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Parents on holiday? Woo!

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My parents went on a nice two week holiday to Crete, and me being a lazy bugger, stayed home.


20 year old male + house - parents = fun!


Computer, xbox and minifridge all found new temporary homes in the livingroom upstairs, and the room itself got a huge makeover (by that, I mean move the sofa infront of the LCD TV...) For about a week, I survived on Rustlers microwavable food and the local chippy. Hardly health food, but what can I say... it was fun.


Then, I got myself a rather nice laptop. This was pretty much an impulse buy... I went to Currys intend on buying a 19" TFT monitor and walked out with a Advent M740 laptop.


Overall I am very impressed with this laptop. With 1.73ghz of processor power, a gig of DDR ram and a 128mb PCI-Express X700 Graphics card it's nothing to go "feh" to. I had alot of naysayers stating that it wouldn't play Battlefield 2 on even the lowest settings. Funny how I can run it on medium settings absolutely fine.


Hilariously, the powersupply on my desktop PC literally blew up. Though I replaced it with a spare, the damned thing just won't be the same again. Thus, I'll be stripping out the insides and putting new internals in.


Anyway, back to my vacation. For the following week, I was actually cooking stuff (*gasp*). ...Okay, so it was chips and chicken fillets, but I was cooking. That's all that matters. My friend came up for the remaining week and pretty crashed here, bringing his computer up for LANnage fun. His bacon sandwiches have more fat content than the original pig had in it's entire body... very yummy!


Well, thinks are back the way they were now... and I hate my job just as much. Oh well, though.


Oh, and to anyone who wants to play with me on Battlefield 2, my username on Xfire is SaFalken.




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