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New videos from Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI have shared two new videos:

We have a handful of new videos for you today!
The first takes a look at the new G&G Armament ARP9 and compares it to the JAG Scattergun – which would you use for CQB?

Secondly, we compare and contrast two recent CQB-oriented SMGs with our LCT PP19 vs Krytac Kriss Vector video:

Additionally, we’ve stocked up on Qore Performance Iceplates – a wearable hydration plate that when frozen and slipped between you and your plate carrier keeps you cool as well! Perfect for the summer months.

(Airsoft GI)

Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM @RedWolf Airsoft

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

New Krytac Kirss Vector AEG Review From RedWolf TV! Click Here To Watch Now!

ngqoG0ZjkCEpefhK40EDmy6Is0VTzLXby2Spvi9mC58dC5NLm1HuMkHH_fj19rsrsN5trf0v3Bi1ObcnQPAkSfEQEzo9x3HFfcsoN_vAjPw7ZhDCmuaxlZ2S-q_C7FZG&P Thor Rapid Electric Gun-004 – Black
G&P Thor Rapid Electric Gun series joins the M4 family, a brand that has garnered a reputation of quality, performance and compatibility to the point of setting the standard for all metal AEGs.


5F7zQWbcylZOl0FgnPV0UHXY5dren6ZzJ2OgBlxW7WHtvrksZKQDKTRmsZDpLUNEKg3XgiDaQ0yAPFoTbHRBa1gwNFA0_R0f5MPPtwAFKveIAU-KhjGxvWtWRG6_5u0Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM Fixed Slide Full Set
The popular MK23 special forces pistol is reborne by Tokyo Marui in this fixed slide version with full LAM unit and metal detacheable SOCOM silencer included.


poyEVLCnipZ6dSSbxFsXOzIxbkuBrm0-Ui5sI4mjvuPnuIC2LKMlYuHBpgr8GfanogCAyBOpT_LuEWksHdyqCmTqOz8a5tcja8vJK4F08rOtP_x2orKC0_cwf_lE8WxGHK AUG A3 GBBR
GHK did say they are releasing 3 versions of the AUG. The traditional A1, the flat top A2 and the quad railed A3 and that raised a few eyebrows.


v2cT1J12A6p0ESOl0Pacq-Ez4LGt-jhULGrnmtneVsdLSmRlOQjOS8WBp4vPoV7roMfKbLW8VUH02TjBi5s-qyqkFyxCcN9Ku2dtKN7Nzz9ZFXsWAahoKEi5WwvigixGHK AUG 30rds CO2 Magazine
The GHK AUG magazine holds 30, 6mm BBs and runs on CO2 going through 4+ full magazine rounds.


TRcYWR4p90BxkMePUjBJoQ-mXxak5mOgeUf_7Wl2QiMm2XRE4HYw8TPOiZQ7bhPiqEI9cDmCTujItBl4c6CRmeGzhv5Wz7e4_cvoym4RGd8kVr5V8SXvLAQKf56uHZkG&P Thor Rapid Electric Gun-003 – Black
With the exception of the textured polymer pistol grip and the magazine, it is completely made out of metal with a few snazzy markings that really give it a coolness factor. The grip is rather unique as you wouldn’t find it on other G&P AEGs.

w3DD7ctIGV8k14mJ_G-fLSo8hKQNgKWn18xJNjJuUTeqhbEeGXa3zqOHep9qiJqdzRu2FFySK4hMODLH_TGg5uLYVUpgj63CPdtboOYwczvc7jcJ9C-8AH5Np4hS2O_ARES SOC SLR Sniper Rifle
From the company that brought you guns such as the MSR and other sniper rifles finally releases the SOC SLR AEG Sniper Rifle, a spiritual successor to the WA2000.


Bx2eY5mXbaxr1ZdlpS14Ly_hD2WeNbagdBdEvBKgdvUK_QPPt98u7HgiJFqOAtEb47rYh9hd5Dk-v0x2_QbEBmwEs21ihJnAvCC7fyIef2wNugnY4QD6DMZBwkQ9MLFNine Ball Aluminum Mount Base NEO for Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 / 4.3 GBB
The Nine Ball Aluminum Mount Base NEO is a solid scope mount for use with the Marui Hi-Capa GBB series.



(RedWolf Airsoft)

A2 Supplies weekend update

A2 Supplies are looking forward to the arrival of the new Secutor Velite gas powered shotguns:


Feel like its time for a new boomstick? Something tactical? Gas Powered? Well look no further!

Coming soon to A2 Supplies We have the NEW Secutor VELITE Gas powered Shotguns! A perfect way to Dominate the CQB Field!

Running off of standard Tri-Shot shells, these gas powered shotguns have the ability to fire both 3 rounds at a time or 6! With the Gas Reservoir being held inside the stock tube/solid stock depending on the model.

These shotguns bring boost a more tactical appearance as they come equipped with both full length rail systems, flip up iron sites and even interchangeable tactical stocks!

secutor_velites_03 copy

For more information Keep your eyes peeled over on our Website at www.a2supplies.co.uk

(A2 Supplies)

Crown Airsoft: WE Tech double M4 GBB magazine

Here is all the latest news from Crown Airsoft:

WE Tech Double M4 GBB Magazine

The wait is OVER!!!
WE Tech Double M4 GBB Magazine

After a long waiting, the first WE-Tech GBB double magazine has finally released,with a larger loading capacity at 80rd bbs, enlarged gas tank, the double M4 GBB magazine benefits a higher ROF and at the same time more stable gas output. Lets see how far it can go!!


Read more…

(Crown Airsoft)

Special offers at Military 1st

Here are this week’s special offers at Military 1st:

Special offers at Military 1st

See this week’s special offers at Military 1st online store!

Up to 20% off selected items. Save on combat shorts, camouflage backpacks, rifle bags, shooting glasses, camping equipment, and more.

Condor Convoy Outdoor Pack MultiCam insta saleFlyye Deformation Rifle Carry Bag MOLLE Coyote Brown insta saleFlyye HAWG Hydration Backpack Coyote Brown insta saleFox Outdoor Ice Boots Black insta saleHelikon CPU Shorts Khaki insta saleKlean Kanteen Classic 1900ml Bottle with Loop Cap Channel Island insta saleSwiss Eye Outbreak Cross Country Glasses Smoke insta sale

Limited time only – while stocks last!

Discover more at Military 1st online store!

The UK customers: http://mil1.st/Military1stSale

The rest of the world: http://mil1.st/Military1stSaleUS

Free UK delivery and returns. Free shipping to the United States and Ireland. Competitive overseas shipping rates.

(Military 1st)

Modify website update

Modify have been updating their website:

New Website Update

Never falling behind the times, Modify Enterprise, the airsoft supplier with a technician edge, set up its new website in May 2017.


With the new site, Modify looks to more effectively introduce its line of products to visitors with not only text but also enriched graphics and videos, as well as more definitively establish its brand identity with revitalized visual content.

The key improvement to the new website is the operating interfaces that adopt the RWD design compatible with all kinds of applications and hardware. Now visitors, regardless of using wired PCs or mobile devises, can browse the Modify website intuitively to enjoy total user-friendliness and convenience.

The new website also aims to continue promoting Modify Enterprise’s original spirit of watchmaker, to confirm that the airsoft supplier is proudly based in Taiwan, a hub not only known for myriad manufacturing but top-quality goods.

In addition, the new website is globalized to offer 4 languages to showcase Modify’s high-end airsoft products to fans across the world.

Visit Modify Tech. new website: http://www.modify-tech.com/


New deliveries & new brands at Gunfire

Gunfire have some new items in stock:


CYTAC http://bit.ly/2vg99IC

CYTAC is the new brand that swells gunfire’s offer ranks. Necessarily check out our range of products enriched with the professional holsters dedicated for the firearms as well as airsoft guns.

Pay the special attention to the holsters for the iconic: Glock, Colt 1991, or Beretta. Not only holsters are waiting for you but also their mounts, magazine pouches, and shotgun shells. Do not miss your chance to get a one.


CSI http://bit.ly/2tPm3OE

The new series of replicas from Gunfire’s offer will surely turn out to be interesting for the science fiction and futuristic weapons fans. S.T.A.R. XR-5 Advanced Battle Rifle produced by CSI are the revolutionary AEGs. Their unprecedented, based on metal gearbox of v2 type construction, and compatibility with STANAG magazines make them a hot product for those with precisely defined airsoft taste.


Read the rest of this entry »

Crown airsoft – introducing the Armorer works VX series

Crown Airsoft have released their latest newsletter:

Crown airsoft – introducing the Armorer works VX series


(Crown Airsoft)

NLAirsoft.com latest review – RWA KG-9 vs GAT TEC-9

oPZ4UnBA_vhdcz0ZzMicuST0pVlVYtzG21ZmwsaWCUjT0jTYM-wa68NoglLoAojSRdh_bnz_aGIflNm77f7zeQHDwVVulsgaQZvfedSwhkWO7xjTLfM_uh_w1cNjfBOqPI7nOsFcG4-5K-WZx6THHzG6hM02M8wtNLAirsoft.com have been checking out the RWA KG-9 and the Echo1 GAT Tec-9:

Interested in our latest en upcoming reviews? Check below!

RWA KG-9 vs Echo 1 GAT Tec-9

Check the complete review


I’ve made a couple of reviews before about 1 replica at the time, this time we are going to do it a bit differently we’re going to compare these two. It’s not really a fair comparison (sort of comparison), but what the heck!!… Lets do this! Lot’s of similarities and lot’s of pro’s and con’s. Go ahead and read the full review on our website…

Read the review now: KG-9 vs GAT TEC-9

Up next? The Bolt Airsoft SWAT A4 Tactical EBB!

More to come in from G&G pistol division and LCT Airsoft…


Have an interesting review project? Let us know and we are happy to test your item with a full blow review. Including video, live play and perhaps even a live-stream.
Get in contact with us!

Check the latest reviews on our website


Public announcement: RedWolf UK temporarily suspended

imageRedWolf UK have suspended trading from their UK shop and online store due to a fire, we hope they will be back up and running very soon but in the meantime you can still shop at their main online store www.redwolfairsoft.com:

Dear friends,

We are sad to inform everyone that our RedWolf UK office and warehouse had a fire on July 12th, 2017. Fortunately no one was hurt, but our UK Office suffered some damage from the fire. Therefore, our RedWolf UK shop as well as online store are temporarily suspended until further notice. For those who wish to purchase our products, please proceed to our main online store www.redwolfairsoft.com to get them.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, but rest assure our UK Team is working hard to get our UK office up and running again so we can better serve everyone. Thank you for your attention.

(RedWolf Airsoft UK)

Magpul Apparel special offer at PTS Steel Shop

PTS Steel Shop have a special offer on Magpul Apparel:


magpul spefical offer 2017 vr2

You will be happy that to save up on your purchasing Magpul T-Shirts & Short offered at such a competitive price at PTS Steel Shop.

Designed by legendary Magpul Industries the T-Shirts delivers the excellent quality more than our expect. Magpul Industries products exceed performance and gains a high praise in the field.

Whether you are going to hunting, shooting, conducting tactical exercises, bird watching, hiking, camping, range practising or even walking down on the street, the outstanding performance of Magpul Industries T-Shirts will help you achieve your goal.

Click here to your favourite : Magpul Special Offer / http://bit.ly/2t2UyDT

(PTS Steel Shop)

Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 28 2017

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Once again we had an outstandingly high quality of gameplay at Tuddenham over the weekend.  Huge thanks to everyone for joining in.  Don’t forget it’s a five weekend month, so we won’t be back for three weeks.

This weekend we have another awesome FilmSim open event lined up for you at our Eversley site in Hampshire.  Smugglers are using tunnels cut under the Serbian-Romanian border and it’s up to the team of Romanian special forces to track them down, seize the shipments and destroy the tunnels.

We will be at the War & Peace Show again this year on the last week of the month, as well as running the usual skirmish madness at Tuddenham for you.  If you’re at the show, come and look us up for a natter, otherwise we’ll see you at Tuddenham.


Josh Smith

August Big Weekender

We have our annual Gunman Innovations Airsoft Big Weekender on the last weekend of August.  An epi weekend of massive war, BBQ and beers, this is an event not to be missed.  With three factions battling it out and classes to suit every play style, visit the mini-site for more details at https://giairsoft.co.uk/

Straight Inta Compton – Gas & Spring special

We have a single day special event at Tuddenham on the bank holiday of the August weekend Monday 28th August.  Based in the gang turf wars of Compton, this gas and spring only day will see the Bloods and Crips trying to evade the LAPDs SWAT team while engaging in various criminal activities.  A 16+ specialist event, tickets are limited and can be bought on the website.

1990s Black Gold – "Operation GreenBelt"

Coming up in August is the first Event in our new series based in the fictional state of Suhud in the Middle East in the early 1990s.  After a military coup, there are rumours that the new government is trading oil to the Soviets for nuclear warheads.  With the UN being refused requests to inspect the Suhud’s military assets and intelligence suggesting that WMDs may be posing a threat to surrounding nations, NATO has decided to send a short and fast strike to find and disable any potential threats in the region.  12th & 13th August.  See website for more details and to book.

(Gunman Airsoft)

Military 1st A-TACS AU camo sale

Military 1st are having a short sale on A-TACS AU camo:

Military 1st A-TACS AU camo Sale!

We offer 10% off all tactical clothing and combat gear in A-TACS AU camouflage with Discount Code ATACSAU17.

A-TACAS AU Sale 2017 Instagram

Visit our website today and save on army uniforms, camouflage backpacks and shoulder bags, combat gear and more!

The UK customers: http://mil1.st/A-TACSAUUK

The rest of the world: http://mil1.st/A-TACSAUUS

Hurry up: this special offer ends 16 July 2017, midnight. Includes all items in A-TACS AU camouflage pattern. Excludes sale items.

Free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the United States and Ireland. Competitive overseas shipping rates.

(Military 1st)

A2 Supplies midweek update

A2 Supplies have received a delivery from Ares:

Thats right Aries fans! We’ve just had a huge re-stock of Ares products in store here at A2!

For those of you looking for a new Primary weapons we have restocked our collection of Ares AEG’s, Amoebas and Honey Badgers!


Striker Sniper Rifles are also back! Ready for some long distance engagements! An excellent choice if you are after something modular, lightweight and reliable! Currently available in Black, OD And Grey!


Alongside all of these Rifles we’ve also received a accessories galore! Magazines, Grips, Smart Control Units and much much more! All ready to kit out your Rifles to let you dominate out in the field!


See something you’re after? Come visit us in store! Or Check it out over on our website over at www.a2supplies.co.uk

qMpJU_Tkpm9X_MX-HuduzN2keZM3mTA2 Supplies Ltd
We at A2 Supplies aspire to bring you the best choice of equipment for Film & TV Props & Clothing, Outdoor & Tactical Equipment & Clothing, Airsoft and Live Action Roleplay! We are based in Reading, Berkshire and we aim to be the go to shop for a wide variety of products that can be used generally, for hobbies and in Film/Theatre. Our in-store opening times are: Mon Closed Tue 10:00 17:30 Wed 10:00 17:30 Thur 10:00 19:30 Fri 10:00 17:30 Sat 10:00 17:30 Sun 10:00 15:00

(A2 Supplies)

New release hot products at eHobbyAsia

eHobbyAsia have some new items in stock:

Forum New template 11072017

1.LCT LCK47 AEG (Limited Version)

2.LCT LTS Keymod 13.5 Inch AEG

3.Well R4 Airsoft AEG

4.G&P WOK M4A1 GBB Kit


6.ARMY MEU Wilson Special GBB

7.Kokusai M36 Metal Model Gun

8.Burris Fullfield Illuminated Riflescope


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