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Airsoft, and other Shenanigans!

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My own blog!

Oooh, a new fangled addition to the website, fun fun fun.   So, after making the choice between Airsoft or a Gaming Computer, i chose Airsoft, which i feel is the right decision.   But after the hard drive crashed on my main computer,.. well, i've been consigned to the laptop until i get a new computer! Anyway:   Some new clone guns have come unto the market, tempting me to the point of narrowing it down to the Warrior L96, or the A&K M249 MKII,.. both have there good points and b



Aha an update!

So, an update is now.   A busy two weeks of coursework, and 5 finished assignments to show for it, alas there done and out the way.   Well, what else has been going on in the past 2 weeks, well aside from college and the usual coursework skedadel, i've been making more time to see people, go out and do what men normally do.... when they go out.   Now, talk about spreading the love of all things bacterial but, c'mon spreading the cold about is really taking it too far, and during a time



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