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Oops, I did it again.



I was looking for how I had managed to smash a lightbulb this morning ...... after a 4-pack of Grolsch and a bottle of half-decent white wine on a Tuesday night I usually find myself looking for quite a few things.


Sobriety being one of them, an appetite being the other main one.


I was blatantly still p*ssed walking to work this morning, I would have been run down at the traffic lights if the usual thing had happened where some impatient sod runs the red light, thankfully though the good people of Hampshire were actually obeying the traffic laws for once wink.gif


I just realised it was a walking stick I must have been twirling around in my bedroom like some pre-teen twat, and I guess after a couple of lucky misses the light finally bought the farm and I was treated to a shower of amorphous silicon dioxide, all over the bed, the floor, and the cannibalised PC strung out across the floor in a healthy state of disrepair.


Despite this hilarity in total darkness while utterly smashed I somehow managed to get to bed, sleep for a few hours, get up and bugger off to work and remain unshredded by the glass shards that must be in there somewhere, I guess I've got that to look forward to when I get home laugh.gif


Just thought I would share, y'know. On the off-chance anyone could possibly care rofl.gif Oh dear, only 6 hours to go ..... wink.gif


Editty: see, what actually happened was I took a chunk out of the bulb but it remained impressively intact.


Look I know the pictures are both unnecessary and a bit silly but it demonstrates how I don't have a bed full of glass. A pleasant occurrence, let me tell you.


Entry wound:

user posted image

(note the circular hole where the stick made contact)



Exit wound:

user posted image

(900mm Hollowpoint Walking Stick wink.gifbiggrin.gif )



Nicely framed interesting photo showing both the fragility and strength of glass.:

user posted image



There you go. And not just because I'm too hungover again to make some proper entries. Much.



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biggrin.gif I found not a lot in the way of candy, but the effect of it shattering and darkness taking hold of the room was pretty sweet ...


Boom boom!! *groans*


I got a picture of the bulb actually and I have an answer to my puzzlement ...


Edit: see original post wink.gif

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