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X-Fire: VSR-10 MOD stock released and 6.08 barrels in stock

x-firelogoX-Fire launched two new updates today, there’s a new stock for the VSR-10 and they now have a new stock of 6.08 barrels back in which are available in any length:

Dear Sir,

Today I have a big announcement.

Finally we updated last prototype info about VSR-10 MOD stock.e.develop_stock

This page will introduce some points,next information is when we decide the price & release day.

Please introduce to worldwide VSR-10 player! This is what they want for long year.


Also we have restock 6.08 stainless steel barrel,now you can buy any size what you want.


Tomo, (X-Fire)

Spring Lock: new M24 barrels

Spring Lock have two new barrels out for the M24:

Dear Sir


PDI ,X-FIRE and SPRING LOCK start from today.

We have a new PDI products & want to introduce them to everyone.

  1. RAVEN 01+ Inner Barrel for SNOW WOLF M24
  2. RAVEN 01+ Inner Barrel for A&K M2


This is new challenge for PDI because we’ve made upgrades for Classic Army M24 only.

So PDI will start to make many upgrades for various manufactures.
This is a just 1st impact for everyone &  determination for us !!

BEST REGARDS, (Spring Lock)

DeepFire PTW Barrel

DeepFire are well known for their upgraded barrels and are now making barrels for the PTW range:

Deepfire Airsoft guns and inner barrel for PTW series can improve your shooting range

DeepFire precision inner barrels for PTW series make it possible for the Airsofters to install in both AEGs and PTWs. These inner barrels for PTW series have been using the latest technology in precision barrel manufacturing for several years. A barrel spacer is available in the package that allows installing the AEG barrel on PTW series. A chamber sleeve is one of the DeepFire new Hop-Up system components and it is also common for the PTWs.


You have no doubt experienced the performance with our precision barrels. For more information, please visit our official website at Products > Custom Parts – Barrel > [DF-CPB27] to [DF-CPB34] or contact us at (852)2610-2788. (DeepFire)

Madbull Video: Daniel Defense 4.0 Lite Rail KIT

Madbull Airsoft have sent out some details of their funky Daniel Defense RIS rail kit. Check out their pocket rocket:

The fully licensed Daniel Defense RIS II 4.0" free-floating rail system is designed to for all CQB situations. The Daniel Defense RIS II 4.0 is an innovative upgrade to the M4 CQB arena allowing the shortest profile to date from Madbull Airsoft.
The 4.0 RIS II Rail Kit INCLUDES a 4" outer barrel and Black Python tight bore. The 4.0 Kit is sold as a complete set.



• Free Floating Barrel Design
• Uninterrupted Upper Rail Platform
• Aluminum T6 6061
• Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny Rails
•Matte Black Oxide Finish Available
•Flat Dark Earth Finish Available


Results tests places MadBull Barrels at No1

Mad Bull (Mad Bull Airsoft) has sent in the results of some tests that Kotte Zeller have run on their products. I’ll leave it for them to explain the findings:


Our Germany distributor, KOTTE ZELLER, mailed this magazine published in Germany. (Thanks Laila)

Our barrel rank top ONE compared to 19 other different brands, including CA, KA, DB Custom, KM, Kyou, G&G, Deep Fire, PDI, Systema, Prometheus, JBU, King Barrels, Element, and others.

I know we invest a lot of money on developing our Blackpython tightbore barrels but I still can’t believe our barrel is that good.


This German magazine using ZEISS PRISMO 3-D navigator to test all barrels and our barrel is the top ranking.

Special thanks to Dr. Lee, the inventor of the barrel and Mr. Wu, the engineer of the barrel.

Also thanks to KOTTE ZELLER and Without you, I, (we) never know our barrels are listed on top!

See detail data, check here: (PDF 4MB)

Yours, MadBull (Mad Bull Airsoft)

PDI / X-FIRE, new releases

PDI / X-Fire have sent in the following news about their new products:


“Koutetsu Rifling Outer Barrel Set” for Tokyo Marui M1911A1.


VSR-10 Precision Cylinder Set (PDI / X-Fire)

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