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In from Frog at APS Airsoft is a video of their new EMG Noveske Shorty which I have included below:

EMG NOVESKE GEN.4 10.5″ SBR Shorty airsoft training rifle! See how it’s perform!! 🔥

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APS Noveske Gen4 with eSilver Edge SDU

So what’s better than a Noveske styled rifle? Well one with funky electrics in it and 5 different firing modes all controlled by a swanky new microprocessor and gearbox mechanism. Checkout the latest from APS:

New From Madbull: Noveske MUR-NEW OD and FDE Color / Spikes Tactical M4 metal body

Madbull Airsoft have two new items on their way out; today they’ve released news of their Noveske MUR-NEW OD and FDE Color / Spikes Tactical M4 metal bodies:


Madbull is proud the announce the first Noveske MUR upper receiver and lower receiver combination available for Airsoft.

Noveske MUR upper & lower receiver includes Ultimate Hop-up chamber.

Noveske MUR upper receiver (CNC 6061 Aluminum)
Noveske M4 lower receiver (Casting Aluminum)
Authentic Noveske Rifleworks deep engraving
Noveske Rifleworks is exclusively licensed by Mabdull Airsoft
Noveske Rifleworks is a globally respected rifle maker based in Grants Pass, Oregon. Their first patented design, the Noveske KX3, is the must-have compensator for all Airsoft collectors.
Noveske Rifleworks is also well-known for its stainless steel heavy barrel for accurate shooting.

More info & photos :


Airsoft M4 AR Metal receiver (Fullly licensed trademark)



3D design from scratch (not just copy others)
T6 Aluminum material
Authentic trademark
Deep "CNC" trademark engraving (Not cheap laser engraving)
One world famous MadBull Ultimate Hopup ($40 USD value) with optional LED tracer function
Matte silver steel color pins (decorative)
Compatible with most TM, JG, CA, and Echo1 AR/ M4. (Small modification may needed)
Compatible with all MadBull accessories, including Handguard rails, Outter barrels, Hopup systems, Inner barrels, and receivers.

More info & photos :

(Madbull Airsoft)

Out soon – New Noveske metal body, 100% CNC

Simon (MadBull Airsoft) has mailed in news about their Noveske metal bodies:

Upper only, with Noveske licensed logo.

image001 image002

The following shows the real one looking and the toy one.


More details of Mad Bull Noveske Handguard RAS

Mad Bull Airsoft has sent in more news of their lovely Noveske gear:


Here are some more detailed photos of Noveske Handguard RAS.

Build up your Noveske N4 rifles by using Noveske licensed handguard rail!
No need to say that Noveske Rifleworks is one of the most reliable and reputable rifle manufactures in the world.


The Noveske Rifleworks licensed MadBull free float handguard rail is manufactured for the M4 style Airsoft.

This product is designed for Airsoft and is already blocked the gas pipe tunnel. [Can’t be applied on real rifles]

MadBull licensed Noveske handguard rail is made of 6065 Aluminum and machined from an extrusion.

With hard anodized process, our handguard is more durable and looks better than other toy handguards with black color spray paint.

Other features:
Free float tube provides a continuous top rail
Slots on the rail can be timed to slots on the receiver
Unique mounting system
Overall Length: 10"
Suitable external barrels:
MadBull M733 and MadBull M4 length barrels.
(Others length barrel looks fine too.)
Suitable flash suppressor:
Of course, your first choice will be Noveske KX3 and Noveske KFH.

Mad Bull Airsoft

Coming soon Mad Bull – Noveske KFH amplifier/suppressor

Coming soon from Mad Bull Airsoft, the Noveske KFH amplifier/suppressor:


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