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15% off online @RedWolf Airsoft

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

New Arrival: XCR Micro AEG From VFC. Get Yours Now Today!


vMQLybtDa-Nsnk_vyWcCaTRMH4uIXDYA4Q7EkuVWChtR1pdJTMcXvotrjSXCAqImg5D_um2PAP_Jfdc8PhgJwrtw0l5wlxkGLM8A5j0yXbQ13pGwosTcYvVundRc0Ao=s0-d-e1-ftAirsoft Surgeon Magpul Metal Man AR
The Magpul Metal Man AR is based on an Inokatsu M4 GBBR Series and known for its reliable gas blow back system in the airsoft market.


kMMEB5JaVd79D0cBKveyOBC8Ja1mlmfE9CJE9iVsDrFG-oJfNJ2PdsXa_XJd06tKgxiRNgWKny6_lw_zYPRup1Fn7MhK-JKMTlLHiX6KCOoEGHxoAj-y_IlbA09pWk1O=s0-d-e1-ftVFC Avalon Leopard CQB/Carbine AEG – Red
The VFC Avalon Leopard Carbine AEG – Red, comes with a full metal body and high quality Avalon engravings.

SpyEv-jQipZOqAJDYEv3mOzma2REK4nx8E2XA-qfhxyO-QwFb_h4p_3sWXxgep8AvDUxqJWY4WQSudipsafl2ch0VOuujYkb0ODwRUS17KTRedQQ0uYqlWW_HWS7YAHU=s0-d-e1-ftPTS Mega Arms MML MATEN AR-10 GBBR
The PTS Mega Arms MML MATEN Gas Blowback Rifle replicates the very distinctive looking Mega Arms MML AR-10 platform.


cwGAY2yvxVfvdT3XEFJJTsA6bK5PHmjP8PxavyNPflA5x_ti6SWvLv4zkD7eZp0KM73uoHSW6hOHdItBZTPDGAL78h-EjCMGYH4gLe-qjElKypYoSrR0hmHa3GgIh15v=s0-d-e1-ftVFC VR635 DX GBBR – Black
The VFC VR635 DX is an AR / M4 based GBBR platform with an overall length of 650mm when the stock is fully closed.

8Z_oCQLD1n6vfdRmHm7ECewQgA2I_cbbfbaTwRkgc4HvlSLaVcgJEmEX3FKgr810Y8ZqyAcZjxDfIxwR2sTRBSOZdwiQ7AZP8rp95Ay72DKv4jWV_von7_k4_uICi0-g=s0-d-e1-ftVFC XCR MICRO AEG – Black
The Micro configuration of the XCR is ideal for diplomatic protection or deployment from vehicles and small spaces.


BXB_2Q1Xjrp835cf14nwvS41aP_nKP80oubR0LcdPawziYhteCAxppObTg23-0UferCg1W3tmeqr3n3C5NA2JUT0DmeSnPFT9SERC7qYf15ZrlG5B4xdLoXWVptNZkfh=s0-d-e1-ftVFC XCR MICRO AEG – Urban Gray
The Micro configuration of the XCR is ideal for diplomatic protection or deployment from vehicles and small spaces.


(RedWolf Airsoft)

Military 1st Easter sale

Military 1st are having an Easter sale:

Military 1st Easter Sale!

Military 1st gives you 15% off everything with a special discount code EASTER17

Easter Sale 2017 Fb

Hurry up: offer ends 18 April 2017, midnight. Excludes sale items.

(Military 1st)

Airsoft GI: Classic Army M132 micro gun overview

Airsoft GI have been taking a close look at the new Classic Army M132 Micro-Gun:

The Classic Army M132 Micro Gun is a beast! You can find all the hot details in this video – and preorder information can be found here! Don’t snooze -with the amount of features jammed into the M132, they’ll be moving quick!

(Airsoft GI)

LCT Airsoft: LTS-Keymod 13.5-9.5 video

LCT Airsoft have shared a new product video:

(LCT Airsoft)

DEPSOC clothing & gear available from 0241Tactical

0241Tactical are stocking DEPSOC products:

DEPSOC Clothing and gear available from 0241Tactical.com!

DEPSOC – Stand Out While Blending In!


DEPSOC360 Camouflage Technology is based on a limited number of basic principles that together take advantage of the visual system’s weaknesses. Particularly in natural environments, the brain detects common shapes like the human silhouette more quickly than other visual indicators like subtle color variations. For this reason, shape obfuscation is the primary design principle. These common shapes act as a primary trigger to object recognition. Once the shape is recognized, the eyes fixate on the object and are then able to see the more subtle secondary triggers or other unnatural aspects of the pattern. Complex shapes like a human silhouette are made of many common shapes or combinations of shapes. The cruciform shape of the head and shoulders, legs, and arms are all shapes that are distinctive, symmetrical, and common. Once the shape is identified, the mind begins to look for other common associations to the shape that help confirm its identity. The most effective way to avoid shape recognition is to break up the perimeter outline of the target silhouette and match the scale, shape, color, and resolution of the camouflage pattern elements to the background texture. DEPSOC360 camouflage is designed in layers, starting with solid base colors that represent the finest textures of the Military Operating Environment (MOE) and multiple layers of large asymmetric shapes that are typical of the natural scale and shape of the background texture, but not necessarily specific. These pattern elements and textures mimic the natural shapes in the environment and break up the form to be concealed with larger shapes of varying contrast. This causes the viewer to focus on the shapes within the pattern rather than the underlying form itself. The finer textures and shapes give the pattern short range effectiveness, and the larger shapes ensure that the pattern is visible at long ranges.

DEPSOC Boonie CoverDEPSOC Match Cap


Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 15 2017

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

We had another awesome weekend at Tuddenham with incredibly hot weather for April.  Quality of play was once again at a high standard from everyone.

This weekend we are taking a break from airsoft.  Doug is also on holiday for the next two weeks, meaning Josh will be running all of the Gunman stuff in addition to his usual admin, so please bear with us if it takes a little longer than usual to respond to your enquiries.

Next weekend we are back at Eversley for an Easter special game – see the Facebook event page for details of the story.

After that it’s the end of month weekend, and we’re looking to make it a spectacular one!  Not only will we have the usual skirmish madness on the Saturday and Sunday, but we are also running our first night game of the year on Saturday night, as well as a special gas and spring only day on the bank holiday Monday!  We will also have the BBQ on the go on both the Saturday and Sunday evenings as well as the big screen on for movies.


Josh Smith

Night Game At Tuddenham

We have decided to get the guys from Team Green in to run night games this year so that Doug can concentrate on the BBQ and movies.  They have been running some excellent themed weekends at Tuddenham now for several months and we can guarantee that you’ll love their prop-heavy games.

Night games will be £10 if paid in advance via the website or £15 on the day.  Numbers will be limited, so make sure you book early.

Gas & Spring Only CQB day at Tuddenham

On the bank holiday, Monday 1st May we will be putting on a one-off gas and spring only day at Tuddenham.  Numbers will be limited to 30 players maximum and will cost £15 if bought in advance via the website.  Any spare spaces on the day will cost £25 or £20 with a valid discount voucher.

We have a limited number of rental weapons available at £15 these MUST be booked in advance.

(Gunman Airsoft)

Airsoft Pal: the “best airsoft guns” & “best airsoft pistols”

Airsoft Pal have two new articles on airsoft weapons:

Airsoftpal have been busy bees lately.

Liam has recently finished writing two separate articles on the best airsoft guns and the best airsoft pistols!

Check out his articles and strap in as you explore the intricacies of springers vs AEG’s, Gas pistols vs spring pistols and more!

(Airsoft Pal)

Great savings from eHobbyAsia.com

Here is all the latest news from eHobbyAsia:

Forum New template 12042017

Great Saving from eHobbyAsia.com


2.Armorer Works Double Barrel GBB

3.Angry Gun 1911 Custom GBB

4.Kokusai Combat Model Gun

5.Marushin Nambu Model GBB

6.Tanaka M360 Gas Revolver

7.Holosun Solar Power Reflex Sight

8.Armorer Works Hi-Capa GBB


0’20 Magazine April issue out now

0’20 Magazine have released their April issue:


April’s issue of 0′20 Magazine is now available! We have interviewed the Team Diablo, we have opened and reviewed a lot of great replicas such as the LCT RPD, the APS APM40… We have talked with one of the guys of the moment, JAY Design, and we have tried the new Secutor Velites shotguns to tell you our experience. And much, much more, but you should discover the rest by yourself in the magazine.


As always you can find some hard copies in your usual shop or read the digital version directly in your mobile or in your computer. ALWAYS FREE! Always for you, airsofters!


(0’20 Magazine)

Condor Cipher pants at Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the Condor Cipher pants they are stocking:

Condor Cipher Pants are available now at Military 1st.

Breathable and lightweight Condor Cipher Pants are made of quick-drying stretch fabric and come with elastic waistband, gusseted crotch, and articulated knees for improved manoeuvrability and comfort of wearing throughout the day.

Moreover, two front pockets, small pocket inside right front pocket, two back pockets, two gadget pockets at the back and a single zipper pocket on the right leg offer enough space to carry everyday essentials.

Designed for the urban operator in mind, Condor Cipher Pants are also perfect for hiking, travel and everyday wear.


Find out more at Military 1st online store at http://mil1.st/COCIPA

Free UK delivery and returns! Competitive overseas shipping rates.

Don’t forget we give you 10% off entire Condor Outdoor range with #Discount Code CONDOR17. (Ends 12 April, midnight. Excludes sale items).

(Military 1st)

Chris Costa in Atlanta – firearms training

Airsoft Atlanta have shared more details for the upcoming Chris Costa events in Atlanta:

Chris Costa in Atlanta

The Costa Ludus team will be holding a private firearms training workshop in Atlanta May 19-21st.  This is a live-fire real firearms training course for advanced students.  This is not for beginner shooters.  A 3 day workshop starting a live-fire range just outside Atlanta for two days, then a 3rd final day at Power Ops airsoft field in Atlanta, GA.  VCQB and other training.  For more information, click the image below.  There will be a private airsoft event going on the same weekend.  More details TBD later.


Costa Ludus Training

A 3-day workshop for advanced students.  Limited to 20 max students.  Cost is $750 / 3 days, plus range fees.

Students are required to bring their own firearm to the live-range, plus ammo, and other gear.  See link for details.

For More Information and to Sign Up

OO6RAWRfc4YkpH_bt8fTEMRY3Mvgt6About Costa Ludus

Prior to founding Costa Ludus in 2011, Chris Costa spent 4 years as the President of Magpul Dynamics. Before founding Magpul Dynamics, Costa spent 7 years in the private sector at Applied Marine Technologies Inc. (AMTI) on assignment with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Risk Management Division (RMD). At AMTI, Costa specialized in teaching Police Tactical Assault Operations for both Maritime and Critical Infrastructure take-back. Costa also provided Red Team Vulnerability Assessments on critical infrastructures for the US Government. Prior to this, Costa spent 12 years with the United States Coast Guard, conducting counter-drug operations and special missions in Europe, the Middle East, and South America with such units as: the International Training Division (ITD), Maritime Law Enforcement Academy, Plank-Owner of Port Security Unit 302, and the Taclet Law Enforcement Team North.

(Airsoft Atlanta)

Airsoft GI $.01 vertical grip deal

Airsoft GI have a new $0.01 deal:

You guys loved our $.01 Sling Deal so much, we sold out! Hundreds of slings provided to the community for just the cost of shipping. Hope you guys dig em!

BUT WE’RE NOT DONE. Up next? $.01 vertical grips! Yours for just S&H. Check ‘em out!

(Airsoft GI)

KRYTAC sign exclusive US distribution deal with Evike.com

Krytac products will now be distributed in the US by Evike:

KRYTAC Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Evike.com
Evike.com will become Exclusive Distributor in the U.S. for KRYTAC®

April 10, 2017 – Brea, California, United States - KRISS USA, a leading manufacturer and distributor of small arms and training replicas, has signed an exclusive agreement for the U.S. market with Evike.com, a world leading distributor of airsoft training equipment, for the distribution of KRYTAC® products. Evike.com will be offering the full range of KRYTAC® replicas and accessories to retailers and end users, along with providing customer service and warranty support, beginning April 10, 2017.

“Evike.com has been an invaluable retail partner since the beginning of KRYTAC®, we’re looking forward to continuing with them as a distribution partner to better serve our customers,” states Peter Ching, CEO of KRISS USA Inc. “This new synergy is a key part of our strategy for KRYTAC® as we concentrate our efforts on branding, R&D, and product development, to bring exciting new products to the market.”

“We are honored to have been appointed as the Exclusive Distributor of KRYTAC® for the U.S.A.” states Evike Chang, CEO of Evike.com Inc. “In less than three years, we have witnessed the rise of KRYTAC® to be referenced today as a world-class leader in the premium airsoft market through its dedication to innovation, out-of-the-box performance, and quality. We look forward to working closely with the KRYTAC® team at KRISS USA as they contribute to support the growth of the airsoft community.”

For more information on KRYTAC®, please visit www.krytac.com. For more information on Evike.com, please visit www.evike.com.


Ares Amoeba EMG Sharp Bros. Hellbreaker receiver M4s

Dave’s Custom Airsoft Ltd have the new Ares Amoeba EMG licenced Sharp Bros. Hellbreaker receiver M4s in stock:

NEW IN !!!! The Seriously Special Ares Amoeba EMG Licenced Sharp Bros. Hellbreaker Receiver M4s In Black & Tan, 7" / 10" and 15" Versions. In Typical Dave’s Custom Style You Can Choose to have Your Hellbreaker Jaws Handpainted as we have done before in the picture below (you can chose your own colour options / Style too), This is not to be missed, Get Your Rifle On this link


(Dave’s Custom Airsoft Ltd)

Military 1st special offers 10th April 2017

Here are this week’s special offers at Military 1st:

Discover this week’s special offers at Military 1st online store!

Up to 20% off selected items.

Limited time only – while stocks last!

511 Sierra Softshell RealTree Xtra Sale instaBioLite NanoGrid Sale instaHighlander Voyager Lite Sleeping Bag Dusk Gunmetal Sale instaMFH Hunter T-shirt Hunter Green Sale instaSwiss Eye Constance Sunglasses - Smoke BW Revo   Orange Clear Lens Crystal Blue Frame Sale instaUS Jungle Combat Boots Black Sale instaWisport Raccoon 85L Rucksack A-TACS AU Sale insta

Find out more at http://bit.ly/Military1stSale

Free UK delivery and returns. Competitive overseas shipping rates.

(Military 1st)

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