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    Forum updates, feedback system and new versions

    By Arnie

    Firstly I'm going to try to document forum updates and other work completed to the site here in my forum blog. This will keep all the forum related updates in one place.   I've completed several updates to the forums today. We're now running the latest IPS versions for Gallery and Blog. There should be several bug fixes and feature adjustments with these new versions; I don't get a list I'm afraid or I'd publish it.   I've also taken comments on the trading system on board and we now have a feedback system installed for people to rate traders. I'm also inviting comment on whether we should update the sales system entirely or stick with topic based trading.   If there are bugs, problems or you just have an idea or input you'd like to see considered please do use the suggestion area to tell us!   You can find a topic covering these updates here.

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    That’s right! Just 4 weeks to go! The welcome packs have been sent out to all who have booked, but there’s still time to take part in one of the friendliest, newbie-welcoming airsoft events in existence!

    How many other weekenders give you an opportunity to make friends, shoot your new friends, and then be attacked by shot friends with foam cutlasses?

    Key Details in case you have missed:

    Core Facts

    Venue: Gunman Airsoft, Tuddenham, Suffolk, UK, Europe


    Date: Friday July 5th - Sunday July 7th (Gates Open at 5pm Friday but I will aim to be on site from 3ish onwards.)

    Green Fee £60 (Including Free Entry into prize draw if 20 bookings received by 31 April)

    Facilities: Portaloo & Shop (provided kindly by Gunman), Genny & Charging Facilities. Indoor social / sleeping accommodation in the barn. Camping space is available, and a Travel Lodge is five minutes drive away, as are several takeaways, pubs and a Tesco within ten minutes drive (next to the train station if coming by train).

    Game Ideas: Crazy, Arnies themed fast-paced events. If you have ever wanted to play Stalker with carrier bags or take part in a real life forum war shouting out inane slogans while avoiding the wrath of the humourless forum staff, this is the event for you!

    Booking & Payment Options

    In order to keep the weekend as friendly and 'intimate' as always, we'll be sticking to the tried and tested '30 player cap' rule. To secure your place at the event, you two choices available:

    A - Pay now the full amount (£62.32 - £60 + Paypal) (go to http://morningafter.konstipation.com)

    B- Pay now a deposit (£31.26 - £30 + Paypal) (go to http://morningafter.konstipation.com) and then pay £30 on gate.


    20 people are already booked so we already know this will be a blast – there a maximum of 10 more spaces available. For insurance purposes no walk-ons will be allowed so book if you want to play!


    For more information visit the MA7 Forum or PM Marlowe. :)




    Source: MA7: Just under 4 weeks to go!

  1. Well my those who've been following the Rhodie Project on my Facebook will know that my King Arms midcaps arrived a last! No sooner where they through the door the dremel and silicon spray were out and I was at work. For those not aware the KA G3 mags require the rear upper corner filed off to fit in the magazine housing correctly: a 30 second jobbie with a dremel on each mag and you're laughing.


    Out came the Humbrol paint again and I was away, painting happily away making a mess of the place and myself. After experimenting with a few patterns I decided to stick to mainly yellow stripes on the green base bar a couple mags which I did all blotchy for something different. After the paint had dried they looked pretty good...rough and ugly as sin...but they certainly looked the part!


    Now when I get new midcaps I do the usual service: remove the spring, spray silicon down the chute, then bomb up with silicon oiled BBs a few times. For this I was using Blaster Devils....then began the rise in blood pressure which has only JUST returned to normal.


    After no more than 3 pumps of the speedloader...JAM! hmm....so I power through it and get about 25-30 BBs in the mag before it jams solid. Next to debomb the mag...nothing! So banging the mag I am able to unload the mag only 3-5 BBs at a time having to whack the mag every time. Highly infuriating stuff.


    Well this carried on with EVERY...SINGLE....MAG!! I was beginning to lose hope: £37 blown on mags that don't work, I wanted to take a plane to Hong Kong and I quote "Ram these pieces of poo down the throat of the numpty that designed them" next time the Boss visited King Arms. Seriously the rage and cursing coming from my workshop was heard from the house.


    Utterly chinstrapped I was about to throw in the towel and do what I really didn't want to do: buy Hicaps. Or hunt down and blow my money on the JG Midcaps which feed flawlessly. However one last try...only this time maybe with different BBs...I wonder?


    Filling up the speedloader with *winces* Zero One .25s I started loading up the mags...so far so good; no resistance. In fact I filled a whole mag! In fact all five mags bar one worked flawlessly, the last one being not quite a lemon...a few taps here and there needed but it was workable at least.


    So: nice decent BBs were a nono for these mags yet the crappy nasty BBs the KA Mids were gobbling them like a hooer! My rage was finally subsiding.

  2. Every airsofter and his dog has guns that are modern, military, tactical, etc., etc. The problem starts when you need something… different. “Futuristic” is not a problem: G36, P90, MP7, USP, Tavor, you’re set. #The Ugly Stick works too (after all, for SeaQuest, the original Total Recall and Starship Troopers it did). But when you need post-nuke, steampunk, Wild West or just the Roaring Twenties, you’ve got a problem.

    My airsoft wishlist is a mile long. And some of the stuff is going to serve as a base for conversions anyway (for example, a Skorpion AEP turned into a StA-18 pistol from Killzone, or a Broomhandle Mauser-based steampunk handcannon). So, with the Film Noir photoshoot just around the corner, the wishlist order got a bit shuffled. Sure, I bought a RPD foregrip on Fleabay last week, because it cost me bubkes and actually was there (they show up pretty rarely, especially not as a set with the stock that I don’t need at all) in order to build a Chinese Assault Rifle from Fallout 3, but a tommygun has priority. First, I want a tommygun anyway, because of its humongous grin factor (I mean, how awesome it is to fire a long burst from the thing, especially when you quote gangster movies while doing it?), second, there’s just an opportunity to use it. A Fallout 3 rifle would have to wait for an appropriate photoshoot, as we did the #Zombie Apocalypse two weeks ago and it’s too cold for a post-nuke themed one anyway. And, as a quick survey among the #PRF members revealed, nobody has a tommygun - not an airsoft one, not a Denix, nothing. So, as an armorer, I think I have to source one. If I can afford it, and I want it, I’ll just buy it and call it a day.

  3. Wow, so after another year has flown by what has changed?


    Well my list now goes:


    On woman number 15, damn i need to stop losing touch with them.

    On pistol 53, good times and many things to compare to, but still more to go.

    In a damn good job, enough said.


    Well what else do i put here? Aside from living in airsoft hell which we all know about not much else. At least i actually have a chance to go shoot a few pistols off etc.


    Anyway, see you in another year, good bye.



  4. I've updated our forum to the latest gallery version. This should fix a few niggly bugs that you might have seen.


    I've also rebuilt the search indexes at the same time. Please report any issues on the usual areas of the forum.

  5. Hey killbucket, I was just making sure you got my order, haven't heard from you since I did, it will be under chris vxxxxgxxxt. Thanks, Fog 11-26 6:43 PM (order rec'd, copy on file).



    I am shipping this tomorrow morning. As I said, ghosts in the machine, but it's done!!!



    Yay!!! haha, alright awesome dude. 12-7 7:25 PM



    Hey killlbucket I was wondering if you could give me a little accurate estimate of when the browning should come? If you can thats great if your not sure hey thats fine haha. 12-12 7:25 PM



    UPS tracking# 1Z1022T90393040283 -I sent you an email on 12/9



    Oh my bad, I must not have seen it, thanks a bunch man.



    Hey, i got the browning today and im very pleased with it. Thanks a bunch. 12-14 6:27 PM


    This Morning:

    Once again I ask you to just forget about this. I dont see the big deal about a video I forgot about that got little views and Taken down out of respect for you?9-8-2011 10:25 PM




    also I paid you good money, its not like I went to your house and stole your stuff9-8-2011 10:27 PM


    Deal with it, kid.



    The VERY ITEM he is holding, is in my vid, here on my glass dining room table.

    I was going to be amused, and move on. But when his "friends" started lying for him, and saying that they saw him make it, I got MAD.



    Source: Killbuckets Requiem: M2HB Airsoft

  6. Spor and I were begining to wonder if the man known only to us as Sylum would actually show that Saturday morning in the Houma Books-A-Million. We were walking up and down the isle of military books, talking rather inconspicuously about what books to read to perfect the impression we wanted for our team: the deadly, legendary, and other worldly Navy SEALs.

    The Knights Airsoft Group is unlike most teams in Louisiana, Hell, maybe even the whole United States. Most of the members, fluctuating between ten to twenty on a given day, have not met one another. Or, if they have, it was only once. Aeros, the mighty half Korean CO of the team, was, and still is, one of the moderately active members. He had offered Spor and I the chance to join after the collapse of the cluster cuss that was the Louisiana Aces. I had been active in the Louisiana airsoft scene since the summer before my senior year, 2008. I had hosted two small games before with a semi-descent turn our averaging twelve people. After attending an open game hosted by Black Company, Louisiana's premiere team, I began to focus on getting gear, mostly a half-assed 'Nam kit. My trusty CM031, which can outrange most ICS or G&G guns to this day, helped me to dust a few foes here and there. In May '10, the Aces officially split; after a fight that I shall not replay or relate to, the players began to go our separate ways, and I and Spor joined KAG. By the time I was in KAG, I had been in twenty or so games, had a feeling that MILSIM was more my style, and was ready to take the ol' high cap and shove it to another new player. Aeros gave us permission to do our own little thing in the south, as most of the team was located north of Alexandria. Spor and I decided to go the route of the elite Navy SEALs, requiring coyote brown gear, woodland and DCU camo (soon to be AOR1 and 2), and knowlege of what the SEALs were and how they operated.

    We had recruited a new player to join our ranks, codenamed Sylum. A former paintballer and current wizzard with ballisong twirling, he stood at roughly six foot ungodly, towering over me and alittle bit higher than Spor (I am the runt of the group, I should add). Short curley hair, a dark complexion that really hid his Ginger blood, and not an ounce of fat on him, I was immediately impressed. His skills in paintball, as I would learn a few weeks later at the Second Sunday Shootout (a monthly event held by Noober or the South Louisiana Marauders), were greatly useful in his functions as a rifleman. I would capture on film on that same day, a headshot he pulled off at about 30 yards with an L96 using the "snap shot" technique our more arcade-like cousins use in their speedball games.

    Us three sat at a table, drinking energy drinks and coffee, talking about who we were. After around thirty minutes of bullshitting, we went to our respective vehicles, and began the twenty minute journey to a place Spor had dubbed "Hangar 18". It was an old sugar mill, long since torn down, with a large corrugated warehouse full of a product that had gone bankrupt years ago; we thought they looked like Sham-Wows. Perhaps, in the future, we could turn this into a CQB site, where 300 or lower FPS guns could go semi-auto at each other, a first for the state. It was big enough, thats for sure.

    After looking around, we set up a few targets and began to do drills. These focused on driving the weapon from target to target, changing position, and doing the same. To engage three targets with two rounds each, run ten feet, and do it again, it took us an average of eight and a half to nine seconds; not bad for a few guys who had no real training if I do say so myself. All in all, I knew that we had a new team mate in this Houma native.

    A trip to the local McClogyourarteries gave us a chance to talk shop more, but, we instead focused on music and personal lives. Sylum and I really connected in our love for Sonata Arctica and Opeth, while the group as a whole agreed that Pantera was brought from Vallhalla itself to please us. After two refilled Cokes, I decided to have myself a little Raoul Duke moment, and slipped off my uncomfy-assed work boots, and entered the childrens play area. Like a vet from back in The *suitcase* I crawled thru the assending and narrowing tubes, focusing on one thing only: looking as crazy as I could. As I slid down the slide screaming "Remember the Alamo!", I quickly got out before either the cops were called, or the guys in white suits with those nasty *albatross* chill pills.

    All in all, upon the dispersal of our party, Spor and I agreed; we had ourselves a new member, and he would prove his worth in the future....

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    I've been tinkering with my Masada again recently. Seeing as my review is hidden somehere within the gargantuan almost-100 page Magpul PTS Masada ACR review thread, I thought I'd make an article here for people to bookmark and easily keep track of any updates I add. I'll put updates at the bottom, so if you've read it before you won't have to skim through to find new information:




    Received my UK-spec Masada last week, with 1 free Pmag kindly thrown in from Dingodogs.


    I'm extremely impressed with the material and build quality. The polymer is gorgeous stuff, seemingly better quality than the Pmags with a slightly more shiny or 'waxy' appearance, and a more complex, deeper texture. The polymer seems very tough and has a nice, dense feel to it. Yes there are mold lines visible, but they're not excessive or ugly and don't detract from the quality at all. They certainly can't be felt when shouldering the gun with bare hands.


    The CNC upper is one very solid piece of metal. It's clearly been made to tight tolarances. I think the fact that it's been painted slightly reduces the precise appearance of the upper, but only when you look very closely. It's a very nice part of the gun and gives the whole thing a beautifully solid structure. The outer barrel is a beautiful part too. Very solid, very high quality work. Not sure what process has been used to colour the outer barrel and gas tube, but it has a gorgeous satin finish.


    Some people have said the gun is light, but personally I think the weight is perfect. It's light enough that I'm be able to skirmish it all day, but heavy enough to make it feel solid and sturdy. Certainly lighter than some other guns, but this is also due to the way the weight is petfectly balanced. It's very ergonomic and feels completely natural to shoulder. Lucky for me the fixed stock is the perfect length, and feels very solid. Mine came with a sling point already attached, although the design is different to the separately sold Mapgul PTS sling point (which is a bizarre and hugely overpriced accessory).


    As a showpiece it's stunning, but I bought this gun as an upgrade platform so the crucial test for me is whether it can be elevated to high performance. There's room for an internal tracer unit, as well as the extra electronics I've installed. I found that the barrel lever is removable, so there's actually plenty of room in the handguard for electronics etc.


    Upon disassembly, it becomes clear that a lot of work is needed to gain serious performance from this gun.


    I have no interest in running a stock gun, and wanted to take out the motor brushes to put into my own motor, so I never fired it in it's stock form. Even though I can't comment on the performance out of the box, visually inspecting the internals is very revealing.




    The soldering was ok, but not great. Tamiya connector is disappointing but not surprising. The gearbox has been designed so that the wires run through the gearbox shell itself. This makes the installation of a mosfet quite tricky, as there isn't much room for extra wires. The major obstacle that the wires must avoid is the magazine release. I ended up making some plastic blocks to glue onto each side of the gearbox to keep the wires out of the way, allowing the mag release to function normally.


    Another obstacle to overcome when installing extra wires is the fact that the gearbox can be pushed out of alignment by the wires themselves. So unless you're careful when re-assembling the gun, the gearbox might sit in the wrong position, causing the bolt release to bind on top of the gearbox.



    The microswitch says it's rated for only 15A which is quite low, so it wouldn't last long if used with a high performance battery and motor combination without a mosfet. So while the microswitch is a nice idea, it's a half-baked one and something of a liability when upgrading the gun. It doesn't provide much physical resistance, so you can't feel a nice, crisp click (although you can hear it). In fact, the design of the trigger is such that a trigger pull actually releases the switch, so installing a stronger microswitch wouldn't improve it. The trigger itself is let down hugely by the fire selector design becasue when reassembling the gun, it's very difficult to correctly align the selector gears with the lower receiver. This is a part which actually requires some 'tuning' to get right, which could have been so easily avoided with a better design. The trigger does seem to be very sensitive to slight fire-selector movement, bizzarely requiring a stronger trigger pull in certain positions. Definitely needs some learning to get right.



    The motor doesn't use the strong neodymium magnets found in high performance motors, so this would be one of the first things to replace. The best motors can be bought cheap, so it's a disappointment that the gun doesn't include one.


    Anti-Reversal Latch


    I had problems with the stock ARL. I'm not sure exactly what was wrong with it, as it didn't appear to be binding on anything, but there was audible backspin until I replaced it.




    I reaplaced the stock gears immediately, so I can't comment on their performance or durability. It was disappointing to see that the bevel gear only has 4 ARL teeth.


    Tappet Plate


    The gun did not feed at first. Not at all. When manually inserting a BB into the barrel, the power was awful. It turned out to be a malformed tappet plate not allowing the nozzle to make contact with the bucking. I had to shave off a little material from the tappet plate. Feeding improved slightly, but I had to install a sector clip to allow the gun to feed reliably.


    Air Nozzle


    The air nozzle has no o-ring, meaning it does not form a proper air seal with the cylinder head nozzle. This affects power and consistency, which is disappointing for such an expensive gun. It wouldn't be a problem if the nozzle itself was a standard part, but as far as I know it's a unique length. At 25.4cm long it's enormous.


    Piston/Piston head


    I haven't tested it, but there's an air bubble visible inside the pickup tooth so I wouldn't want to put any strain on the piston. The piston came with a huge metal weight inside it (which is of course the opposite of what we want), and of course the angle of engagement hadn't been corrected. The O-ring was too big, causing excess friction on the back stroke so it had to be replaced.


    Cylinder/Cylinder head


    The cylinder isn't ported, but power is good enough so I haven't spent time/money on perfecting the barrel/cylinder volume. The cylinder itself seems great, and forms a perfect air seal. The cylinder head is proprietary due to the longer nozzle, but can be made good with teflon tape and sorbo.


    Spring guide


    This part is another major disappointment along with the air nozzle. It has no bearing, just a simple metal washer. Again this would be fine if it weren't a unique design. And again, if anyone knows of an aftermarket bearing spring guide which will fit please let me know. The quick spring change feature itself is very nice. Quickly changing springs isn't something I plan on doing, but it makes assembly and disassembly much easier, as you never have to fight against the main spring tension. For this reason, installing a high power spring would be trivial.



    Everything in the gearbox was severley overlubed with some sort of very thick gunge, as with most stock AEGs. I forgot to check the shimming so I can't comment on it. I immediately replaced the bushings/bearings so I can't comment on them either. I haven't done extensive range testing so I can't yet tell if the hopup design or stock barrel are good enough, but the integrated nub does concern me.



    Self-retaining body pins


    A small detail, but the little clips holding in the body pins makes working on this gun an absolute pleasure. They snap into position with a really satisfying click, and having 4 less things to keep track of is awesome. Although the clips can come loose so be careful!

    Iron sights


    The integrated front sight is strange, as it eats into the paintwork if allowed to spring into position. Otherwise it's a nice, solid sight which is adjustable. The rear sight is really beautiful.


    Sling mounts


    The multitude of sling mount points is a very nice feature. The gun comes with 3 quick detach mount points, which can all be mounted on one side of the gun if you choose.


    Proprietary parts: Gearbox shell, motor cage, cut-off lever, spring guide, cylinder head, nozzle, hopup arm/nub/mechanism, trigger assembly, selector plate, selector gears.


    As an upgrade platform this guns is fine, but the proprietary spring guide and air nozzle are the 2 major problems. The ability to use most other standard parts makes it good enough, and if a decent air nozzle and spring guide are made available then nothing inside the gearbox could hold it back.


    There's a lot to be desired from the gearbox in it's stock form, and there are a couple of irritating design choices, but I'm really happy with it. I haven't been able to put it down since I got it, it just handles so well.


    If anyone wants more info, feel free to get in touch.


    Update 4/25/11


    I bought some Modify 8mm Ceramic Bearings, having been impressed with them on another build (Airsoft World is a good place to buy them). It seems that the Masada gearbox is slightly thinner than the standard V2/3, because a disturbingly small number of shims are needed. None at all on the sector gear! I'm using Siegetek gears which are slightly elevated around the axles, so there won't be any excess friction because of the lack of shims. But it's way better to have more space for shims. So for the Magpul Masada I'd avoid these particular bearings. I haven't tested any others, but I'll report back when I do!


    I was able to commission a custom air seal nozzle from AirsoftPro.cz for my Masada. They used the original air nozzle I sent them, and made me an aluminium one with an O-ring inside to minimise air leakage. It's very nicely made, and they now sell them. So, as is normal in airsoft, a major design flaw has been overcome by the end user and a small scale manufacturer! I've just noticed that the air nozzle on that website is marked as an A&K Masada nozzle. I don't know if it would fit the A&K version, but I can assure you that 25.4mm is the correct length for the Magpul PTS Masada. I've just emailed them about it so hopefully they'll change it...


    I've developed an internal tracer system which requires an extra microswitch to be fitted to the trigger. The idea is that a partial trigger pull illuminates the LEDs, so that the tracer BBs are exposed to light before the gun is actually fired. This is crucial if you want consistently bright BBs from an internal tracer. The thing is that the Masada really has no room for extra switches to be simply put in place, unlike the G36. But I have a MOSFET installed, so I was able to use a much, much smaller microswitch to actually fire the gun. This freed up enough room to put in a second microswitch to illuminate the tracer It took an awful lot of fine tuning, and it really doesn't look pretty, but now I have a trigger which activates two microswitches, one after the other. :D


    I haven't finished this current upgrade project yet, so there'll be more to come before too long. Thanks for reading!

  7. Sadly right now photobucket is down, but then I wasn't allowed a camera in the good part anyway, so for now, here's the world's most innocent looking door:




    Behind that is another door, and then a security lobby with another steel multi-reinforced and locked door, and then a metal detector, and then another door and then... well, for a gun geek like me it was a 'god rays shining down, angels singing' moment. 28,000 guns of every variety, from the tiniest little matchlock pistol to 40mm+ aircraft cannon and literally everything inbetween, from the earliest breech loading muskets to the L129A1 sharpshooter rifle.


    As I mentioned before, very, very sadly we were only allowed phones/cameras inside the public museum part, but for now while it's still fresh in my mind, here's a list of some of the guns I had a play with this morning:


    -5 barreled breech loader Navy boarding rifle

    -Quad and triple barreled matchlock pistols

    -A pair of front loading revolvers given as a gift by Mr Colt himself, intricately detailed with images of sailing ships all over

    -One rifled muzzle loader used by Sharpe's infamous unit

    -A wide array of muzzle and breech loading matchlock rifles and pistols, sadly not my area of expertise but really beautiful objects

    -Pair of fluted breech loaders used when dueling was still in the Olympics (up to 1909)

    -H&K MP5k with Saudi markings

    -Gold plated MP5k

    -Gold plated Stirling SMG with Ivory grips

    -Gold AKs-47

    -UMP chambered in 9mm

    -L1A1 from the NI era

    -L85A2 with DD rail, GPS Grip-pod and SUSAT

    -L129A1 with irons, folding VFG, Harris bi-pod, LMT crane stock, ERGO type grip, Magpul 20 rounder and TangoDown rail covers

    -MP44 with corner-shot device (mental thing)

    -Something that looked exactly like an AK, but was actually a crazy 7mm bolt action

    -Some Sterling SMGs and Thompsons knocked up by an IRA bloke using nothing but a Black & Decker drill, a hand file and materials from a DIY shop


    -Carl Gustav

    -Glock 17

    -7.5" M4A1 with a free-floating rail, made by a company I've never heard of and can't remember

    -20s dated Tommy gun with 50 round drum, radiated barrel and the classic wooden VFG

    -M1A1 Thompson

    -USAS-12 (omg so hawt)

    -M700 with probably the smoothest bolt in the world and an electronic trigger


    Also, a small part of the stuff I saw but didn't get a chance to play with:


    -M3 Grease gun with corner-shot attachment

    -40mm ground attack aircraft cannon from WWI

    -About 200 Bren guns and the various ancestors/derivatives

    -M82A1 and A3

    -16" L119A1 with H&K UGL



    -Various iterations of the Uzi

    -Pretty much every MP5 ever and some that I've never seen before, including one with a 40mm launcher

    -Lord know how many AKs from every country that makes them

    -AR-15s and AR-10s from the very beginning with the cocking handle on top all the way through to now

    -US WWII 'trench' shotguns


    -A breech loader taller than me and quite possibly heavier

    -Some concealable stabbing/cutting weapons that could easily slip through stringent airport security and just as easily kill someone, won't go in to details on those though; sufficed to say a 10p, a fork and a hairbrush can make quite an arsenal


    -Plenty of Lee-Enfields

    -Shed loads of Browning HPs and Sigs




    -Multi-chambered grenade launchers


    -Steyr AUG


    -Absolutely *suitcase* loads of stuff that I couldn't identify

    -Absolutely *suitcase* loads that I can't even remember now because there was so damn manyyyyy


    So yes, we'll be paying that place another visit in not too long. Who can say no to getting a free trip on works' time to look at that sort of a collection?

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    This is a blog on boneyard or broken airsoft guns. Here you can get help for problems with your gun, or sell a gun if you don't want to fix it. Thanks for looking!

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    To all of us who spend time their.


    Chances are that any airsofter with a better half not into the sport has like me enjoyed prelonged periords "in the dog house" and this is leading me to beleive that with the right out look it ant so bad.

    dont get me wrong i love my wife more than life itself and would do anything for her, but we dont see eye to eye all the time and some time theirs something to be said for a little disagrement and the makeing up after!!!.but back to the dog house the few hours of not being spoken to or cooking my own dinner are not so bad i can troll the net to find the next bargin and eat what i like however my wife is a fantastic cook much better than me.

    Then we have the financial aspect to quote "that money could be spent on something worth while" or " what a waste of cash" both of thoses are a point of view that i dont share and i only spend extra money that i have work overtime for or tax rebate after all bills are paid and the kids have had their share.

    I dont like being in the dog house but i can survive their after spending sometime their it ant so bad.

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    Here's my Tag line

    [Eng & Demo] [Stealthy 45 min GRC] [Bloody BB-throat] [Weaponsmith] [BB magnet- 16] [Cheap bastid] [Pack rat] [Dedicated] [Wile E. Coyote] [Humpty Dumpty] [Geardo] [Brainiac- Each team mbr gets one med heal per round, while awaiting heal from teammate wounded player yells MEDIC & yells intel on what he sees (must yell, no radios). Only way to silence him is opposing force approaches and simulates knife kill = no med] [Tourette syndrome sufferer] [Die hard] [Quartermaster] [Infiltrator] [Amphibious operations] [Pimped Gun] [Combat journalist] [Combat Engineer] [Treasure hunter] [Possum] [Dance, F**ker Dance!] [Death or Glory] [Divine Intervention] [Euthanasia] [Fortunate Son]


    Look for Airsoft Perk Project



  8. Cursed GBBr's, they are Soooo unreliable! Of course, anyone that understands the system knows that this is a half truth. In stock form, it can be horrifyingly unreliable, frequent failure to fires, light striking, venting of magazines, spontaneous part failures and so on. As with AEG's there is this struggle between cost and performance and a choice between the thousands of parts out there to make a reliable GBBr. I hope to cover at least a few points of the most notable failures in the WA based GBBr setups.


    Durability Upgrades:

    There are TWO points in a WOC that are guaranteed to fail within a few thousand cycles. The area on the bolt carrier where the bolt catch interacts, and the charging handle. To beef up durability in these two areas is going to save headaches later.


    The Bolt Carrier is the heart and SOUL of any GBBr and should be quality from DAY ONE. Unfortunately the stock BC is functional at best. It's potmetal construction offers a reasonable mix of durability and weight for recoil, but it is not as durable in the bolt catch area as it should be. This area wears out after approximately a 5000 rounds using the bolt catch. That is, of course, very quick and unacceptable. The stop gap is to file back the area flat again and after a little while, it will again, wear down. The solution to this problem is a better bolt carrier, either Steel or of suitable Aluminum alloy. One thing to realize is that quality is always a requirement. RA-Tech is the only Aluminum BC that lists the material. In this case, it's 7075, which depending on the hardening is a solid aluminum grade that will last a long time. I personally prefer steel. I subscribe to the "If it's steel on the real one, I want it steel in mine" Of course steel in the real AR15 is going to be hard to achieve at airsoft prices, and with our buddies overseas making stuff, so a quality steel bolt carrier of unknown grade will have to suffice. I opted for the Prime BC for WA length receivers. Probably a bit of a mistake, as the carrier required extensive sanding to cycle cleanly in my WOC. The RA-Tech Steel would have sufficed but it is important to realize that there are MANY reports of their BC wearing out at the bolt stop area, as well as damaging their own steel bolt stop :rolleyes: There are other options, the JDT carrier, and the Inokatsu carriers each with it's own pro's and con's.


    The charging handle is an interesting issue. It comes with two problems. The first is the latch is weak. After several rackings of the charging handle, the hole that the pin goes through that holds it in elongates and eventually will break. The absence of a latch will then cause the horn on the charging handle to break. This solution is incredibly and painfully easy. Buy a real one from an AR15. It requires the use of a dremel (or file). There are two tabs on the side of the carrier that need to be ground flush. The other part that needs modifying is the horn. This will need to be shaved off such that it no longer catches on the nozzle (the plastic part of the bolt carrier group). This solution fixes both problems by use of a quality part. When it comes to latches, stick to the real ones. Real Charging handles for those of us in the US, are quite cheap, cheaper than the replacement WA specifics. For those of you in other locations around the world, they may be harder to get but are worth it when you finally do. The only other thing you will need to do is to take the plastic bit from the horn of the stock charging handle, and move it to the real one. This part serves to prevent the bolt carrier from damaging the barrel extension by limiting the forward travel of the bolt and buffering it's movement. In the WA guns, this part is essential, but with an aftermarket bolt carrier, it's presence is more or less a novel thought, but better be safe than sorry!


    Once these two parts are out of the way, you really don't need to change much, just replace parts as they break, which is infrequently at best. The parts that broke in mine, broke in this order: Nozzle which was replaced with an RA-Tech aluminum one with the NPAS, buffer retainer which was replaced with a steel one, bearing on the hammer which was replaced with the bearing from my G&P Burst kit which did not work and then eventually replaced the entire trigger unit with the burst kit and then my stock bolt catch broke in two at the pin that it pivots on which does not effect function, just creates an annoying wobble. I have since replaced that bolt catch with another G&P one until such time that I find a suitable replacement to it that is one piece. The last one I attribute to the use of a steel bolt carrier and a heavy recoil spring which on locking back puts a ton of pressure on the bolt catch.


    If there is any one important thing, it's that sometimes when you replace a part, you will find that another part will wear out and so you end up chasing durability throughout the system. So far, I've gone about 15000-16000 rounds on HPA without any part failures and I'm hoping it stays that way near indefinitely.

  9. Hello again,


    My first build part has arrived, my G&P C8A1 Receiver. It's got a really nice feel, and the trademark are much more clearly cut than the stock lower. I've snapped a few pictures of the entire AEG in it's current "disassembled" state, and of the D.I.S. and C8 receiver. The next thing that I plan to pick up will probably be the CAR-15 stock, followed by a KAC RIS, as then it'll start to look more like a diemaco. Unfortunately however, when I was trying to take the Delta ring off (which I managed with a pair of needle nose pliers, take that AR-15 armourer's tool!) I slightly gouged the surface and scratched it. I won't stand for that on one my builds (:P) so I'll sell it at a discount and pick up a new ring. Yes, I am that pinickity (sp?). This is a rather short entry as I don't have a great deal to write about yet, so, on with the pictures...






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    And it happened again.


    I posted a topic and the first replies were ' use google', or 'after five hits on google' and similar. As much as I sometimes get annoyed with people posting questions on '1+1', I always invest that 5 seconds and write the answer (which is '2' by the way). What's the point of a forum, when all your asnwers are 'UTFG', 'find this', 'find that', 'moron, use search function' and so on? Maybe someone doesn't have as much time or it just doesn't occur to them, so we who have the spare 5 seconds at that time do the search for them.


    Is it such a big problem? Honestly.

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    Andrew March
    Latest Entry

    Wowsers, now I have a bloggy thing on Arnies, a very cool addition if you ask me. Thanks Arnie :)

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    Well I dunno, been off Arnies and the airsoft scene in general for almost a year thought i'd come back on here (re)introduce myself only to be accused of being some random in disguise (kidscotland?) and then have the thread locked. Bloody charming <_<


    Update: Ok after speaking to a member on here turns out this KS was a bit special and had a thing for dramatic 'i'm back' returns, after seeing his posts I was linked to I find it rather embarrassing to be put in the same boat as that chump. I believe there is a slight difference between his self importance i'm back nonesense and me saying saying hello been off the scene for about a year and looking to get back into it.


    Nothing like being made welcome, wish I never bothered now.

  10. TMC
    Latest Entry

    Wow, I remember this blog...


    Hi guys, long time no see.



  11. Can't believe it's been a whole month already. The shortest month in the year, but still several weeks...


    I've not done everything I wanted as far as fun airsoft stuff goes, but I made a little headway with my planned projects (and a little with some unplanned ones, too).


    I did buy and install the quite nice CA MP5SD front assembly, and I'm pretty glad I did. The gun is far from quiet as far as suppressed AEGs go (in fact less quiet even than with the standard end and a KA suppressor), but the grip is much more comfortable and the whole thing looks very nice as is. It would figure that the day I get the money to buy an SEF lower receiver I saw on eBay both were sold to other people. Nearly 3 weeks with absolutely no apparent interest, then bam, they're both gone. It's pretty comical. :P I've not been able to track another one down with a similar price, and along with my lack of funds yet again I think this is going to have to be put on the back burner for a while. The current N group isn't too bad though, it's mostly that the selector comes down too low when in full auto for my liking and presses up on my index finger. Although, last time I tried an SEF the selector hit my thumb in FA. I do like the look of the old-school SEF better, which is another main reason for getting it. At this point it would probably be better and cheaper to just sell the JG I have and buy a CA, but that's not as fun.


    Since I ended up with a spare front end I decided to go along with sticking it on an old well that I had. I also bought a solid stock to try it out, but I didn't like the feel or the look as much, so I ended up sticking that on the stockless Well too. For a pretty old and supposedly crappy gun, it actually fires quite well and has held up for a long time. Like I think I mentioned in my previous entry, I wanted to keep it for a backup or loaner AEG, but I decided that some other upgrade parts would be better than another AEG so I sold it. It probably wouldn't have been a bad idea to keep the extra parts I put on it, but I'm almost sure that the state it would be in would make it hard to sell for anything more than $5.


    Got a picture of both, with the Well sporting an ACOG just for the hell of it:




    The ACOG I actually got in a trade, but I'm not too impressed with it. I was originally going to put it on my WE M4, but of course while waiting for it and the specialty Krytox lube I accidentally lost the very necessary hop up parts so it now does not fire BBs. :rolleyes: I think I might even sell the 'COG, even though it took a long time to get to me and it was something that I was pretty excited about.


    The Krytox I was waiting for on the other hand is every bit as good as I thought it would be. The grease itself is a perfect consistency for most GBB applications, and as very slick. I'd describe it as frictionless, but that's stretching it a bit. The right amount on O-rings, inside of cylinders, on floating valves, and on the inside of the WE's bolt carrier does make everything operate tons better, even without cold temperatures. Just to try I also stuck my newly lubed WA 1911 and magazine in the freezer for 10 minutes then pulled it out and rapid-fired through half a mag (about 8-9 rounds), with zero catastrophic failures. Performance wasn't that great of course, but considering the slide locked back on the last round I think I could say I'm sold on the "it works" part. I also notice a bit better performance with my WE, too. All of its advantages do come at a hefty price (about $20 an ounce!), but since I didn't have to pay for it and a little bit goes a long way I'm pretty darn happy.



    Since I couldn't get my SEF lower I bought a threaded barrel for my WA, or so I thought at least. It turns out it was actually just a CCW adapter for the threaded barrel, which wasn't included like I thought. Basically the mix-up occurred because the site I ordered from is Japanese, and although it was in English, as expected the people that wrote the description probably don't use English for much more other than their job. So basically the page with the threaded barrel read "This is the CW attachment. If you want CCW buy [link] this one [/link]." Naturally I thought it was the same thing just with a CCW screw because I didn't bother to closely read the description. I was a bit confused when I finally got the package, but the $25 shipped threaded barrel for a WA part finally made sense.


    So right now I have a $25 aluminium screw thing with absolutely zero use. I don't have the $50 to spare for the actual barrel either, and honestly I don't think I would get it even if I did. I may be stupid enough to spend hundreds of dollars on plastic ball shooting (on a good day, when they work) toys that I rarely use, but $75+ on an aluminium threaded barrel for my toy suppressor is way beyond me. I did ask my pop about it, and he said he'll see what he can do about tapping the inside of my steel guarder barrel for me. Maybe not a total loss after all. If he can do it, it'll actually probably be better than the ally one that would cost me $50.



    Besides that, I've not done much to my own stuff. My WE is, as mentioned, not working and won't be for at least another few weeks (until I can get the replacement parts), so I obviously haven't invested anything besides the lube into that. I'm pretty sure I might skip the whole "faux16" thing, since I'd much rather convert it into a full-length M16. A guy that had posted his converted rifle that he deigned and had machined, Coco, was kind enough to share his plans with me. He said he would be willing to have one made for me, but it would cost more than I would be willing to spend, especially after the other necessary (in my eyes) items that I would need, like handguards, a new inner barrel, and a solid stock. It's still something that I'm considering, but honestly I don't think it will ever come to fruition.


    I also removed the ugly (and as I discovered, stupid) rail and RDS off of my M3 shotty. My eyes don't focus well with any of the RDSes I've tried, and they generally just seem to be more of a hindrance overall than anything. Besides, it looks much more badass without it:





    One other thing I managed to do that was pretty selfless was to fix up my brother's TM M4 (Which I also bought for him after he was scammed. Am I the best sibling of the year or what?). Basically the only thing that was really wrong with it originally was the 3,658 piece barrel that Marui used stock that wobbled like crazy. I bought a Dboys outer, but as luck would have it it's different specifications than Marui's, and among other things the handguard was about .5 inch too short. Easily solved by buying a new handguard, right? Of course not. The Dboys handguard just happened to be real-spec, and so wouldn't work with Marui's delta ring assembly and little front circle thingy. So of course the new barrel nut I bought had slightly different threads, and took about an hour of filing and force-threading to get on and stable. After that it did go together pretty nicely, and the barrel is rock-solid. In addition I redid the handguard wiring, which was excessively bulky in my opinion. I removed the fuse and its panel, and rewired it to Deans. I also fixed a second-hand EOtech that he bought, which had a stripped mount nut. Basically all I did was grind a nut and super glued it behind the it behind the standard nut (which also clamped the sight to the rail) so it wouldn't fall off during installation.




    With all the airsoft and other work I've been doing, my hands (and especially knuckles) have been shredded from slipped wrenches and other tools. I get asked who I beat occasionally. :D



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    Its been a while since I added any new entries.


    I've been thinking of some possible projects but I usually don't have the tools, funds, or time to do them.


    One project that I've been on again off again with is an airsoft SKS.

    I plan on making it gas and blowback. Though, I also thought of using MagnumBB's M14 NBB kit.

    Stocks are fairly priced and parts (bolt carriers, receiver covers) are easy to find.

    Though, I might use an Albanian SKS stock just for looks.


    Another project I thought of was making a Walther WA2000 influenced sniper rifle.

    It would be based off a M324, but I imagine that the way that the barrel and receiver sit in the gun, other base guns (VSRs, Bar10s, etc) could easily be modified to fit.

    The rifle would look close to a WA2000 except with more square tubing on the upper parts of the frame and bolt action.


    One last project that I recently thought of was a custom metal Jericho 941.

    It would require alot of milling of course.

    I plan on making the base off a 1911 (custom mags/modified blowback system) or a glock.

    Still, I think I'm going to have to find a better mill.



  12. RacingManiac
    Latest Entry

    I'll the the pics speak for themselves....











    I tried a set of cocking handle that uses the mounting base for the Marui Bomar, but since I had the C-More mounted by a gunsmith before I got the cocking handle, the space underneath the C-more is not enough for the stock sight. I'll have to get another cocking handle(maybe the ProG4) that fits flush to the profile of the slide...


    The gun is not zeroed or tuned yet. Test fired today and chronoed 370fps using .20g and PDI 6.05 barrel. Will need a bit more fitting work to get the gun working well, and I'll probably cut down the stock sight base just to temperarily have a cover for the sight cutout...


    Current parts list:

    TM Hi-Capa 5.1 Base


    Airsoft Surgeon Government length SVI Frame

    ProG4/ILLusion Custom Limcat Phantera Hybrid slide(~4.7" length)

    ProG4/ILLusion Custom Limcat matching profile compensated hybrid barrel(.38 Super Hybrid Marking)

    Airsoft Surgeon Spur Hammer

    Nova Ambi-Safety, SVI style

    Nova Grip Safety, SVI Style

    Stock Marui Grip+TruGrip

    ProG4 STI 2 tone magwell.

    Nova Trigger

    9Ball Extended Slide Catch

    C-More Seredipity 830 RDS



    ProG4/ILLusion Custom Lightweight BBU with O-Ring

    Airsoft Surgeon Reinforced Nozzle

    Airsoft Surgeon Sear, Valve Striker, Hammer Strut

    PDI 7" 6.05 Stainless Inner Barrel

    ProG4/ILLusion Custom Custom 2 piece Stainless Guiderod

    Guarder Recoil and Hammer Spring


    I'll post more pics of the internal and parts as I tune the gun more(and inevitably take it apart many more times)....




  13. I posted this up on the forums earlier then I realised that it was good blog material too, since it is a querky little thing that I am sure other people have also thought about themselves.


    I know that the Airsoft world and the Gaming world are entirely separate. But I think that since there is an amazing coincidental parallelity between what guns are on CallOfDuty and which models are produced in airsoft (e.g. Stg44/COD5). So perhaps we should all go to them with our ideas.


    All those airsofters who have mad cravings for a particullar unique, odd and previously unattempted model (in the airsoft world) should write to Infinity Ward (developers of COD) and ask them to include it in COD 6, thus drastically improving its chances of it being produced in airsoft form.


    If only my theory was real, cause then I really would write to Microsoft and beg for a BREN. And I think there would be further calling for more WW2 guns aswell, Mosin Nagant and some French guns among them.

  14. Well I finally finished my 1911. Here's a few pictures, I hope you like them :D




    TM 1911A1
    PGC Springfield Armory Metal Kit
    PDI Koutetsu Springfield Armory Chamber And Barrel
    PDI Koutetsu Mil Spec Hammer
    PDI Koutetsu Sear
    Springfield Armory G.I. Grips
    PGC Recoil Spring
    PGC Piston Head
  15. More parts came in for various projects. First up is the Vickers Tactical mag catch for KSC Glocks. Made by TangoDown the things i pretty much indestructible. Easy drop in fitment (unlike some airsoft pieces) and it has a nice beveled pad which just feels better, as well as a slight extension to aid in actuation. Pretty cheap too ($15).






    Vickers Tactical:




    I still have a two-tone BoomArms Schuey slide for this sucker but I am far too lazy to actually get around to fitting it. The stupid legs on the outer barrel are way out of spec, and the slide to barrel fit is so tight you need to remove the BBU to fit the barrel in. Too much work, but I will get around to it sometime, sooner or later that it.


    Lots of new Western Arms pieces are showing up as well.


    First up is the RS Larue Tactical / Troy rear folding sight. Set to A2 specs, it is a great rear sight, often the one that all others are compared to.




    Easy installation, it drop right onto the rear rail of the WA. In truth it fits a bit tightly when folded down, but nothing worry about, and I will be swapping to a metal receiver when they become available. Very, very nice piece (especially with the free gift) and with a lifetime warranty, it is worth the rather significant price.










    The other piece that arrived today was the VLTOR Low Profile Gas Block. With the new rail system I have coming in, I couldn't keep the stock front sight / gas block. This is a very nice piece which should fit comfortably underneath the rail.




    Hopefully the remaining pin pass through in the barrel won't be too noticable since this piece is about half as long. I don't think it looks too bad, but unfortunately the fake gas tube doesn't fit into the real steel piece. Ah well I will either buy a new one in RS or figure something out.




    I am probably going to go RS so I can use a mid-length gas tube and push the gas block out some. Right now it is still set up for a carbine length. I will probably buy two so I can also use a mid-length position on my other gun. Speaking of the other gun, man I am at a loss as to what to do. I keep seeing Daniel Defense rails popping up now, and I am loathe to do what other people are doing unless I really need to. I might go 9" Omega, but that is still close to what everyone else is using. I might just go Larue and be done with it, but I have time yet.


    I still need to buy the stock for for this gun and at least a new pistol grip for the new gun. Man these WAs are a pile of money if you choose to go real steel. The next gun is going to rock a Larue Iron Dot with a Burris Fastfire. I think that is going to be amazing.


    Too many options out there, far too many.


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