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Dytac M-Lok & leymod rail handguard for 870 shotgun

DyTac have two new products coming at the end of September:

Simplicity is always one the best way to go. We keep things nice and simple here and this is how we came up with these products here, the M-Lok and Keymod Rail Handguard for 870 Shotgun.

Nothing fancy but just a robust piece which able to give you all details and functions you need. Metal build so it is strong enough to take up all the challenges.

DY-RAS64DM-M-BK             M-Lok Rail Handguard for DM870 and APS870

DY-RAS64DM-K-BK              Keymod Rail Handguard for DM870 and APS870

DY-RAS64TK-M-BK              M-Lok Rail Handguard for TM870

DY-RAS64TK-K-BK               Keymod Rail Handguard for TM870



These items would be available end of Sep 2017 and we are taking preorder at the moment. Please contact us for further info, thank you very much!


M1A1 accessories @Crown Airsoft

Here is the latest stock news from Crown Airsoft:




  • WE Tech Thompson M1A1 30 round GBB Magazine
  • WE Tech Thompson M1A1 50 round GBB Magazine
  • Cybergun Licensed WE-Tech Thompson M1A1 GBB Rifle

(Crown Airsoft)

Evolution Airsoft TangoDown licensed ECR-5

Evolution Airsoft have shared details of their new TangoDown licensed ECR-5:


(Evolution Airsoft)

First Tactical men’s V2 tactical pants @Military 1st

Military 1st have shared details of the First Tactical men’s V2 tactical pants they are stocking:

First Tactical Men’s V2 Tactical Pants are available now at Military 1st online store.

These ultra-lightweight tactical trousers come with genuine YKK zipper and Prym snap, seven wide belt loops, running gusset, articulated and reinforced knees with double layer knee pad pockets, and multiple utility pockets including expandable deep cargo pockets.

First Tactical Men's V2 Tactical Pants insta

Moreover, First Tactical V2 Tactical Pants are made of 2-way mechanical stretch micro ripstop fabric with water, oil and stain repelling Teflon Shield+ treatment and triple-needle stitching at all critical seams.

Comfortable and functional First Tactical cargo trousers offer professional appearance, improved comfort and movability, and are perfect for law enforcement, military and security personnel and everyday wear.

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia, and low delivery rates across Europe.

(Military 1st)

Outlet del Softair gears promotion

Outlet del Softair currently have a special offer on gears:

From 23/07/18 to 07/28/18
20% discount on all gears !!


(Outlet del Softair)

Military 1st A-TACS AU camo sale

Military 1st have a special offer on A-TACS AU camo gear:

Military 1st offers 10% off A-TACS AU camouflage category with Discount Code ATACSAU.

Save on camouflage apparel and equipment including combat uniforms, tactical vests and military rucksacks, from Condor, Flyye, Helikon, Propper and Wisport.

A-TACS AU Sale 2018 Instagram

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 25 July 2018, midnight. Applies only to A-TACS AU camouflage category. Excludes sale items.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

SAI Shotgun CAM MK-II SAI Law Enforcement @RedWolf

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

Fully Licensed F-1 15 3G Skeletonized Rifle AEG By EMG Now Available!



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A2 Supplies weekly update

A2 Supplies have been taking a closer look at gas powered pistols and rifles:


Thinking its time to try your hand with a gas gun? Looking for more realism, or simply just the fun of recoil? In store we carry a range of Gas powered pistols and have recently started to expand our Range of Gas Blow Back rifles! Heres a look at what we’ve received this week!

Armorer Works Split Slides!

Good news for you Armorer Works Lovers out there, we’ve got Armorer Works Split Slide Hi-Capas back in store! We all know that once you try a Split-Slide Hi-Capa you’ll never touch that mundane Glock again! These Pistols are by far some of the snappiest on the Airsoft Market, Perfect out the box for both AIPSC/Target Shooting and Standard Skirmishing! Featuring the same familiar Hi-Capa/1911 style controls with a Backstrap Safety, these pistols sit comfortably in the hand thanks to the extended beaver tail safety and ergonomic lowers. Although the Split Slides do not come with threaded barrels, they do offer a Sight Plate to allow the Mounting of a Small Dr Style Red dot sight in place of the rear sight for quick target acquisition. If you’re a pistol freak whose after something to tear things up in CQB then we suggest you check out these pistols!

Split Slide Image 1

Alongside the Split Slide Hi-capas we have also restocked 2 more customer favorites! The "Black Ace" Hi-Capa for those of you looking for a more Tacti-cool all black pistol from Armorer Works. We’ve also got the "Molon Labe" back in stock! This 1911 looks like its been to hell and back! Despite its rough looking exterior, this 1911 performs flawlessly, just like its real steal counterpart! With fantastic Kick and Recoil, it is a perfect sidearm for you WW2 or Vietnam Players out there. This 1911 can also add a whole new level of badassto your modern loadouts too!

Black Ace Image 1Molon Labe Image 1

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Gunfire summer sale

Gunfire have launched their summer sale:


The hottest sale of this summer is on! Over 3500 products up to 70%OFF in Summer Sale at Gunfire.

Don’t miss massive discounts on King Arms, G&P or Cyma replicas, Redox and SHS parts, KAMPFHUND patches and more! We have launched the Summer Sale and reduced the prices by up to 70%. On our list with the best deals, you will find various replicas like Specna Arms SA-B02 assault rifles equipped with the SAEC™ system, gas-powered AW-HX1002 pistol replica with a powerful blow-back system or SW-016 sniper rifle replica with very light construction and functional accessories. If you like to wear t-shirts or tactical shorts during skirmishes, you should remember about knee and elbow protection. To save money on that gear you can pick protection pads from Alta Industries which are available at very attractive prices. We have also discounted accessories and parts like Set of 5 Hi-Cap 300 BB Magazines for M4/M16 Replicas – Black or URX 3 type 8" Rail System. Both products are available in black. We have barely scratched the surface of the special offer. So don’t hesitate and check over 3500 products on Sumer Sale!


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Jia Dyi: Make or buy? Decrypt Poseidon P18EVO

Here is the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiMake or Buy? Decrypt Poseidon P18EVO

Honorable Clients
P18EVO was developed based upon WE G18C【GP617A】, using all the Poseidon’s patented upgrade parts and tens of labor hours to forge it. Let’s see if it’s worthy for a G18C fan to homemade it or at least, a part of it.


According to the setting of P18EVO, we list the escalation kits from the exterior to the internal.(please click the sku No. to access more information about DIY parts)

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New PTS products released 2nd August 2018

PTS have shared details of two new products coming soon:

PTS Kinetic™ SCAR MREX™ M-LOK™ 4.9” Rail


Item Code:
KN001490307 – Black
KN001490313 – Dark Earth


The Kinetic MREX™ Modular Receiver Extension is designed to be simple, durable, and lightweight. The slim profile of the MREX greatly improves the aesthetic of the SCAR by giving it a long sleek profile.  Its extended rail length in front of the front sight/gas block increases the rifle’s modularity by increasing the real estate for accessory attachments as well as improves ergonomics by better accommodating the modern forward support hand rifle hold and improving the overall rifle’s balance.  The MREX’s one piece construction ensures maximum durability without any significant weight penalty.

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Wisport Sparrow 16L rucksack @Military 1st

Military 1st have shared details of the 16L Wisport Sparrow rucksack they are stocking:

Wisport Sparrow 16L Rucksack is available now at Military 1st online store.

Wisport Sparrow 16L Rucksack is made of extremely durable 500D Cordura Nylon, has a 16L capacity can be attached to larger bags and packs.

Long-lasting and lightweight, this compact military backpack features spacious main compartment with a clamshell opening, internal hydration sleeve pocket and multiple elastic loops, zipped front compartment with external Loop panel, MOLLE webbing at the front and sides, and side compression straps for size adjustment.

wisport_sparrow_16_rucksack_a-tacs_fg_1Wisport Sparrow 16L Rucksack comes with removable, padded and ergonomically shaped shoulder straps with quick detach system, hydration hose mounting brackets and chest strap, ACS (Air Comfort System) carrying system and padded back and reinforced top carrying handle.

Developed in collaboration with Polish Military forces, this functional Wisport backpack is excellent as a tactical drop bag and perfect for light travel, camping and hiking.

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia, and low delivery rates across Europe.

(Military 1st)

Introducing AW Custom NE30 series pistol

AW Custom have shared details of their new NE30 series:


Iconic 1911 Configuration 
1911 pistol is still one of the most famous and popular pistol after a century past. They semi-automatic mechanism is a ground-breaking innovation and influenced many firearm designs in modern days.

Serrated & Checkered
AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol comes with flat top serrated slide and unique checkering designs on slide and frame. Both of it enhanced the gripping surface and made the pistol more user-friendly.

Classic & Innovative
AW Custom™ knows about what our customers need and we designed the NE30 Series to be extraordinary. With the star-style trigger as well as guide rod, you will never see it on the market before.


AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol
It’s already a century. 1911 Pistol is still one of the most famous and popular pistol model on earth. It’s semi-automatic mechanism is a ground-breaking innovation in the past and influenced many firearm designs in modern days.

AW Custom™ NE30 Series is under brand new series under iconic 1911 configuration. The flat top serrated slide as well as aggressively checkered slide and frame will give NE30 Series Pistol a unique and yet innovative appearance among the market.

Being available in three colours configuration – Silver, Black and Two-Tone models, one of them will surely suit your personal preference.

unnamed(12)Heavily Checkered Slide
AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol features with aggressive checkering design on both front and back of the slide. This further enhances the gripping surface and make it pistol easier to operate.

More Detail

unnamed(13)Checkering Designs on Frame
Apart from the slide, the checkering design continues on the frame of AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol. This ensures the shooter to maintain a firmer grip while holding the pistol.

More Detail

unnamed(14)Flat Top Serrated Slide
AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol comes with flat top serrated slide. It allows the shooter to have a smoother action while operating the pistol. It’s something you will rarely see on a 1911 pistol.

More Detail

unnamed(15)Star-Style Trigger
It’s not just a simple 1911 pistol. AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol equips with Star-Style Trigger. Though the pistol is in classic 1911 configuration, yet it is an innovation in the other way round.

More Detail

unnamed(16)Star-Style Guide Rod
Beside the trigger, AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol also comes with Star-Style Guide Rod as well as the unique barrel bushing. We know it looks classic and yet extraordinary at the same time.

More Detail

unnamed(17)Adjustable Rear Sight

AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol features with a fully adjustable rear sight. No matter you are focus CQB action or long range targeting, simply adjust the rear sight with screwdriver to your favourite zero position.

More Detail

unnamed(18)Ambidextrous Thumb Safety

Are you right-handed or left-handed? No need to worry! AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol comes with ambidextrous thumb safety to cope with shooters with different dominant hand.

More Detail

unnamed(19)Tactical Magazine

AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol comes with a brand new tactical magazine. The extended magazine base plate enhances the reloading action and protects the magazine in case dropped onto the ground.

More Detail

unnamed(20)CO2 Magazine Compatible

AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol is engineered to be CO2 ready with our brand new CO2 magazine. No matter what kind of power sources, just switch with the different magazines and they are good to go!

More Detail


  • Material: Metal Alloy
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~300FPS


  • 1 x NE30 Series Pistol
  • 1 x NEMG09 Gas Magazine


  • Iconic 1911 style pistol

  • Unique flat top serration on slide

  • Equipped with star-style trigger and star-style guide rod

  • Checkering designs on slide and frame

  • Realistic mock firing pin mechanism

  • Imitation wood pistol grips

(AW Custom)

New deliveries at Gunfire

Here is the latest new from Gunfire:

The long-awaited Secutor shotguns are finally available! The offer includes a metal, gas powered version and a spring model with a polymer body. Shotguns are equipped with KeyMod or AR15 type stocks.

For more visit


Check out the new Li-Po batteries from Electro River! We have restocked our storehouse with 7.4V or 11.1V LiPo batteries, Stick batteries and accessories like chargers, Li-Po alarms, Li-Po Bags.

For more visit


We have received new delivery from Classic Army! You will find in it AR15 replicas with KeyMod handguards, steel rifles from CAK series as well as real airsoft treats like M132 Microgun.

For more visit


New delivery of original, licensed RONI conversions produced by CAA Airsoft Division. They are dedicated to replicas of such pistols as Glock, M9 Beretta, or Sig Sauer P226.
For more visit

We have received a large shipment of Armored Claw gloves! They are available in different versions, sizes and colors. Gloves are made of reliable materials such as Kevlar® and Nomex® by DuPont® or the protective Keprotec®.

For more visit


This is a great opportunity for Specna Arms fans! In cooperation with the German brand, Uvex, it has created a new product. Uvex Pheos One is popular line safety glasses with Specna Arms markings!
For more visit


If you are looking for original, external accessories for your replica, you should check the latest delivery of 5KU parts! It contains grips, stocks and accessories made mostly of aluminum and on CNC machines.
For more visit


Solid, protective gloves from Mechanix are valued by soldiers, airsofters or mechanics from all over the world. The delivery includes Original, FastFit or M-PACT® models in various color options.

For more visit



SLONG G-Kriss XI kit @Zero One Airsoft

imageZero One Airsoft have a new item in stock:


Turn your Glock or ASG Commander Pistol into a mini Kriss Vector lookalike with the SLONG G-Kriss XI Kit.


This bodykit just slides over the front rail of your pistol and is then secured with a bolt through the RIS gap. The fore grip/spare mag holder can be adjusted if need be, allowing for a tighter or looser grip on the mag. To top it off, the kit comes with two 20mm rails for torch/laser mounting (NOTE:Suppressor, pistols and laser not included…but you knew that already)

In stock and ready to ship, for only £51.95

(Zero One Airsoft)

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