Gun – MP9 power up silencer

Angry Gun have sent over some images of their new MP9 power up silencer:

Attached photos are our Angry Gun ‘s new products – MP9 power up silencer, after adding the power up silencer to MP9, muzzle velocity +30% without any modification.


(Angry Gun)

HSA Barrel lockdown kit for AEG in stock at Airlab

Airlab have sent over details of the HunterSeeker Armory barrel lockdown kits they are stocking:

Hi Arnie, First update for a while! There are loads of new products at Airlab, one of which is the Barrel Lockdown Kit for AEGs, made by HunterSeeker Armory:


Improve accuracy and air seal with this innovative kit. Cheap, quick and easy to install, it holds the barrel assembly securely in place – essential if you want an accurate AEG. With almost no tools required, it can usually be installed in under 5 minutes, meaning you don’t need any specialist knowledge to use it.


Included in the kit:

  • 1 x Enhanced Hop Stabilisation Ring

This clever self-adjusting ring fits around the inner barrel and firmly secures it to the hop up unit. This eliminates movement between the hop up unit and barrel, making your hop up more consistent and providing  better accuracy.

  • 1 x Barrel Shim

A precisely contoured wedge which is inserted between the inner and outer barrels, locking the inner barrel in place to prevent it moving within the gun – a major source of inaccuracy. This greatly improves upon the common practice of wrapping the inner barrel with tape.

  • 3 x O-Rings

These are used as spacers at the front of the hop up unit to firmly set it against the gearbox. This improves air seal by allowing the air nozzle to protrude further into the bucking lips, and by preventing the hop up unit from moving at all, better consistency can be achieved.

Barrel Lockdown Kits ordered before 3pm Monday to Friday will be despatched the same day.

Airlab is a UK based online retailer specialising in high quality airsoft upgrade parts.


Element multi steel teeth piston at Get-Reload

Get-Reload have sent over details of one of the products they stock:

Element Multi Steel Teeth Piston for V2/3 Gearbox (Half)


Production Description
· For Version 2 / 3 Airsoft Electric AEG Gearbox Type
· Half Teeth Version
· LEVEL 2 Upgrade Series
· Essential part for upgrading your Airsoft AEG
· Duracon Piston is the piston with high impact-durability
· Suitable for mainstream high-speed tune-up and has excellent operational characteristics
· Reinforced piston provide extra duration during rapid & prolonged firing


Airsoft Global product update 25th August 2012

Here is the latest product update from Airsoft Global:

Please check out our new products added daily! Latest Products Update !! Please kind to visit our website ( to obtain more information!




(Airsoft Global)

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