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Airsoftology: Elite Force 1911 A1 Tactical – A Killer CO2 Airsoft Pistol

Airsoftology have a review of the Elite Force 1911 A1 Tactical CO2 pistol up:

Airsoftology’s review of the +Elite Force Airsoft  1911 TAC is Up!


Airsoftology: KWA Kriss Vector Live Fire and Chrono

AS_Logo_Color_320x320Airsoftology have posted a video where they have tried out the latest prototype of the KWA KRISS and they’ve highlighted the changes and differences:

Jonathan had a chance to visit the KWA USA offices in California last week, and was lucky to be the first person outside the company to demo the new V2 prototype of the KWA Kriss Vector; and unlike the prototypes up until now, it’s the FULLY OPERATIONAL version!

Watch as we demo the 2 round burst feature, shoot full auto, run it through a chrono test, and finish with an accuracy test…. plus we show you what’s changed in the latest prototype from the original version. (Airsoftology)

Airsoftology Radio #51: "Come on Irene"

It’s my fault as I should have spotted sooner; Airsoftology have a new show online:

Airsoftology Radio #51: "Come on Irene"
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 00:00 Written by Jonathan

The guys return with tales from Somalia from Op:Irene IX, discuss airsoft workouts, and talk about the biggest celebrity divorce to hit the MilSim world.

Audio Version Here:
iPad /iPhone playback click here, or for download right click HERE and choose "save as"

Big thanks to our show sponsor: Airsoft Barracks.  Check out their site for Holiday 2011 deals, with everything in the store 15.1% off!

Shout Outs
1. John Lu, Chuck Link and all of the Op:Irene Staff for letting us shove our camera’s in their faces for an entire weekend.
2. The teams we met at the event, including Helldog and the rest of the guys on the Hoodbreed Tactical Milsim team. (mention tomahawk)
3. All 105 of you that made it out to the first Airsoftology game!!! If you missed it don’t worry, the next one is on Dec 4th, 2011 at the Bad Karma Field in Lebanon, TN
4. Willi Reithofer – We missed crediting you as a runner up for the caption contest last show’s notes…yes, we suck.

Caption Winner from Show #50
imageCongratulations to Josh S.  with the winning entry:

The all new BattlePack from Midgets With Guns! Just pull the cord and one of our 24/7 operators will pop out and destroy your enemies with Biovals sprinkled with pixie dust.

Runners up:

1. Ellis McD – Apparently, I’m his Avatar
2.  Corey W. (aka Snubs) – Airsoft Vocabulary: "Wearsofter"  -  Someone who is either carried or "worn" on the skirmish field because they are either too lazy or too cool to walk on their own.
3. David P. and Kelly O’B with – Master Blaster Runs bartertown.


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