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Fixing stuff feels good.

Maybe it's a male thing or maybe it stems from insecurity but I always get a kick from fixing stuff. Properly.   I've been wanting to fit some fancy new headlights on my BMW for ages and I bought a set but was disappointed by the quality of them. I aborted the operation but, during a trip to a scrap yard, I spotted a set of damaged BMW headlights and I bought them with the intention of combining the good bits of the fancy new headlights with the quality of the original BMW units. This too



Stupid Day

Today is a special day.   Amongt the landslide of sh*te that makes up the thankless task of moderating an internet forum it's often difficult to tell the very bad from the absolutely awful. Today, however, through the concentrated efforts of a number of induhviduals, manages to stant head and shoulders above the usual pit of dross and, thus, May 8th will forever more be known as Stupid Day, in honour of those that gave so many of their remaining brain cells to make the rest of us laugh. W



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