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MSA Paraclete armour carriers on sale @Military Outdoor

Military Outdoor have sent over details of the MSA Paraclete armour carriers they have on sale:

MSA Paraclete Armour Carriers On Sale!

Paraclete Special Operations Hard Plate Carrier SOHPC

The Paraclete Special Operations Hard Plate Carrier SOHPC was designed for Special Operations Forces and is PARACLETE’s latest hard plate carrier.

It has been innovatively designed to provide unmatched comfort, protection and flexibility to meet the needs of every mission.

This is the best body armour carrier in the world as selected by many of the worlds special forces units, when you demand the best buy Paraclete.

Through the addition of an adjustable cummerbund and internal side plate pockets for 6” X 6” hard plates, the SOHPC is the operator’s choice for today’s missions.

•Internal side plate pockets hold low-profile hard plates. Plate location can be adjusted for comfort and securely held in place with Mil Spec hook and loop straps and innovative flap closure system
•Front and rear pockets for E-SAPI style rifle plates with hook and loop closures
•Cummerbund includes integral level IIIA Dyneema soft armor tested to military fragmentation threats
•Side closure includes cummerbund and adjustable elastic harness to provide a snug fit and accommodate multiple waist sizes
•Removable cummerbund easily converts into lightweight stand-alone plate carrier
•Padded shoulders provide increased comfort during long-term wear
•New front pull shoulder straps adjust easily. Shoulders include retention loops for increased stability and routing of cables
•MOLLE-style webbing accommodates all PARACLETE and all MOLLE-compatible modular pouches that are designed to fit your mission-specific needs
•New drop-down front flap has increased load-bearing capacity without sagging. Accommodates long magazines without impeding vest removal
•Accommodates ESAPI and XSAPI hard armour plates and standard 10” x 12” hard armor plates

Sizes medium, large and extra large.

Colour Ranger green.

(Military Outdoor)

Ace Combat Airsoft update

Ace Combat Airsoft have sent over details of hat’s going on at each of their sites:

Hi Guys, Here’s an update on what’s happening at Ace Combat.

First up we will be running a regular Pistol & Shotty Evening over the summer months at our Brenchley site. Gates open at 5.30 with games running from 6.30-9pm giving you a chance to work on those sidearm skills out in the field and on the target range.Next event is Tuesday 5th August.

Then we have our regular monthly SpecOps Missions at the Pembury site. This new format has been getting rave reviews from the players.

We run four SpecOps missions on the day with each one having an infil, objective and exfil. The SpecOps team for each mission is made up of a quarter of the players from both of the main teams with a time limit to complete their mission whilst trying to avoid the two main teams who are also pitched in a head to head battle whilst hunting down the SpecOps! Everyone gets a chance to be on a SpecOps team to hone their skills whilst still getting to work in a larger team on the rest of the missions.

The site is a stunning area set in 40 acres of unspoilt mature woodland, mixed in with dense undergrowth, varied terrain & elevation and criss-crossed with tracks along with an open paddock area covered in long grass. There are plenty of opportunities for everything from sniping to close range silent takedowns to cater for all types of player.

The Safe Zone area is fully covered with lighting, a well-stocked shop for the essentials, permanent flushing toilets and an open area to work on your tan in the breaks! Free tea, coffee and water are available all day long as well as limited charging facilities.

Whilst this site is geared more towards the experienced player we do have a limited number of rentals available so that anyone looking for a different airsoft experience can check it out.

We run every four weeks at this site, alternating between Saturday and Sunday. Next event is this Sunday 3rd August. Finally we have our long running Brenchley site. This is one of the oldest sites in the South East and has been the first airsoft experience for many players. As well as being an excellent place for beginners. The mixture of woodland, open ground and tactical structures makes the site suitable for all levels of experience with many long standing regulars still coming back for more. The scale of the battle zone means you’re always close to the action whether it’s an intense firefight or a long mission.

The land is also a registered blasting area which allows us to make use of military grade battlefield simulation pyrotechnics in selected scenarios in addition to the other trips and traps we use on a regular basis. The ever popular Nerf Mortar and the new Nerf Artillery is also used to add an extra dimension to the experience and send players scurrying for cover!

The safezone has a fully enclosed shelter with lighting along with separate men’s & ladies toilets and a well-stocked shop selling snacks, drinks and essential airsoft gear. Free tea, coffee and water are available all day long as well as limited charging facilities.

We run alternate Sundays at this site. Next event is Sunday 10th August

Full details, site limits and dates can be found on out our website at

Thanks, The Ace Team
Tel: 01303 814803

(Ace Combat Airsoft)

Haley-Liquid eyewear offer at Tactical Kit

Tactical Kit are currently offering a free Dragonfly tee with purchases of Haley-Liquid eyewear:

Haley Liquid offer 6 copy

(Tactical Kit)

More WE products at Pro Airsoft Supplies

Pro Airsoft Supplies have expanded their stock of WE products:


(Pro Airsoft Supplies)

Condor Tactical shotgun reload system @Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the Condor Tactical shotgun reload system they have in stock:

Condor Tactical Shotgun Reload Platform, part of Condor Tactical Shotgun Reload System, is available now at Military 1st. Hurry up – only few left!


Condor Tactical Shotgun Reload System allows an operator to carry more ammo than any other shotgun shell extension systems available. Tactical Shotgun Reload Platform, part of the system, features a detachable 6-round magazine strip that is the same size as the standard 30-round AR magazine so it can be easy carried on the tactical vest to increase ammo capacity. It also allows an operator to use the same mag pouches designed for AR mags and insert additional 6-round magazine strips.

Get yours now at

(Military 1st)

New team armbands from G&G

G&G have launched a new range of team armbands:

Team Armband


Practical airsoft shooting European championship – final call

RedWolf Airsoft have sent over a final reminder that the Airsoft Surgeon airsoft practical shooting European championship is taking place next weekend:

Airsoft Surgeon Airsoft Practical Shooting European Championship – Final Call

With less than a week away, we have some limited slots left so if you want to compete and learn from the best in Airsoft IPSC, this is your last chance!

Saul Kirsch, world famous top shooter and President of Double Alpha Academy, will be flying into the UK to attend this event as well!  Together with Airsoft Surgeon, they will show you the secrets of competitive shooting.

Lots of trophies and prizes are waiting to be taken home.  If you think you have what it takes to win, register now at


(RedWolf Airsoft)

Tarpaulins from 0241Tactical

0241Tactical have sent over a reminder about their tarpaulins:

Tarpaulin Add

0241Tactical Tarpaulins are extremely useful and versatile. They provide excellent expedient cover for sheltering your camp or practically anything you want to protect from the elements or conceal from sight. 0241Tactical Tarpaulins are made of USA produced material. 0241Tactical uses two separate pieces of material, double stitched together, and the seam is sealed with a waterproof seam seal. Our Tarpaulins have 12 reinforced one inch D Rings at the corners and along the sides to form attachment points for rope, allowing them to be tied down or suspended. Our Tarpaulins are 120" X 90" giving you plenty of room to cover your gear and cover yourself!

Made from official USA Materials.

Available in: Multicam, MARPAT DESERT, A-TACS AU, & A-TACS FG, CADPAT

Check them out at


Patrol Base: ASG Scorpion Evo 3 A1–first impressions

Patrol Base have published a review of the ASG Scorpion Evo 2 A1 on their blog:

Hey, Jonny has written a blog on his first skirmish impression of the new ASG – Scorpion Evo A3 1, read what he thought on our blog now!


Karl Badkin (Patrol Base)

RA-TECH WE M4 forged receiver @Milspec Solutions

Here is the latest stock news from Milspec Solutions:

Milspec Solutions Ltd now has the RA-TECH WE M4 forged receivers in stock.  Both marked and unmarked versions.

RA-TECH WE M4 Forged Receiver with Markings-900x600-c

(Milspec Solutions)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: July 27, 2014

  • 老媽生日
  • How to Make a Balanced Stone Bar (Paracord) Bracelet by TIAT
    PPI Book Link: The Balanced Stone Bar is another innovative modification of a Standard Solomon Bar (one of the most classic and versatile paracord base ties known). Generating the look of stacked stones balanced on their perfect center of gravity, the Balanced Stone Bar has a zen-like feel to it’s structure. In addition to it’s tranquil look, it’s also a super sturdy tie that makes for a solid strap, belt, or bracelet (as shown).

    Genre: Paracord Bracelet
    By: Tying It All Together
    Design: JD Lenzen

  • Angry Wife shoots her AR for the first time (*Optic is a clone photo prop)
    Angry Wife shoots her AR for the first time

    Build List
    PDQ by Teal Blue Bravo
    VG6 Gamma 556 Muzzle Brake
    Odin Works XMR
    SOT Rail
    SOT Lower Peceiver
    PTAC upper & Barrel 16"
    Magpul CTR Stock
    Larue RISR
    Ergo Grip
    BAD Ambi Safety Select


  • Broken Home III Part 3 [Boots on the Ground] Airsoft
    This is our third part of our new Boots on the Ground series. More episodes will be coming soon and stay tuned to Evike TV.

    Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe:

  • Favorite Websites For Projects/Pistols Overview (HD)
    I sorta went all over the place, but I hope this helps people while I’m gone. I’ve forgot some tips for some websites, but I’ll annotate those another time. As always, don’t accept my experience, talk to many people as you can!
  • マルシン FN 5-7 EXB2 ガスボンベ冷凍して撃ってみた
    ご視聴ありがとうございます、L.A. HOBBY SHOPです。

    今回はマルシン GAS-BLK : FN 5-7 EXB2 (CO2)の、


    KJ製のCZ P-09です。日本仕様のプラスライドバージョン。正式ライセンス品なので刻印もしっかりした物が入っています。(右側面の一部刻印は省略されています)作動も国内製品に負けないくらいいい動きをしています。集弾性能も普通に使えるレベル。マガジンの注入バルブは国内向けの物に交換されていますがガスが入りにくいというか「すぐにタンクが一杯になる」感じでちょっと??な感じです。
  • 5 Brands Of Airsoft BB’s in A Shootout, Shooting Test! Who will win!
    Now that I edited the video and watched on a big screen I think my end assessment has changed. The worst bb here was Elite Force, then Goldenball or High Powered. At the time of the assessment I had only watched the shooting tests on the camcorder screen.

    Please visit all these airsoft bb sites and stores!

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  • KJ Works KC-02 10/22 V2 Carbine – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    The KJ Works KC-02 is based on the real steel Ruger 10/22 and comes with a full set of rails with rail covers and an M4 stock and grip which are replaceable with aftermarket parts. Shooting over 400 FPS on Green gas, this is definitely not suitable for indoor CQB games. You won’t regret taking it outside as you’ll be hitting your targets at more than 20m with ease!

    Product Link:

    Assault On Antioch from Airsoft GI and Gamepod Combat Zone was an intense two day weekend of epic airsoft, raffle prizes, and fun.

    The event followed a post-apocalyptic storyline where the South Side led by Bob the Axe Man faced the North Side led by Milsim Junkie and Spartan117GW in a battle for survival.

    A lot more footage from Scenario Two soon to come…

    Gamepod Combat Zone – The Largest Indoor CQB Field!

    West Coast Shipping:
    East Coast Shipping:

    Special thanks to Spartan Imports for sponsoring the event and Recoil Dynamix for helping to capture aerial footage.

    Spartan Imports:
    Classic Army:

    Guard Dogs Eye Protection:

    Tornado Grenades:

    Siegetek Gears:

    Check Out Recoil Dynamix!

    Milsim Junkie:



    Bob has over a decade of airsoft experience and picks out his gear for functionality and fun. Often utilizing gas blow back airsoft weapons he has a solid loadout to accommodate for lots of ammo, water, and gear!

    Gear list, lots of links!

    Annex Face Masks:

    Cool Guy Hat:

    LM4 Gas Blow Back Airsoft Gun:

    Heckler & Koch HK45 Gas Blow Back Pistol:

    Specter Plate Carrier:

    Condor Triple Magazine Pouch:

    Airsoft Innovation Tornado Grenades:

    Magpul MS2 Sling:

    Shotgun Scabbard (For the Axe!):

    Propper BDUs:

    Under Armour Valsetz Boots:

    Classic Army M15A4 with Crane Stock:

    AMP RIS on CA M15A4:

    Mechanix Gloves .5mm:

  • Loftek Unboxing
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  • Parenting Failure Cliche’: Stop Crying or I Will Give You Something To Cry About!
    Parenting Failure Cliche’: Stop Crying or I Will Give You Something To Cry About!
  • Airsoft Pyrotechnics TAGinn Grenades & Pyrotechnical Projectiles – AirSplat Preview
    Airsoft Pyrotechnics TAGinn Grenades & Pyrotechnical Projectiles
    New and Coming Soon

    Airsoft Pyrotechnics

LCT LR4 series coming soon

LCT Airsoft have some new items coming soon:

LCT LR4 series coming soon

LR4 Series

(LCT Airsoft)

20$Bandit GEN2 Mini Kit (MK-7) – Ultralight LE

20$Bandit have added a new mini kit to their range of clever packs:



GEN2 Mini Kit (MK-7) – Ultralight LE

The Ultralight LE (Law Enforcement) is the newest addition to the MK-7 family. The GEN2 Mini Kit represents over three years of research and development combined with a meticulous new manufactuer HonorPoint USA out of San Diego, CA. The UltraLight LE was developed specifically for LE and Federal agents to have an extremely lightweight, modular organization option for EDC items. The coloration is a reflection of their combined requests and the significant improvement in fit and finish is a result of our new manufacturer HONORPOINT USA.
The MK-7 UltraLight LE provides the minimum required organizational space for LE EDC items. Stow ID photos in the clear pocket side and flashlights, GPS, multi-tools, first-aid and detainment items in the other.

Weight: 1.8 oz
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Material: 70 D Rip Stop Nylon


Alien Airsoft pistol series in stock at UN Company

UN Company have some new items from Alien Airsoft in stock:

Dear All, New Arrival of Alien Airsoft Pistol Series Available NOW!!

Please check out the link here


UN Facebook Page
UN Youtube Page

Please visit our site for more new hot items. You may also found more airsoft products you need there. Enjoy!

(UN Company)

Survival Navigation: Tokyo Marui festival

Survival Navigation have published a report from the Tokyo Marui festival, it’s in Japanese so you might need some help from Google Translate:

This is the first report of Tokyo Marui Festival.

Best regard, Hisashi Ohno (Survival Navigation)

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