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X-Fire: Raven cylinder set for ARES AW338

Here’s news of the uprated cylinder for the ARES AW338 from Tomo, (X-Fire):

Dear Sir, Today I have a news of updated products.


We got so many request from our customers so finally it’s released today. Please check X-FIRE WEB SITE.

Everyone seems that AW338 cylinder is same size as VSR-10 but actually not same.

The difference is important cause it’ll be affected the position of bolt stop. We don’t know ARES intention or not. But we think need to make new size.

This piston is not for strong power, if you want stronger,you can use  for VSR-10 PDI metal pistons.

Thanks, Tomo, (X-Fire)

X-Fire: VSR-10 MOD stock released and 6.08 barrels in stock

x-firelogoX-Fire launched two new updates today, there’s a new stock for the VSR-10 and they now have a new stock of 6.08 barrels back in which are available in any length:

Dear Sir,

Today I have a big announcement.

Finally we updated last prototype info about VSR-10 MOD stock.e.develop_stock

This page will introduce some points,next information is when we decide the price & release day.

Please introduce to worldwide VSR-10 player! This is what they want for long year.


Also we have restock 6.08 stainless steel barrel,now you can buy any size what you want.


Tomo, (X-Fire)

PDI: new inner barrels for AW338/WA2000

X-Fire have some new internal inner barrels for the ARES spring rifles:

Dear Sir, Today I announce new PDI Inner barrel series got started.
It’s for ARES spring rifle.

imageFirst line up is Inernal Dia. 6.01mm & 6.05mm for AW338 & WA2000.
PDI SUS Inner barrel series are all made of SUS304 with really precise diameter, torelance is +-0.002mm.

Best regards, Tomo, (X-Fire)

X-Fire: Shizuoka Hobby Show report

Tomo at X-Fire has published a report on their findings at the 2012 Shizuoka Hobby Show. Included in the report are details from Marui’s booth which covers the new high cycle P90, reinvented AUG and a GBB MP7 from Marui (oh and another Beretta):

Dear Sir, Today I update the Shizuoka Hobby show report on X-FIRE web site.

If you have an interest, please introduce it.


Also got new PDI products , 01 Inner Barrel for AEG SVD DRAGUNOV


Please see the list.

This barrel is the longest size in PDI barrel series.

The shape is TM AEG,the length is 690mm so please check your AEG SVD.



Tomo, (X-Fire)

New TM M92F parts from X-Fire

Tomo at X-Fire has mailed over their latest offerings:

Dear Sir

I update PDI new products. TM M92F Koutetsu Rifling Barrel & TM Tactical Master Koutetsu Rifling Barrel Set.

TM Tacktical Master Koutetsu Rifling Barrel Set is a limited Edition for X-FIRE.
[ TM M92F Koutetsu Rifling Barrel ]
X-FIRE PRICE \4,980 it’s special price for 1st lot.


If you’re interest,please introduce them on your site.

PDI Co.,Ltd.
Sales Manager
Tomohiko Nishizono

New HI-CAPA parts from X-Fire

e.topNew accessories from PDI/X-Fire:

Dear Sir,
We have new parts & arrival information. For HI-CAPA (Koutetsu) Ver. Bar-Sto Rifling Barrel Set.


Stamp….Barsto 45 ACP
Steel CNC all machined.
Easy fitting to HI-CAPA frame
Black oxide

cylindersPlease note that it’s installed Palsonite 01 inner barrel not to appear a Gold or Silver.

We got VSR Bore Up Premier Cylinders now. If you order,we’ll send them soon.

PDI Co.,Ltd.
Sales Manager
Tomohiko Nishizono

X-Fire Bull Barrel for the G-Spec VSR

Tomo at PDI/X-Fire has sent in news of their new VSR Bull Barrel (for the G-Spec VSR):

main_1Dear Sir,

This is Tomo with PDI JAPAN. I inform you  of our new products & reproductions, new one is VSR Front Bull Barrel G.

You can do custom same size as “VSR-10 G-SPEC” with PDI Bull Barrel. Base and this Front Bull Barrel. Please use with PDI Bull Barrel Base.

  • Made of Duralmin
  • Black Anodization
  • The outer diameter (Front and Rear)is 30.5mm(G-SPEC size).
  • With O-ring
  • Thickness is 6mm


Reproduction is  VSR-10 Front Bull Barrel L-Flute  & L-Tornado(Twisted
4 lines).

These are also required VSR Bull Barrel Base:
[ L-Tornado]

[ L-Flute]

Tomohiko Nishizono, (Sales Manager, PDI Co.,Ltd.)

New M1911A1 parts from X-Fire

There’s a new update out from PDI/X-Fire and we are now getting news from a new contact:

Dear Sir.

I’m Tomo ,PDI Sales Manager. As you know, my follower Ms.Yuriko made contact you before but she quit within March. So I’ll post news letter to you  instead of her.

Today,we announce 2 parts about TM M1911A1.

English site will be tomorrow. (English website)

top(2) top

These are REAL type Barrels. The one has PH incuse ,the other is S.A..45 AUTO incuse.Made of Steel & all CNC machined.

We improve that it’s easy to install 1911.So everyone can challenge & got succeed ! So we put VIDEO in these pages how to install. Please check it & introduce them.

Best regards,

Tomohiko Nishizono, (Sales Manager, PDI Co.,Ltd.)

PDI / X-FIRE, new releases

PDI / X-Fire have sent in the following news about their new products:


“Koutetsu Rifling Outer Barrel Set” for Tokyo Marui M1911A1.


VSR-10 Precision Cylinder Set (PDI / X-Fire)

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