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Leapers: 4×32 Compact Rubber Armored

There’s a new 4x rubberised scope out from Leapers:

4×32 Compact Rubber Armored Range Estimating Mil-Dot
Red/Green Illuminated Scope


  1. scp-632mdl3r-mBuilt On The True Strength(TS) Platform With Revolutionary
    Triple S Structure (Smart Spherical Structure) For The Most Effective Telescopic Functions
  2. High-tech “STEALTHLY” Rubber Coating To Absorb Recoil And Protect All Scope Internal And External Components
  3. Side Wheel Red/Green Dual Illumination Rheostat For Most Versatile Weather And Light Conditions
  4. Integral See-Thru Carry Handle Mount And Flat Top Adaptor
  5. For Best Fit And Most Versatile Applications
  6. Provides Superior Shockproof, Fogproof And Waterproof Capabilities, Completely Sealed And Nitrogen Filled To Prevent Fogging
  7. Flip-Open Lens Caps


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