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Jia Dyi: Real steel v.s Hi-tech – Two winning AEGs

Jia Dyi have been taking a look at the new LCT LC-3 and the ICS CXP-MARS:

Jia Dyi:Real steel v.s Hi-tech –Two AEGs that Win in Different Fields

This summer is going to be very hot! AEG hobbyists with different orientations will find their solutions to spend money. Behold the clash of legendary G3 rifles replica from LCT, and the fantasy AR variants from ICS with 3S Electronic Trigger System.

First, for those who need rugged and aggressive, behold LCT LC-3 series, a G3 replica that salute to H&K.


Sturdy as real fire-arms! Full Steel, 4.41kg almost as weigh as the real gun (4.9kg).

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Military 1st magazine pouches sale

Military 1st are having a sale on magazine pouches:

We offer 15% off all magazine pouches with Discount Code MAGPOUCH17.

Visit our website today and save on various types of magazine pouches including rifle mag pouches, brass roll pouches, drop leg pouches, and more!

Mag Pouches Sale 2017 Instagram

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 25 July 2017, midnight. Excludes sale items.

Free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the United States and Ireland. Competitive overseas shipping rates.

(Military 1st)

LCT Airsoft LC-3

Here are the latest pictures for the LC-3 from LCT Airsoft:


(LCT Airsoft)

eHobbyAsia clearance sales–up to 70% off

eHobbyAsia are having a clearance sale:

eHobby Asia Clearance Sales – Up to 70% Off



New arrivals & restock at Crown Airsoft

Crown Airsoft have published details of two stock updates on their website:

NEW arrival  : we M4 double magazine


Restock : WE Tech Big Bird series


(Crown Airsoft)


APS have shard a poster for their RS2:

unnamed (12)


A2 Supplies midweek update

Here is all the latest stock news from A2 Supplies:


Armourer Works VX01 Series Pistols!


Further expanding our collection of Armourer works pistols, we now have the AW Custom Hex-Cut VX pistols! Available with both Black and Silver slides these pistols are adorned with hexagonal cuts to both the frame and slide, removing excess mass whilst at the same time providing better grip on the pistol itself! Featuring the amazing performance and quality you expect from the guys over at Armourer works, both the internals and magazines have been tweaked to get the best performance possible out of these GBB Pistols!

ACM Osprey Suppressor


Alongside these awesome new pistols we have also received a number of ultra-modern Osprey Style Mock suppressors from ACM! After something that stands out from the wave of cylindrical suppressors? The Osprey Style suppressor sports a much more sleek octagonal appearance keeping within the thin profile of the weapon system it is attached to! Threaded clockwise, with the correct adapter these suppressors will fit most AEG and GBB Pistols! As you can see we’ve been playing with a few in store!

See anything you like? Why not come visit us in store? Or visit our Website over at for more info!

(A2 Supplies)

Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 29 2017

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Our next game will be the awesome end of month skirmish madness at Tuddenham – don’t forget it’s next weekend though as this month has an extra weekend in it.  Sat 29th and Sun 30th will see two action packed days of airsoft, as well as an exciting night game on the Saturday.

We’re also at the War & Peace Show all of next week.  If you’re there, come and look us up for a chat.  Better yet, bring us biscuits or sweets


Josh Smith

The Tuddenham Annual Purge

Saturday 29th July 2017 – 1900

Team Green present the Annual Tuddenham Purge:

Once again, it’s time for the Tuddenham Annual Purge.

Purgers from Uptown, Downtown & Eastside are once again expected to descend upon the Village to take part in the Purge and cleanse their souls.

Will you choose to keep your families safe and try to sit it out, or will you choose to go and Purge?

The choice is yours, however as events unfold, will you have a change of heart as the place you live and the people you love are attacked?

BRT MilSim at Norwich – September 2017

Although we are no longer running regular open events at Norwich, we will still be using the excellent Top Dog Paintball site for special events.  We have an event planned for September 16th & 17th.  We’re just finalising the story and full details which we will publish shortly, but thought we’d give you a quick teaser to whet your appetite.

The weekend will be a full MilSim lasting roughly 24hrs.  The gameplay will be heavily biased towards special forces recon style play, with detection and combat being highly undesirable for most of the game – if a fireteam is bounced, the emphasis will be on keeping your losses to a minimum, withdrawing and disappearing as quickly as possible.  The idea is to simulate small forces operating behind enemy lines with no reinforcements, if you get seriously injured in combat or left behind, expect to spend several hours recovering, leaving your fireteam light-handed.

The game will continue overnight and players will be expected to remain in game the full time, although there will be no firing after dark to allow for eye-pro to be removed.  There will, of course, be night recon missions and camps are expected to have stags on watch.  The game will climax on Sunday morning with a battle, so make sure you save some ammo!

The story is based in Eastern Europe, modern day and teams will be identified by camo types.  Keep an eye on Facebook and this newsletter for more info if you’re interested.

(Gunman Airsoft)

UN Company: BLS 6mm BBs (BK) series

Here is the latest stock news from UN Company:

Dear all,

From BLS BBs in Black! Now Available! 0.20/0.25/0.30/0.36/0.40/0.43g 6mm BBs (BK) are now ready here.

unnamed (11)

(UN Company)

First Tactical promotion at Military 1st

Military 1st have a special offer on First Tactical products:

First Tactical Promotion at Military 1st!

Buy one First Tactical bag of the value of £79 or more at Military 1st online store to receive a FREE pair of performance 6" socks. Find out more at Hurry up: offer valid while stocks last!

First Tactical Bags Socks Promo Instagram (1)

(Military 1st)

AST: Umarex hk45 ct preview & mag compatible test video

AST have shared their latest video:

AST is releasing a new video!

Umarex hk45 ct preview and mag compatible test


King Arms new BBs series available now

saved_resourceKing Arms have released some new BBs:

Love your enemy, give them the best

Thanks for your support of all the KA products.

After getting the official license for Black Rain Ordnance Official/ Predator Tactical/ Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) series, we’re keeping improving the quality of our guns and accessories.

Right here and right now, we’re very pleased to announce that the King Arms brand new BB series.

King Arms BB manufacturing process is absolutely strict.

From the beginning of raw materials mixed, injection molding, bubble removal to grinding, all the processes are under our considerable attention.

Mixing: With a full proportion of the raw material to achieve the most accurate and average mixing.

Injection: The temperature of machine and the injection rate of raw material are under the precise control.

Bubble removal: Due to the strict control of injection process, the possibility of bubble can be reduce to minimum.

Grinding: All the BBs are grinded and sieved by the high precision grinding machine and sieve machine for making sure the roundness. After  

                 cooling and forming, we also use the sieve plate to spot-check.

Apart from Platinum & BIO BBs(0.2/0.25/0.28/0.30/0.32g) , we also have heavy and black series of your choice.


As for the black BBs, we have 0.2 & 0.25g, The mystery and darkness let your enemy would never find where you are.


We have 0.36 and 0.4g heavy BBs, that would make you feel the unprecedented impact point. Heavy BBs not only possess more energy than lighter BBs but lose energy much slower during bullet fly. It results a more stable trajectory.


Muzzle velocity:110mps-120mps(360fps-393fps) Recommended weight:0.2g

Muzzle velocity:130mps (426fps) Recommended weight:0.25g

Muzzle velocity:140mps (459fps) Recommended weight:0.28g

Muzzle velocity:150mps (492fps) Recommended weight:0.3g or 0.36g

Muzzle velocity:160mps (524fps) Recommended weight:0.36g or 0.4g

Muzzle velocity:170mps (557fps) Recommended weight:0.4g or 0.43g

***The above is only for reference, the actual situation have to be considered in accordance with personal preference, barrel length and gas type(gas/ CO2/ air). ***

(King Arms)

eHobbyAsia summer sales–up to 10% off

eHobbyAsia are having a summer sale:

Summer Sales – Up to 10% Off!!

Summer Sale 2017 - Landing Page 10% OFF - Forums


Military 1st Maxpedition sale

Military 1st are having a sale on Maxpedition gear:

We offer 10% off all Maxpedition gear with Discount Code MAXGEAR17.

Visit our website today and save on tactical backpacks, gun cases, messenger bags, MOLLE packs, and more!

Maxpedition Sale 2017 Instagram

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 20 July 2017, midnight. Excludes sale items.

Free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the United States and Ireland. Competitive overseas shipping rates.

(Military 1st)

Hazard 4 July madness – 25% off MultiCam items

Hazard4 are offering 25% off all MultiCam products until the end of July:



  • Plan-B™ front/back modular sling pack
  • Frontline™ molle chest rig
  • Patrol™ thermo-cap daypack


  • Waistland™ molle load belt
  • Kato™ tablet + netbook mini-messenger
  • Launch-Pad™ ipad® mil-spec sleeve

View all sale items


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