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Airsoft International celebrates 10 year and a whole lot of “like-age”

Paul at Airsoft International has dropped us an email with the attached image. In short to celebrate 10 years in print and their huge Facebook following of 100K likes they are offering ten back issues for £10:


Airsoft International: Shock Grenade and pull cord wind-up AEG magazine

Stefano (Airsoft International) has sent in news of two new products they have in, a new shock grenade and a pull cord windup magazine:

First products, are the new grenades developed by A.P.S. in cooperation with HAKKOTSU, distributed by A.S.I. srl as Official European Distributor.

This incredible grenade is functioning as a booby trap. A player who walks past and touches the wire connected with the grenade, will make it explode. The victim has no way to escape and no chance to react, thus shocking he/she by the loud noise.


The TB-05 has a very short detonation time. After our testing, this grenade can usually explode in less than a second.

The white line on the shell is the break point. User can control the direction where the BB and powder fly by this line.

The TB-05 Shock Grenade has double safety pin design. So you don’t need to worry about the grenade explode when setting up the trap.

Another important news is the M4/M16 series high capacity magazines with the new WIND UP system, products from us and branded Airsoft International.


The magazines are full metal and have the fast load system (defined WIND UP) operated by a wire and allows less than 5 seconds to completely preload the 375 BB’s magazine

Stefano (Airsoft International)

Urban Assault 5 man competition: Few spaces left

There’s only a few places left for the Urban Assault 5 man competition. Here’s a reminder in from Frank:

Urban Assault 5 man competition. In association with Airsoft International
Sat 2nd April

>>> A few places still left <<<


(Urban Assault)

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AI500: website now live

The AI500 website is now live, here’s the press release from Paul:

Hey guys is now live all players that have paid their deposits please make your way over to the forum to register.

Players that have made multiple bookings please contact with the players names in your party and their email addresses.


This is a player ONLY forum and non registered players will not be granted access.

Paul, (Airsoft International)

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