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APS: eSilver Edge with SDU 2.0 chip

APS Airsoft have a new awesome gearbox out there’s a video to show you how it works too:

APS currently create our new gear box with selectable firing mode feature! The new model of the gear box is called: eSilver Edge with SDU 2.0 chip.

The firing mode as follows:
Mode 1: Single / Full-Auto
Mode 2: Single / 3 rounds burst
Mode 3: Double Tap / Full-Auto
Mode 4: 3 rounds burst / Full-Auto
Mode 5: 3 rounds burst / 9 rounds burst
Please take a watch how this gear box work in this video:

This gear box currently already installed in the new EMG x Noveske Gen.4 SBR rifle and OEM by APS.
Best Regards, Joe  (APS Airsoft)
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