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FoxFury: Release of new & improved Scout Clip Light

FoxFury who make those wonderfully dependant lamp units have launched their newly updated clip light:

FoxFury Releases New & Improved Scout Clip Light
Now Available for $39.99!

The Scout is an extremely versatile clip light that serves as a utility light, task light, search light, and more! This durable light is waterproof and meets NFPA fire resistant requirements, so you can rely on it working in extreme environments. It’s lightweight and compact, and the built in J-Clip ensures it stays with you no matter where you go. The Scout comes in either a black or orange exterior with two different LED options; all white or white and red. Watch the Scout demo video here!

Top 3 Features

1. Hands Free Versatility

The Scout’s secure J-Clip allows it to be worn in a variety of ways including on a backpack, pocket, belt, vest, and even molle. The teeth on the inside of the clip ensure it stays in place no matter how rugged the task you need it for, allowing you to work uninterrupted and hands free.

2. See and Be Seen

The Scout is available with two LED options; all white or white and red. White LED models are recommended for users that want to use the Scout primarily for search or inspections while the white & red LED models are recommended for users who want to see and be seen. The red LEDs help preserve night vision in low light conditions. This is useful for tactical night operations, reading a map or paperwork in the dark, or even checking in on the kids without waking them up at night.

The alternating mode on the white and red LED models can be used as a safety beacon as well, alerting others to your position. This could be used during a roadside emergency, a search and rescue operation, or even while riding your bike along a busy road.

3. Durable and Compact

The Scout is designed to be submersible, fire resistant, and impact resistant.
The small, compact design of the Scout means you can take it anywhere without taking up much space. Its low profile sits well on a belt or vest without getting in the way. And the lightweight design means you can throw it in a bag or glove compartment as a task light without any inconvenience.
The Scout is truly a rugged, go anywhere light. Police officers can use it to stay safe on the side of the road. Fire investigators can use it to inspect tight spaces. Fishermen can use it as a safety beacon on the water. Pet owners can use it to walk their dogs late at night. The limits are endless, which makes the Scout the perfect everyday light.

All the best, The FoxFury Team

Leapers: new UTG lamp accessories

Leapers have some new UTG lamp heads out which can be swapped with their current units:

imageIntegral Light Head with 16mm 3V R2 LED, Reflector, circuit board, aluminum head

Item No.: IFH-016
Brand: UTG®

Detail Information:

Integral LED Front End Assembly Replacement Part, Complete with 16mm 3V R2 LED, Reflector, Circuit Board, Aluminum Head

Light Source Type: CREE R2 LED
Voltage(V): 3
Max. Output(Lumens): 120
Battery Operating Time: 1hr+
Reflector Diameter: 16mm

(Leapers )

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