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NPO S2RM in development: photos and video

NPO AEG (Russia) have sent over photos of their S2RM (an AEP replica of the SR-2M Veresk SMG), which includes specifications, some photos and a video. I emailed them, after the discussion in our forums, asking for some details about their prototype that they are working on:

Airsoft replica Sr2m Veresk

The length of the butt is folded / expanded: 380 / 625mm
Weight: 2 kg;
Principle of action: AEG;
The initial speed of the ball: 235fps
Shooting mode: automatic
Barrel length: 6,02х190mm;
Hop-up camera: AK type;
Magazine capacity: 90 balls
Material: body – steel;
The forehead, the hilt – plastic
Type and size of the battery (not included): Li-Po; 1000mah / 7.4v; 102x12x19mm; connector “T”

In addition, you can install:
– silencer
– flash hider
– picatinny rails on the forearm

Producer: NPO AEG, Russia (NPO AEG)

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