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Tornado Bluetooth Chronograph

In at GunFire is the latest version of the Tornado chronograph, now with bluetooth. Crumbs I remember sitting there years ago with an old paintball chrono and a spreadsheet to record and read data off for reviews!

The latest version of the Tornado chronograph is equipped with a Bluetooth 2.0 module that allows you to connect the device with a dedicated application and control functions with your phone. The product has a clear LCD and is powered by a 400mAh battery. (GunFire)

Full specs on their page or after the break.

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Airsoftology: KWA Kriss Vector Live Fire and Chrono

AS_Logo_Color_320x320Airsoftology have posted a video where they have tried out the latest prototype of the KWA KRISS and they’ve highlighted the changes and differences:

Jonathan had a chance to visit the KWA USA offices in California last week, and was lucky to be the first person outside the company to demo the new V2 prototype of the KWA Kriss Vector; and unlike the prototypes up until now, it’s the FULLY OPERATIONAL version!

Watch as we demo the 2 round burst feature, shoot full auto, run it through a chrono test, and finish with an accuracy test…. plus we show you what’s changed in the latest prototype from the original version. (Airsoftology)

YZH Skirmish launch E9900-V Chronograph

Chloe, (YZH Skirmish Co. ltd) have sent over details of the E9900-v chronograph:


Function parameters

E9900-V can measures the speed and Kinetic energy of bullets, arrow, shtgun-pellets, airgun-pellets and paintballs, etc. – from 15-2000m/s(50-7000FPS) and with better than 99.7% accuracy.


Also, it can testing the machine guns firing speed .

IMG_0725Testing scope:

  • Firing speed 0-2400 bullets/minute(0-40bullets/second)
  • Muzzle velocity 15―2000 meters/second(50―7000feet/second)
  • Firing kinetic energy 0-3000J
  • 1M high firing horizontal range 0―1000 meters (0―3200feet)
  • Precision testing error≤0.5%
  • Work voltage DC9V
  • Temperature of work conditions 0℃~+50℃
  • External dimension 348 × 107 × 66 MM
  • Weight of the instrument 1000g

A standard camera tripod can be installed to the instrument.

Chloe, (YZH Skirmish Co. ltd)

Mad Bull Chrono, available again! (review available)

Mad Bull Airsoft have sent in word that their chronograph is available again and sent over a copy of a review done by AirsoftInternational on chronos:


MadBull Chrono available again. Quantity is very limited.

MSRP is only $99 USD. (Different countries may different due to custom and currency.)

Recent Review: Airsoft International Review:

MADBULL Chrono-01

MadBull get 5 out of 5 stars! (Full scores!)

MadBull’s Chrono is the smallest chrono. MadBull’s chrono is more accurate than others!

See link here. Best Regards, Mad Bull Airsoft

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