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APS CAM3 grouping test video

Direct from their boss here’s the latest video from APS detailing their CAM3 tested showing range and grouping. Here’s the stats for both 6m and 4.5mm BBs, depending on what your gaming site will allow you to use:

  • 7M 9 hits (6mm 0.2g BB)
  • 12M 6 hits (6mm 0.2g BB)
  • 18M 4 hits (6mm 0.2g BB)
  • 12M 24 hits (4.5mm BB)
  • 18M 8 hits (4.5mm BB)

APS: Salient Arms licensed 12ga M870 – CAM870 SI

APS have launched the poster for their new shotgun licensed from Salient Arms International. Built on their tested M870 gas shell design this features textured stock and front grip which is made to a high detail (much like their DragonFly pistols).

This is as identical as you will get for an Airsoft version of the genuine Salient Arms International Remington 870 12Ga 7 RDS 18.5" Shotgun and includes such detail as the vent rib at the front.


I’ve included a few details shots of the shotgun when I saw it in the flesh myself below:


CRW Airsoft: APS CAM870 CO2 shotgun on pre-order

CRW Airsoft are now accepting pre-orders for the APS CAM870. This uses the “CO2 in the shell” system and the shells are wadded in a very similar way to a real 12ga. It’s due out in March and I look forward to seeing how effective the system is with 6mm and 8mm BBs. It’d be great to see this becoming a viable CQB boom-stick. Obviously you’ll need to buy spare wadding packs and perhaps a shell/brass catcher for this.

If anyone out there knows if this will fall foul of the UK self contained gas cartridge laws do let me know.

With luck some more videos showing off the system will appear on their YouTube channel.

imageAPS CAM870 Pre Order(release on March)

Velocity     : 200 fps by 12 rds. BB
Cailber      : 17.5mm
Barrel Length: 460mm
Power Source: CO2 in cartridge
Mix Range  : 30m
Material       : A3 Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Wood
Package comes with CAM870 + 2 shells + Brass catcher pouch+ co2 charging tool


Eddie, (CRW Airsoft)

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