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Gladstones Boots

Gladstones Boots have some offers on really affordable boots if you don’t fancy splurging on a brand new pair of Lowas:

Decent footwear does not have to cost you a £100+

We have a whole range of Top Quality boots at less than £40.

All with next day delivery.

Stay Safe

Bob Gladstone, (Gladstones Boots)

Gladstone Boots – newsletter 30JAN16

Bob at Gladstone Boots (you can also find them on Facebook) has sent over a new newsletter with their latest deals which I’ve included below:



(Gladstone Boots)

New offers and stock at Gladstone Boots

Dob over at Gladstone Boots has a new style of SWAT boots:

Just a quick message to say that we still have some great bargains on the website :

We have some new waterproof boots and Original SWAT have introduced a new Safety boot with a side zip.


Also our range of Police Tactical boots has 3 styles for just £39.99


Plus all of our equipment has been reduced to the lowest prices ever !!

Stay safe & warm
Bob Gladstone, (Gladstone Boots)

Gladstone Boots–here to help with hot feet

I need to order some new boots so this is a handy reminder to me! Bob (Gladstone Boots) has some breathable boots in stock if people are interested. These include the PT01:Tactical Boot at £39.99 and my favourite SWAT Boots:

Hot Feet?

What you are wanting is some nice new BREATHABLE boots.
We have them on the website from as little as Thirty Four Pounds.


Also there are a couple of Special Offers running from today to Monday.

So please come and see us at:

Stay Safe, Bob & Kellie Gladstone, (Gladstone Boots)

Gladstone Boots: Weekend Special – Save £15

Bob has a special on our favourite boots:

Just a quick e mail to let you know we are running £15 off the SWAT Side Zip boot on the website over the weekend.
Monday they will go back to the normal price.


Have a great weekend

Bob Gladstone, (Gladstone Boots)

Gladstone’s latest SWAT boot discount offer

Bob has a new deal on my favourite brand of boots, with £15 knocked off the 1152 model from SWAT. Here’s the link/details:

We have tactical boots from £34 and we have managed to negotiate a great deal on the Original SWAT Side Zip Boot which means we have reduced the selling price by £15.00.

Follow this LINK :-

Please tell your friends to check out our website. Have a great day and I hope that the sun is shining where you are :)

Bob Gladstone, (Gladstone Boots)
Direct Line – 01621 778 900

From Gladstone Boots – 2 things to tell you about today

I have bought my boots from Bob at Gladstone Boots for many years so can’t recommend him enough (especially the side zip SWAT boots):

Hi Guys, I thought before we go into WINTER mode and start telling you all about our waterPROOF boots I would share the latest promotion that we have running.

Original SWAT side zip boot has 20% Off – Dropping the price to just £60. [Saving you £14.99] Whilst stocks last !


Also we have a new Facebook page with a rather sad 20 likes – If anyone wants to share/like I would be most grateful – Thank you.


Stay warm and safe people.

Bob Gladstone, (Gladstone Boots)

Footwear offers on Magnum/SWAT at Gladstone Boots

Bob at Gladstone Boots has sent out an update (I’ve just ordered a new set for myself):

Hi all – just a quick reminder that we have a sale on the Magnum Boots.
Stock is going fast and we are going to run out soon – so grab a bargain before the price goes back up.

Magnum Classic -  £56.99  rrp £65.00
Magnum Cobra  Waterproof Boot – £74.99   rrp £90.00
Magnum Cobra With Side Zip Boot – £82.99   rrp £99.00


Plus we have the SWAT AIR boot running at £59.99 Reduced From £74.99

All these offers will be ending soon as stock levels are very low.
Stay warm people

Bob Gladstone, (Gladstone Boots)

Gladstone Boots: SWAT 1234 offer – £15 off 2 days left!

A quick reminder from Gladstone Boots:

Just a quick e mail to reminder.

The special offer that we have been running on the waterproof SWAT 1234 at £15 off is due to end in a couple of days.


This has been a terrific special offer – Probably the highest saving that we have been able to negotiate with a supplier – plus the terrible weather made this a very popular offer with an unprecedented uptake.

We ran out of a few key sizes quite early on, but luckily we managed to secure enough stock to ensure everyone had a good deal.

So if you need a new pair of boots get on the site and have a looksee – and please tell your friends and colleagues.

Offer ends in 2 days !

Thanks, Bob Gladstone, (Gladstone Boots)

Gladstone Boots: Last Day For FREE Delivery

Gladstone’s offer of free delivery ends today, get your SWAT Boots (for example) now to enjoy free delivery:


Gladstone Boots: kit bag offer

Bob (Gladstone Boots) has a new offer on kit bags:

Greetings pop pickers!

Just a quick e mail to tell you about a couple of specials we are running this week on the website :-

Our Gladstone Police Kit Bag is on special at £33.99.


We also have a special offer on selected styles of Original SWAT boots. Discounted prices starting at £43.99.

Full details are on this link [here].

Have a great week. Be Safe

Bob Gladstone, (Gladstone Boots)

Save £10 on SWAT boots at Gladstone Boots

I love SWAT boots (I’ve lost count of the number of pairs I’ve bought over the years). Bob’s at Gladstone boots is still running his £10 off offer:

We have a new shipment of SWAT boots just arrived which means we can keep our £10 off discount running for a while longer.


Also we have a new style the SWAT Force 3050 – which is a great little boot from USA and we have managed to negotiate a lower selling price of just £39.99 !!

They are available right now in sizes Uk 7 – 12.

That is all ! Have a great weekend & stay safe.
Bob Gladstone, (Gladstone boots)

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