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CA36c vs. TM G36c

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here is really no difference. They are the same gun, same thing.






"Classic Army CA36c"


1) Single matte body color

2) Higher stock FPS (NOT factory upgraded. Thats a lie)

3) Slightly stronger body (won't make a difference)


"Marui G36c"


1) Somewhat of a difference between parts when it comes to color.


(ie. The Magwell, motorgrip/trigger selector area, and foregrip are all gloss black and the body is more of a matte dark grey)

2) FPS is slightly less

3) Body will stand up to anything that you can throw at it. CA just have a mixture closer to the real thing when it comes to texture


4) Marui actually have the actual trademarks. These are very attractive. The CA gun have "Classic Army" written where the H&K trades should be..





I would go for the Marui. There are more upgrade kits for it, Marui has a good track record of QC (quality control), and it is much cheaper. The CA is more expensive, harder to upgrade, and CA have had a lot of trouble in the past with their gearboxes (although these problems seem to be diminished, if not entirely eraticated)


Marui is just the better choice in my opinion.








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