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APS HYBRiD Airsoft Gear Box 3D Animation

APS have a new video of their hybrid gearbox which we’ve uploaded online so you can see it:

Energy Saving

Technically, compare to other traditional electric blow mecha box which normally takes 13 – 15 Ampere, our HYBRiD mecha box only takes 11 Ampere by G110 spring @ 370 FPS. The testing result is positive. It saves 33% of energy compare to other mecha box. The smaller of the Ampere, the smaller loading of the mecha box thus giving you a smooth and durable mecha box that you have ever experienced.

Truly 100% compatible with existing aftermarket upgrades

Tappet, piston, cylinder, Air Nozzle, Hop Up System…etc No more worries in putting aftermarket upgrades into our HYBRiD mecha box! We have tested over 20 different major brands purchased from the market and parts are 100% compatible with our mecha box. Players are now freely to replace or upgrades the mecha box whatever is needs

Modification is no longer complicate
Some player may find difficulties in upgrading the mecha box, especially changing the main spring is a pain. It is because you need to completely dissemble the mecha box in order to take the spring out. With the advance feature of our HYBRiD mecha box, player can simply use a flat screwdriver to unscrew the rear of the mecha box and take out the main spring without necessary to open or dissemble the mecha box completely. Our Electric Blow Back parts can  also be easily detached which turning your guns from EBB to AEG in a second.

Better Air Seal
Our engineer had spent a lot of effort in making the air seal better than ever. Cylinder Head, Nozzle, Piston and Piston Head had been perfectly made to give you a better air seal than ever.

Better finishing
In our HYBRiD mecha box, the bushings were made of steel and polished before putting into the mecha box. It further reduce the vibration and friction caused by the spinning of the gear, thus increasing the smoothness. With a certain use of battery and motor, the rate of fire reaches 1200 RPM is not a myth.


X-Fire: Raven cylinder set for ARES AW338

Here’s news of the uprated cylinder for the ARES AW338 from Tomo, (X-Fire):

Dear Sir, Today I have a news of updated products.


We got so many request from our customers so finally it’s released today. Please check X-FIRE WEB SITE.

Everyone seems that AW338 cylinder is same size as VSR-10 but actually not same.

The difference is important cause it’ll be affected the position of bolt stop. We don’t know ARES intention or not. But we think need to make new size.

This piston is not for strong power, if you want stronger,you can use  for VSR-10 PDI metal pistons.

Thanks, Tomo, (X-Fire)

ASG: Ultimate performance pistons

Jesper Kabel, (ASG) has sent in word of two new pistons they’ve launched:

Hi Guys, We have launched two new ULTIMATE performance pistons; a M170 extreme heavy tuning and a M190 half-teeth pistol for extreme torque up helical gears.


The ULTIMATE extreme performance pistons made of a 50% stronger polycarbonate resin.

All dimensions of the piston has been reworked to fit perfectly inside ULTIMATE gearboxes and gives a smooth low friction performance.

The length has been adjusted to make a perfectly even contact between the first gear and the first teeth of the piston preventing breakage and minimizing wear.

With ULTIMATE performance piston you get:

  • Increased strength
  • Increased durability
  • Low friction
  • Perfect fit in ULTIMATE gearbox
  • Perfect combinations of polycarbonate teeth and steel for impact-energy absorption and strength
  • Reinforcement bar gives superior structural strength to the piston-teeth
  • Optimal angel for first-contact between piston and gear
  • 50% stronger polycarbonate (then ULTIMATE high performance piston)

You can read more detailed about the two new performance pistons here:

M170 polycarbonate Piston

M190 half-teeth polycarbonate Piston

Best regards, Jesper Kabel, (ASG) A&K upgrade parts

Jan Chyba ( has sent details of their upgrade parts for the A&K SVD rifle each made to ensure you can tweak your SVD to your own taste:

Currently we offer 5 reinforced parts for A&K SVD:


Steel and very durable piston catch:

Progressive spring from M100 to M170:


Reinforced piston with bearing piston head:

Center ring which support stronger springs:


…and brand new CNC HopUp chamber:

This chamber is very hot item with good sales. You can find more photos and details on the webpages.

Thank you very much. Jan Chyba (

New SR/XM bits from G&P

G&P have some new SR and XM bits out:

Hello, we have release new products!

GP702B  SR15 URX E3 Metal Body (B Type)
GP760    XM177E1 Steel Outer Barrel

gp702b_copy1 gp760a

Best Regards, G&P Industrial Co., Ltd

GWS Custom 556 Dark Earth Kit (ltd edition)

Ruby has sent in word of GWS‘s ltd edition Dark Earth kits:

image Dear Sir,

It is grateful to inform you that GWS Custom 556 Dark Earth Kit has been launched with limited 20 sets only:

It is including :

1. SIG-556 full metal upper receiver with top mount rail
2. SIG-556 full metal lower receiver with mag release assy
3. New style M4 tactical telestock with metal buffer tube ( bundled with 123a battery case )
4. SIG-556 Fiber/Polymer plastic handguard set with 3 side rails
5. Metal receiver barrel block with steel outer barrel & flash hider

Special offer : US$425.00 EA ( 20 kits only!! )

Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact us anytime!


Ruby, (GWS)

New TM M92F parts from X-Fire

Tomo at X-Fire has mailed over their latest offerings:

Dear Sir

I update PDI new products. TM M92F Koutetsu Rifling Barrel & TM Tactical Master Koutetsu Rifling Barrel Set.

TM Tacktical Master Koutetsu Rifling Barrel Set is a limited Edition for X-FIRE.
[ TM M92F Koutetsu Rifling Barrel ]
X-FIRE PRICE \4,980 it’s special price for 1st lot.


If you’re interest,please introduce them on your site.

PDI Co.,Ltd.
Sales Manager
Tomohiko Nishizono

Modify: New Modular Gear Set – Top Gear (15.05:1)

New from Modify are a collection of new upgrade gear sets:

logoDear Friends

You might like to know that Modify released a new type Modular Gear Set – Top Gear (15.05:1). Therefore, total 3 types of modular gear set are available. They are Torque 21.6:1, Speed 16.32:1 and Top Gear 15.05:1. These gear sets are compatible with most Ver.2/Ver.3 gearbox, but are not compatible with those reinforced Ver.2 gearbox.

Modify gear set is patented. A revolutionary Modular Structure design is to allowing the user to load the gears easy, speed and accuracy. You need not to adjust it with shims. Modify Modular Gear Set – Top Gear includes:

GB-09-191) Modular Gear Set with Tempered Stainless Bushes(Double Oil Grooves), 1 piece

2) Stainless Bushes, 6 pieces

3) Anti-reversal latch, 1 piece

4) Ultra Piston with 7 Metal Teeth (modified), 1 piece

Attached are the pictures.

Thank you very much — and have a nice day!

Jane Liu
Modify Co.
Tel: +886-3-3334980
Fax: +886-3-3311460

New gear from Modify

There’s some new parts out from Modify. Click on any of the images for larger versions:

Dear friends

You might like to know that Modify released some new parts recently.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         1) Spring guide for A&K /Classic Army M249 upgrades (image # GB-06-02)

It is aircraft aluminium alloy construction with a thrust bearing inside. It is designed to minimize the load on the motor caused by the spring torsion. It’s durable and lightweight.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         2) Aluminum Bore-up piston head with Bearing (image # GU-02-02)

Aircraft aluminium alloy construction with a stainless steel nut inside features its durable and lightweight.

3) Selector Plate (image # GB-05-21)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Modify Selector Plate is made of Heat-resistant materials. It is designed to compatible with bearings from 6mm to 8mm. Now Modify Selector Plate is available for M16, G3, MP5 and AK series.

Thank you — and have a nice day!

Best regards, Jane, (Modify Co.)

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