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Dark Angel XIX.....




Recently, I've been playing at Electrowekrz a lot. I'm sure most board members will be aware that at EW, which is the most intense CQB site in the country, there is a team called the Dark Angels.


The Dark Angels have a deserved reputation for being hardcore and very very good. They are at present not accepting auditions, you have to be 'recruited' by an existing member.


I showed up tuesday last and got introduced to Lex, Darkangel 1. We chatted for a bit, and then he casually says "Oh, and by the way, this is Euan. He'll be running your assessment."


WTF? blink.gif


Apparently Situpking and Janno had been effusive enough at praising my ability to get him to waive the entry requirements of 'live in London and surrounding area.'


The night passes in a frantic blur of fire and manouver, and at the end of it Lex presents me with a DA badge. I'm still kinda in shock over it; I've talked before how one of the things that matters most to me not the game but the people, and this is realy the best compliment anyone has ever paid me in my life. These are people I respected and looked up to as being some of the best players in the country - they're insanely nails - and now I'm one of them.


Still hasn't quite sunk in....


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As said on the night, it was a well-deserved badge. Tom and i only made brief mention of you to the top brass, and it was up to them when/if you'd be invited to join.


In the end, it was your fast movement, high degree of awareness, and overly fair play that won over our tactical advisor (Euan). Lex also took an interest in how you were doing throughout the night, and there were no doubts that you would make an excellent addition to the team. Sadly, i had a site to run, and couldn't keep watch the whole time, but from what i saw, your play and sportsmanship was excellent - just the thing we need to continue to raise the profile of our team.


Welcome to the brotherhood.


Andrew Janson

Firefight London

Firefight DarkAngel 2iC

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