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Chasing Durability - G&P WOC GBBr's

Cursed GBBr's, they are Soooo unreliable! Of course, anyone that understands the system knows that this is a half truth. In stock form, it can be horrifyingly unreliable, frequent failure to fires, light striking, venting of magazines, spontaneous part failures and so on. As with AEG's there is this struggle between cost and performance and a choice between the thousands of parts out there to make a reliable GBBr. I hope to cover at least a few points of the most notable failures in the WA b



G&P's Western Arms Official Custom (WOC) Notes and Progress - 1/10/2011

As many involved in the Gas Blow Back world know, I own a G&P M16A4 WOC. Most notably, I own a WOC that is converted to run on High Pressure Air (HPA). I have received literally hundreds of PM's, questions, etc about the conversion and while I have to say I'm flattered, I'd just like to share that there is a lot of "school of hard knocks" progress that it took to get to this point. My loss, is of course your gain. So lets look at the base gun as it stands to this day:     [base] G&



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