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Lambda: new VSR-10 Set Pin and Support Ring

lambda-logo_thumb.jpgLambda have new parts out for the infinitely customisable VSR-10 which are now also on their website:

Dear Sir,

Today’s news is lambda new upgrades for VSR-10. Set pin and Support ring.

Set pin is made of Stainless steel , CNC all machined. It has a unique shape, for insert easily.

And Support ring, it’ll be kept smooth bolt operation long time.

Please check our web site : )


Lambda: VSR cylinder and barrel restock

imageLamda have two new tricked out cylinders for the much loved and highly customisable VSR10:

Today I want to inform arrived "lambda Cylinder kit for VSR-10".

The latest version is processed "ISONITE" for the surface, get black and durability.

We have 2 cylinders,for Marui original trigger (45 deg) and for custom trigger (90 deg).

Those are required 13mm FAT dia spring.



Also now we are developing "lambda Trigger unit for VSR-10" We named it as "LMD Trigger". Maybe we release in this month.


Lamda also have some new inner barrels:

We "lambda" release new inner barrels, those are for VSR-10 but cut the bridge to custom HOP rubber. So many European customers requested to us.





We release it with lambda One (6.01) & lambda Five (6.05)
303mm for G-spec , 430mm for Pro sniper & 500mm for L96.


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