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SRU sale at Pro Airsoft Supplies

imagePro Airsoft Supplies are clearing out their SRU stock:

End of season price drop on SRU, get what’s left while it’s here! Embrace the future here.

(Pro Airsoft Supplies)

Policing and Crime Act 2017 Anniversary Cake!

imageThe UKAPU has sent out an update regarding the last raft of legislation that came and went, now a year on how do things look?

It has now been a year since the commencement of the Policing and Crime Act 2017 and thanks to the community, lobbying, retail and trade groups, airsoft ultimately came out on top. So here are a few words from the committee members here at UKAPU.


“Here we are then! A whole year has passed since the Policing and Crime Act 2017 came into effect; the Earth is still turning and we are all still happily enjoying our wonderful sport.

As a result of the PCA 2017 – and for the first time since airsoft arrived on our shores – it now has a proper definition in law. Airsoft has been referenced in primary legislation and is no longer loitering within secondary legislation. This is rather significant for us as it affords airsoft more protection and actually shows that parliament is happy for it to continue to exist.


UKAPU committee members worked tirelessly towards ensuring that skirmishers didn’t get a bum deal. Our primary goal was to ensure that skirmishers had a voice during the discussion and consultation stages, that we weren’t stuck with a 1 Joule maximum energy limit and that airsoft didn’t get shoehorned into or tacked onto some piece of existing firearms legislation.
It goes without saying that without all the support of our members we really would have struggled. Your donations contributed towards getting committee members to Home Office consultations and meetings, creating and distributing campaign materials and promoting the issue amongst the airsoft and firearms community and press.

Unfortunately after all this hard work we still have some unanswered questions. We are still dealing with a couple of grey areas with regard to the wording and players have been contacting us on a regular basis since the commencement of the PCA, all asking how they can stay legal. The present situation is that we can’t currently give any definitive advice. Trust us when we say this is as frustrating for us as it is for you and getting this situation rectified is still an ongoing priority.

So what can we take away from all of this? Though there are still some unknowns, airsoft is arguably in a much better place both politically and legally than it was before and strengthens our position lest we face challenges in the future”

So to celebrate the first anniversary of the PCA 2017, our chairman David has procured a cake! He said he would share it if he could but, as he can’t he will eat it on behalf of the committee and our members!

Jon Hill, (UKAPU)

Pentagon Chase tactical shirt @Military 1st

Military 1st have shared details of the a new shirt from Pentagon they are stocking:

Pentagon Chase Tactical Shirt is available now at Military 1st!

Pentagon Chase Shirt successfully combines tactical features with a casual look.

Made from durable and lightweight Ripstop fabric, it features buttoned front with classic collar, roll-up sleeves with rounded barrel cuffs, two concealed zipped front pockets, and two front cargo pockets with Hook and Loop secured angled flaps, sunglasses loops and a dual pass-through slot for pens, chem-lights or tire gauges.

Pentagon Chase Tactical Shirt insta

Moreover, the shirt comes with unique heat management system based on an extensive back and underarms vents, double stitching at major points for extra strength, side gusset for improved range of movement, extended body length design with shirttails for a neat appearance and a locker loop for secure storage.

Comfortable and functional, Pentagon Chase Shirt is a perfect counterpart to the duty uniform and offer professional appearance. Perfect for the police, security, military and EMT personnel, it is also ideal for hiking, hunting and other outdoor activities.

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Low delivery rates across Europe.

(Military 1st)

New G&G battle owl tracer unit

G&G have shared details of their new tracer unit:

Own the Night
Introducing our lightest tracer unit to date! The Battle Owl tracer unit was designed to specifically fit on our current new pistol series with 12mm CCW threads. The Battle Owl tracer unit is easily rechargeable through a USB cable making it easy to charge anywhere!


Click to watch the review

Contact your local dealer for a pricing and availability on the new.

Find Out More


New Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod. M AEP @RedWolf Airsoft

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

Sig Sauer MCX AEG By Cybergun Now In Stock. Get Yours Now!


SVU Pre-Order


ARP-9 AEG, Sig Sauer MCX, Scorpion Mod.M


Fatal 15 Slide


BasicV.3 Module, MP7 QD Tracer, Mod. M Mag


Hillbilly 223 Cerakote Service Now Available @ RedWolf


(RedWolf Airsoft)

Free red dot sight with Krytac rifle @Pro Airsoft Supplies

Pro Airsoft Supplies have a special offer on Krytac rifle this weekend:


Let’s kick off summer with the first of one our many awesome upcoming deals. Till 23:59 Monday you can claim a free red dot sight with every Krytac rifle purchase. Just type in the name of the sight you’re after in the UKARA box (Deal excludes FC1 sights). And before it gets asked, no Patrick an ACOG isn’t a red dot. Get on it here.

(Pro Airsoft Supplies)

New Umarex HK & Glock stock at Land Warrior Airsoft

Land Warrior Airsoft have some new items from Umarex HK and Glock in stock:

New Umarex HK & Glock Lines in stock at Land Warrior

We’ve had another delivery from our German friends over at Umarex, including the hotly anticipated HK416 A5 AEG’s in black and Tan (RAL8000).

416A5 Black416A5 Tan

Also there’s the CO2 Gen4 Glock 17’s, Glock 34 Deluxe kits, HK UMP’s and many more!

G17G4 CO2

These are in store and ready to ship, all with our great offer of zero percent (0%!!!) finance on orders over £300 (subject to credit checks and deposit)​

(Land Warrior Airsoft)

New products from King Arms

Here is all the latest product news from King Arms:


Piston Head for KA K93 Air Cocking
Reinforced piston head specially designed for King Arms K93 air cocking sniper rifle to increase the performance, reliability and accuracy as well.
#KingArms #Airsoft #K93 #R93 #PistonHead #Upgrade


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saved_resource(2)Even that we are working hard to meet our deadline.
We still have to do the perfect protection.
King Arms will provide you the best Real wood grip.
#KingArms #Airsoft #VSS #BCC #Realwood #Comingsoon


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saved_resource(4)Let us show you the feature of King Arms Python .357 Custom series~
#KingArms #Airsoft #Revolver #Custom






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Spring Eject Bipod (Ver.2) Available now!!
#KingArms #Airsoft #Spring #Bipod #ver2

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saved_resource(12)New products!!King Arms HQA Super High Torque Motor / High Torque Motor / High Speed Motor.
Come upgrade your equipment! Make you more dominant on the battlefield.
#KingArms #Airsoft #Upgrade #SuperHigh #Motor




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WE AK74 GBB coming soon to Jia Dyi

Jia Dyi are championing Taiwanese airsoft gun manufacturers:

Jia DyiMeet your wildest dream in fidelity with quality Airsoft rifles

Dear Clients-

Words of mouth, seniority, and sponsorship with allies in the industry all act as important indicators when clients choose partnership. Riding on it experience curve for years in developing gas guns, WE demonstrates once again that it can beat imitators from China. In the other hand, PTS developed by KWA also excels its competitor by winning its sponsor from Magpul. It’s a race on capability, fames, and persistence on quality. Let’s say ‘Hooray!’ to cheer Taiwanese Airsoft gun manufacturers.

WE AK74 Gas Blow-back Rifle (real wood version)


Finally, the first real wood version of AK will be born in WE AK family in May, as their third model in AK GBBRs, it inherits all the merits from antecedent, AK PMC,【GG242】.Perfect laminate wood finishing in handguard and stock, full metal body and fidelity in dismantling, better regards it as an artisan work than a piece of toy gun. As usual, WE maintains its competitive price to similar GBB models from GHK AK74,【GHK-74】and KWA AK74M,【GG243】,a polymer folding stock/handguard setting.

WE AK PMC Gas Blow-back Rifle【GG242】


One of the modern AK which has been beloved by PMC. Many improvements had been made to this version by WE factory since its first appearance in late 2011. It is a miracle that Taiwan gas gun manufactures keep leading on the edge of competition with Asian competitors for a long time. There’s not thing but quality speaks for everything!

AIMTOP Illuminated 4X24 POS-1 Type Scope【OPS-24】


Once had been overwhelmed by AK fans, the PSO-1 type scope replica is restock by AIMTOP now. Stealth black and illuminated by AG13/LR44 cell batteries, it is a must buy for Kalashnikov believers in the circle of Airsoft because of its exotic cool style.



Professional Training System (PTS) requires every detail alike in weapons as much as possible with the real fire arms, usually for the drill purpose. KWA plants the concept into the Electric Recoil Gun (ERG),and developed two version of AEGs licensed by Magpul, standard carbine,【GG520】, and CQB or scout rifle, 【GG521】. Core features include a mechanical / electrical cut-off with the last round fired, functional bolt release, and simulated recoil via the proprietary Kinetic Feedback System. The included ERG PMAG is specifically designed to work with the auto cut-off system. The ERG is also compatible with standard AEG magazines (though the auto cut-off feature will not be active with these).

AceTech Glowing Tracer Unit Predator【AT2000VFC】


If you want to see flame burst from the muzzle, AceTech ‘s tracer unit, Predator®, is a smart device that make Airsoft hobbyist “get two birds with one stone”- a tracer module, AT2000, along with a suitable carrier, KAC M4 silencer made by VFC. With 32.2mm in diameter and 113mm in length, the AT2000 module,【AT2000】, can be bought individually, easily be accommodated within your spare silencer (with O-ring/tape as spacer). Support to 30rps, it performs well even under DAYLIGHT.

The best dealer is a dealer who brings you more than you can expect. We carry all the stuffs mentioned above. Talk to us at and let us know more about you, see what we can bring you from the rabbit hat.

(Jia Dyi)

Military 1st Olive category sale

Military 1st are having a sale on olive gear:

We offer 10% off entire Olive category at Military 1st with Discount Code OLIVE18.

Visit our website today and save on olive and green army jackets, combat shirts and cargo trousers, tactical backpacks and gear, and more from such brands as Helikon, Pentagon, First Tactical and Propper.

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 2 May 2018, midnight. Applies only to Olive category. Excludes sale items.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

LC-3A4 AEG & LC035-retractable stock

LCT Airsoft have two new products to release in June:

LCT airsoft will launch new products- LC-3A4 AEG and the LC035-Retractable Stock in June.

LC-3A4 and LC035

(LCT Airsoft)

A2 Supplies midweek update

A2 Supplies have had a delivery from G&G:

G&G Restock!

We’ve been finding it hard to keep our walls stocked with G&G recently, something to do with customers wanting them so much that they are on the wall for all of 5 minutes! For those of you who are still itching for your G&G fix heres some good news! We’ve had a delivery!

G&G image 1

We’ve restocked a number of G&G favorites including the ARP9 now in both Black and the sleek new Battleship Grey! (As we all know that Grey is the new black after all!) For those of you who aren’t a fan of the 9mm configuration we also have the ARP 556 back alongside the Firehawk! Perfect for you STANAG Magazine users! Both of these guns are a great choicefor those of you who prefer a more compact primary for tackling those CQB environments.

But why stop with just an AEG? We’ve also had a nice restock of Magazines for both AEGs alongside the awesome ARP9 Drum magazines to help you up your firepower out on the field!

G&G image 3G&G image 2

Product Highlight

This week we felt it was time we shared some love for a true classic, as much as the M4 Carbine is seen on practically every Airsoft site worldwide, in today’s climate we feel that it has somewhat moved away from what it originally was. With a sea of Aftermarket Rail Systems and Long Civilian Style AR Builds, the AR Market feels more like a fashion show.. so we wanted to turn our attention BACK to the Military Style M4 Carbine The SOPMOD. Come the turn of the Millennium things were slowly beginning to move away from barrel mounts and fixed carry handles. Things started to get more tactical, no we’re not talking about Keymod this, and M-LOK that (who even uses M-Lok Anyway!) We’re talking about KAC RAS! (Knights Armament company Rail Adapter System)

In house we offer the NUPROL Delta SOPMOD AEG, which some people find a bit dull and boring.. but thats where it stands out from the crowd! Steering clear of its more modern and tacti-cool counterparts, the Delta SOPMOD features a more bare bones approach to the tactical M4, a Classic look. Who needs a Meter long rail system when all you need is a short and simple 4 piece KAC Rail up front and a removable carry handle up top! Heres what we’ve been able to do with this "Boring Run-of-the-Mill M4"

Nuprol SOPMOD Image 9Nuprol SOPMOD Image 1Nuprol SOPMOD Image 2Nuprol SOPMOD Image 3Nuprol SOPMOD Image 4Nuprol SOPMOD Image 5Nuprol SOPMOD Image 6Nuprol SOPMOD Image 7Nuprol SOPMOD Image 8

As you can see, the SOPMOD platform still offers a huge host of configurations! No matter how you play, this rifle can be tailored to suit you needs! With hundreds of accessories available, this truly is the lego gun! So if you’re looking for some old school Taci-cool then look no further than the Nuprol Delta SOPMOD!

NEW Products!
NUPROL Sierra Storm Shotguns:

Rounding things off we thought we’d showcase some other new products which we are now carrying in store. Good news for you Tri-shot addicts we now have the New NUPROL Sierra Storm Shotgun Line! Available in 3 different configurations, these tactical Tri-Shot Shotguns are perfect for close encounters and CQB games!


The Storm Alpha is the longest variant as it features a full barrel and magazine tube alongside a stock/pistol grip in the rear to provide stability whilst aiming.

Sierra Alpha 3Sierra Alpha 1Sierra Alpha 2


The Storm Bravo is the Mid-Length variant of the 3 Once again featuring a full barrel and magazine tube, this model boasts a more tactical appearance as it has a retractable stockallowing the user to set the gun to suit their preferences.

Sierra Bravo 3Sierra Bravo 1Sierra Bravo 2


And finally we have the Sierra Storm Charlie, the shortest variant out of the 3. The Charlie model swaps out the tactical butt stock for a simple SPAS 12 style pistol grip, helping to keep the gun compact and easy to maneuver.

Sierra Charlie 2Sierra Charlie 1

These tactical shotguns all feature a picatinny railed pump alongside a rail up top for optics. Using standard Tri-shot shells, these are loaded via the small door underneath which is opened via the small latch next to the trigger guard. Simply load up a shell, rack the pump and you’re good to go!

Get ’em whilst they are hot! Keep your eyes out for these awesome new products coming to our website over the next few days at Or if you just cant wait long enough? Come visit us in store!

(A2 Supplies)

Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 17 2018

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Hi, Arnies,

Welcome to this week’s update from Gunman Airsoft.

We had another really well supported weekend at Eversley – thanks everyone for coming along and making it another awesome event.  The next Eversley FilmSim open weekend is May 19th & 20th – keep your eyes peeled on Facebook for the event details and story.

This weekend we are back at our Tuddenham site for our monthly skirmish weekend.  Please ensure any rental bookings are made on the website before Thursday midday to guarantee equipment availability.  We can still accept walk-on players with their own kit on the day, but be prepared for mandatory booking one we hit the summer.

We have begun clearance work at Tuddenham in preparation for a load of building and improvements to the site – you will begin to see work and changes in the next couple of months.  The site is solidly booked every weekend over summer, so work will be taking place on weekdays.

Don’t forget that we are able to supply airsoft guns and accessories on site – we can also special order items for you.  Drop us an email if there is anything specific that you want.

Tuddenham Calendar, Eversley Calendar

(Gunman Airsoft)

New arrival at UN Company: SAI & EMG hi-capa series

UN Company have some new items in stock:

Dear all,
New family members have arrived to the SAI & EMG Hi-Capa series!


(UN Company)

Special offers at Military 1st

Here are this week’s special offers at Military 1st:

See this week’s special offers at Military 1st online store!

Up to 20% off selected items. Save on tactical shirts, combat boots, gun cases, sports glasses, camping equipment, and more.

Hurry up: this offer is for a limited time only and while stocks last!


Discover more at Military 1st online store!

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia, and low delivery rates across Europe.

(Military 1st)

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