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Old age my dear, it creeps up on you wink.gif


If it makes you, or indeed anyone, feel any better then I can tell you that I work with a pensioner who takes over a dozen tablets every day just to keep himself alive, and he's still going strong and working 3 full days a week; the man in question is a 78-year old chappie called Harry.


Silly thing is, right, that he gets less money as a worker now than he would if he packed it in and took his state pension dry.gif


And he gets investigated every year because HM Revenue and Customs finds it suspicious that a 78-year old man can still work and still pays taxes. They still take those takes from him of course, the man served in a World War and has dilligently paid his taxes for 62 years, not that he'll ever get any credit for it ....


But he is one of the chirpiest and most satisfied people I've ever met!! Goes to a match every other week (or every week, if its on) and still takes the p*ss out of his nippers and all his relatives on a daily basis biggrin.gif


So take heart from his example (I certainly do) and be of good cheer, I'm sure there's plenty of life left in you yet smile.gifsmile.gif



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19? God, you're not married with kids yet?


On the shelf, I'm afraid biggrin.gif


Pah!!! 19's so YOUNG, I wouldn't even want to be 19 again smile.gif


Plenty of new experiences to look forward to... Some of them will even be enjoyable!


Still, 20's knocking on Death's door...

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