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NAFOM: Airsoft media party SHOT Show 2012


Tim (No Airsoft For Old Men) is  still recovering from SHOT Show, to quote him “I feel like death, run over by a truck and then microwaved. It was a great party.

Like Tim says a big thanks go out to Mark (Dr Airsoft) for all the organisation and all those that backed the event. How did I miss Carlton riding the bull? The chilli must have distracted me!

Click the image for the full post and all the photos:

If 2012 is really the last year the world is going to be around, we can say this was the best party the airsoft media ever had at SHOT Show!

Most of us started the day early, climbing onto some comfortable buses to trek an hour or so outside Las Vegas to the SHOT Show media day.


A mile or so of shooting lines were set up with a cornucopia of firearms.

You could find everything from the newest Barrett to the most recent offering from Umarex in .22 cal (And you got to shoot them, for free!)

I am sure you have seen the multitudes of pictures posted all over the web, I won’t bore you with mine.

Let’s say it was a fun day.

I left early to get back and set up for the media party. We had it set up right off the dance floor inside the Gilley’s country bar in the Treasure Island resort.

Tim (No Airsoft For Old Men)

No Airsoft for NJ?

Over at No Airsoft for Old Men Tim Ellwood has blogged a worrying read about how the law may change in NJ for Airsoft and the legislation amendment in New Jersey which will classify airsoft weapons as firearms:

I know that this is they way it is to a degree in the UK, but it just starting now in the US

Please see my blog post

(No Airsoft for Old Men)

Quote from the site:

Airsoft guns are already restricted in NJ, we have done training evolutions with a navy unit up there in the past and it is always a nightmare traveling up with the training guns and gear.

If you read the bill, it is a clarification, most areas up there already treat them as firearms,  What I take umbrage to is the fact that they are making a law that makes something that’s not a "firearm" into a firearm… (No Airsoft for Old Men)

Click the link to read the rest of the post over there (oh and checkout the Boomstick poster – awesome!). Thanks go to Tim for the heads up.

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