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Gorilla Airsoft Radio #83

Gorilla Airsoft Radio #83 is now out:

Gorilla Airsoft Radio #83 is available for download. In this episode we discuss more SB199 news. We listen to several listener voicemails, and we conclude the show with an after action report of Operation Disposable Hero’s. Enjoy.

(Gorilla Airsoft Radio)

SCDTV – Dboy / Boyi GP25 Grenade Launcher airsoft review

SCDTV have a new video out:

Hi! Here’s SCDTV’s latest review about Dboy / Boyi GP25 Grenade Launcher. Cheers,

Dudek, (SCDTV)

Airsoftology: KWA Kriss Vector Live Fire and Chrono

AS_Logo_Color_320x320Airsoftology have posted a video where they have tried out the latest prototype of the KWA KRISS and they’ve highlighted the changes and differences:

Jonathan had a chance to visit the KWA USA offices in California last week, and was lucky to be the first person outside the company to demo the new V2 prototype of the KWA Kriss Vector; and unlike the prototypes up until now, it’s the FULLY OPERATIONAL version!

Watch as we demo the 2 round burst feature, shoot full auto, run it through a chrono test, and finish with an accuracy test…. plus we show you what’s changed in the latest prototype from the original version. (Airsoftology)

Gorilla Airsoft Radio podcast #56

The latest Gorilla Airsoft Radio podcast is available now:

Gorilla Airsoft Radio #56 is posted and available for download. This week we have SB 1315 news, exploding eye videos, and a review of the OLCMSS Army Birthday game. All this plus more Airsoft Darwin Awards on episode #56 of the Gorilla Airsoft Radio podcast. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Check it out on iTunes or

(Gorilla Airsoft Radio)

Airsoft Medicine: Real-Sim 14Feb2012

imageThe latest episode of Airsoft Medicine is now up and online. It is worrying to hear my own voice on there; and to be fair I live on caffeine and rarely sleep (you’ll have to listen to understand):

Here what Arnie himself wakes up to by listening to Airsoft Medicine.  Dr. Airsoft (Mark Vaughan, M.D.) and Rangemaster Larry discuss "real"-capacity magazine mil-sim airsoft games, and they provide a supplement to the Gear Locker podcast on first-aid kits on today’s Airsoft Medicine Podcast.

(Airsoft Medicine)

Shot Show 2012 Introduction Video by Airsoft Medicine

It’s day one of the Shot Show. Everyone with any sense has their comfy shoes on and some good socks. I’m tucking in to a decent brew in the press room and Dr Airsoft has just emailed me his latest update form the computer 6 feet away!

The following video contains men in costume, partial male nudity and features the consumption of alcoholic beverages. You’ve been warned!

Be sure to monitor their YouTube channel for the latest updates:

Dr. Airsoft of Airsoft Medicine explains navigation using the Shot Show 2012 Playlist or YouTube annotations to view upcoming same-day posted videos of new airsoft products at Shot Show 2012.

We thank Spartan Imports ( and Airsoft Extreme ( for making Airsoft Medicine coverage of Shot Show 2012 possible.  In this video you can see Micah, Ghost and Snake of Beat Down Boogie, Tim Ellwood, Steve from Airsoftology, and Beast from Gorilla Airsoft Radio. (Airsoft Medicine)

Gorilla Airsoft Radio #49 available now

Whilst I’m on the subject of podcasts, Gorilla Airsoft Radio #49 is now online:

Gorilla Airsoft Radio #49

Our end of the year show. We discuss " The year in Airsoft 2011", and predictions for 2012.

Direct Download: CLICK HERE>>

(Gorilla Airsoft Radio)

The Gear Locker’ Podcast episode #2 – Winter Up!

imageEric’s reminded me that the second episode of their new podcast is now online at The Gear Locker:

The Gear Locker’s New Podcast – Winter Up!

In this, our second episode, we tackle the issue of playing in the cold “off season.” We’ll talk about the ins and outs of staying comfy and extending your airsoft season, like:
– Base garments
– Layering
– A few tips and tricks for keeping yourself up and active


Here are some of the sites that you can find links to on the Show Notes page:

Darn Tough
EMS base layers
Cabelas socks
OTB boots
Converse Waterproof boots
Danner Ft Lewis
HSGI Marsupial pouch
LBT insulated hydration carrier

(The Gear Locker)

Airsoftology Radio #51: "Come on Irene"

It’s my fault as I should have spotted sooner; Airsoftology have a new show online:

Airsoftology Radio #51: "Come on Irene"
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 00:00 Written by Jonathan

The guys return with tales from Somalia from Op:Irene IX, discuss airsoft workouts, and talk about the biggest celebrity divorce to hit the MilSim world.

Audio Version Here:
iPad /iPhone playback click here, or for download right click HERE and choose "save as"

Big thanks to our show sponsor: Airsoft Barracks.  Check out their site for Holiday 2011 deals, with everything in the store 15.1% off!

Shout Outs
1. John Lu, Chuck Link and all of the Op:Irene Staff for letting us shove our camera’s in their faces for an entire weekend.
2. The teams we met at the event, including Helldog and the rest of the guys on the Hoodbreed Tactical Milsim team. (mention tomahawk)
3. All 105 of you that made it out to the first Airsoftology game!!! If you missed it don’t worry, the next one is on Dec 4th, 2011 at the Bad Karma Field in Lebanon, TN
4. Willi Reithofer – We missed crediting you as a runner up for the caption contest last show’s notes…yes, we suck.

Caption Winner from Show #50
imageCongratulations to Josh S.  with the winning entry:

The all new BattlePack from Midgets With Guns! Just pull the cord and one of our 24/7 operators will pop out and destroy your enemies with Biovals sprinkled with pixie dust.

Runners up:

1. Ellis McD – Apparently, I’m his Avatar
2.  Corey W. (aka Snubs) – Airsoft Vocabulary: "Wearsofter"  -  Someone who is either carried or "worn" on the skirmish field because they are either too lazy or too cool to walk on their own.
3. David P. and Kelly O’B with – Master Blaster Runs bartertown.


Read the rest of this entry »

Podcasts and community site from

Art from has sent in two news pieces from his crew:

I wanted to email you about the Airsoft Milsim Training Podcast, it is a relatively new podcast updated at least once a month. Its soul purpose is to cover tactical and field craft training that is broken down in an understandable manner for new and old Airsofters alike. It is available through I-Tunes, and RSS feed directly from the site, which can be found here :


The podcast is open to questions comments or ideas on tactics and training that any one would be interested in learning.

The second update is about their community site:

image – A Community for Airsoft Teams.

Network with other teams and players throughout the U.S. to set up games, advertise events and organize league play. New features such as a state organized team directory and editable event calendar. Please give us feedback on new functions you would like to see or features that we can implement to make this site more useful. Individual team pages as well as personal pages available. to sign up for free simply go to the following site:

Thanks again! Art L.
Airsoft Milsim Training Podcast Moderator

OPSEC Airsoft Radio – Episode 104 posted

Episode 104 of OPSEC Airsoft Radio is now up:

Hey Arnie,

We’re back with another rousing episode of the podcast only a mother could love. We expanded a bit on the Combat Photographer role with an interview with Aussie Ken, a photographer who was embedded with the US Army during operations in Iraq. We talked about how we can twist the role to fit an airsoft game as well as the impression needed to pull the role off. With the ever growing number of airsoft manufactures, we thought it would be interesting to cover brand loyalty when it comes to guns and gear. An interesting yet fun night was had by all. 104 has been posted and for those interested, the show is available for download via iTunes (search for “opsec” in the Music Store: Link) or via direct download at the below link:

*Episode 104*
– Special Guest: Fisch
– National Airsoft Events
– New Items of Interest
– Main Topic: Know Your Roll; Combat Photographer
– Weather From On High
– Sub Topic: Brand Loyalty
– Shameless Plugs
*Right Click to Download*
43.2MB, 1h:47m:51s
Show Notes: Link

Cheers, Radar, (OPSEC Airsoft Radio)

DeadRag Radio – episode 11

DeadRag Radio have got their 11th episode online, here’s the details:

Episode 11 is up!

For this episode’s guest, we have Jeremy Hendricks better known as Booligan on Airsoft Retreat. For those of you that don’t frequent ASR, he does reviews of a large majority of the new products in the airsoft world and has intimate knowledge of vendors and gear.

Plus, this episodes gear review is packed. We cover, the CASV rail system from Dboys, the NC Star gen II tactical scope, the HFC Dark Hawk pistol, the Unicorn Eotech 552 replica, and the Midland surveillance headset.
Plus, plenty of news items and more!

Listen to the show at or on Itunes!

Shawn Boswell, (DeadRag Radio)

OPSEC Airsoft Radio – Episode 102 posted

The guys at OPSEC Airsoft Radio have posted episode 102:

Hey Arnie,

We’re back with yet another podcast release update… but the good news is that you get a break next week as we will be skipping our May 22nd broadcast to record live from Operation: Lion Claws VII on the 24th. Nothing too special, just a break from the routine. This week, we talked about how large airsoft operations have changed how airsoft is played. We also touched on building, maintaining, destroying and rebuilding your airsoft reputation. 102 has been posted and for those interested, the show is available for download via iTunes (search for “opsec” in the Music Store: Link) or via direct download at the below link:

*Episode 102*
– National Airsoft Events
– New Items of Interest
– Main Topic: Ops Impact on Airsoft
– Weather From On High
– Sub Topic: Airsoft Credentials
– Shameless Plugs
*Right Click to Download*
37.4MB, 1h:33m:36s
Show Notes: Link

Cheers, Radar, (OPSEC Airsoft Radio)

OPSEC Airsoft Radio – April 17th show posted

Ey up, there’s a new OPSEC show available for download:

Hi Arnie!

We’re back from our one week break with another podcast for the masses. This week, a fellow KDO241 teammate and friend of the program, Fisch, sat in as a guest host. We talked about the essential accessories that make or break a day of play and the pro’s and con’s of upgrading. A pretty good show, but that’s just going off of on the good times had in studio and live chat. For those interested, the show is now available for download via iTunes (search for “opsec” in the Music Store: Link) or via direct download at the below link:

*April 17th Program*
– National Airsoft Events
– New Items of Interest
– OPSEC Airsoft Station News
– Main Topic: Essential Airsoft Accessories
– Sub Topic: The Pro’s & Con’s of Upgrading
– Shameless Plugs
*Right Click to Download*
40.6MB, 1h:40m:29s
Show Notes: Link

Cheers, Radar (OPSEC Airsoft Radio)

OPSEC Airsoft Radio – Feb 28th show posted

Radar (OPSEC Airsoft Radio) has sent in an update covering their show for the 28th:

Hey Arnie,

We had a great show last night, covering the line between hobby and addiction when it comes to airsoft. We talked about how/why airsoft is
addicting as well as how to get your addiction under control. For the
OPSEC staff, this topic hits home pretty hard and maybe, just maybe we
can save the rest of the airsoft world from suffering as we do. For
those interested, the show is now available for download via iTunes
(search for “opsec” in the Music Store: Link) or via direct download at the below link:

*February 28th Program*
– National Airsoft Events
– New Items of Interest
– Main Topic: The Line Between Hobby and Addiction
– Weather from on High
– Sub Topic: Airsoft Tales from the Ghetto
– Shameless Plugs
*Right Click to Download*
34.9MB, 1h:27m:18s
Show Notes: Link

Cheers, Radar, (OPSEC Airsoft Radio)

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