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CowCow Technology: new fibre optics

cow-v2CowCow Technology have designed a new front sight for the TM Hi-Capa series:

New coming product – COWCOW Technology

COWCOW Technology developed a new design front sight for TM Hi-Capa which is FIBER OPTIC TRINITY FRONT SIGHT.

It is full CNC machined by aircraft graded aluminum material. 2mm real fiber optic was selected and 2 colours options (Green and Red).

As the name of “Trinity”, there are 3 innovative features on this front sight.

  • New ‘Parabolic Sight’ pictured has a polished area under the fiber optic to allow the light can make for a much more visible sight.
  • New ‘Triangle shaped Sight Point’ allows the sight alignment easily and accurately, thus enhancing shooting speed and accuracy.
  • Socket set screws placed on both sides of the front sight which can be set on the slide much firmly.


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(CowCow Technology)

Spring Lock: PDI W Hold Chamber

Spring Lock have a new replacement chamber named the “W Hold Chamber” for the VSR-10 series which is, according to their product page, also compatible with the TM pistol line:

Dear Sir, Today we want to inform PDI new products. W hold chamber packing.


This is for TM VSR-10 original chamber(called G chamber),so available to TM GBB pistols as HI-CAPA(5.1,4.3& EXTREME) , Glock  (26,17,18C), PX4, DETONICS, 1911, MEU & SOCOM. It has two ring ribs on the outer surface to improve airtight. And has "W hold ribs"inside. Two ribs in the packing are steady of the BB’s trajectory.


Hold BB at the best position,so this packing will bring better accuracy.


In this new one, set the special rib inside to keep airtight


It made of nitrile rubber(Hs50), and has high oil resistant and abrasion resistance. You can use it all season!


(Spring Lock)

New TM M92F parts from X-Fire

Tomo at X-Fire has mailed over their latest offerings:

Dear Sir

I update PDI new products. TM M92F Koutetsu Rifling Barrel & TM Tactical Master Koutetsu Rifling Barrel Set.

TM Tacktical Master Koutetsu Rifling Barrel Set is a limited Edition for X-FIRE.
[ TM M92F Koutetsu Rifling Barrel ]
X-FIRE PRICE \4,980 it’s special price for 1st lot.


If you’re interest,please introduce them on your site.

PDI Co.,Ltd.
Sales Manager
Tomohiko Nishizono

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