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Ups and downs



I was having another look at this thread today, and noticed a lot of people putting fluctuating scores based on what had happened that day. So in a desperate attempt to find a way into updating my blog, I noticed I've had a bit of a fluctuating week.


I had a really good night out last Saturday, wearing my new skirt that ate into my Guns 'n Guys budget but was oh so worth it. Princess mode for the win!! biggrin.gif Dancing in my corset probably wasn't the best idea, as I found out from Lex at EW that I probably gave myself a cramp in my intercostal muscles that contributed to my panic attack on Tuesday night. Whoops sad.gif Regardless, that night was definitely at least an 8.


Fast forward to Tuesday for a change of scenery: London.

Overnight megabus = tired and grumpy = 3

Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast = 6 biggrin.gif

Embracing my inner geek by visiting the science museum = 7

Reverting to being three years old while shopping in Hamleys toy shop = 8

Realising it's 5pm and I'm going to be playing Electrowerkz in about two hours = 5 (eeek!!)

Playing first game (speedball) and being on the winning team = 9

Panic attack induced by adrenaline overload = 2 sad.gif

Getting collected enough to get back in for a pistols only game = 7

Uncomfortable night's sleep on megabus home = 4


I spent all of Wednesday in bed, I was completely exhausted. I think I was awake for about two hours, so not enough to be happy or sad really. 5.


Thursday was another day in bed, this time feeling generally *suitcasey*: both legs are killing me from the knees up, my back hurts, I feel like I'm getting the flu and I'm still tired. Still, I managed to get some reading done while relaxing in bed so it wasn't a total loss. 6.


Friday I got up and started walking again, so much so that I actually got out to uni for my lecture biggrin.gif Downside is that this is the fourth day our flat has been without hot water, so I've had to resort to washing my hair in the sink until the guy gets here to fix the boiler. Two guys do show up, do some fiddling with wires, and claim they have fixed the problem. Have they ######s. Not happy mad.gif so Friday works out at 5.


Yesterday we got another guy round to fix the hot water, with mixed results: he found out what the problem really was but told us it would be monday before he could fix it. Grumble grumble. Still, today wasn't a total loss since my dad decided to drop in on me. I haven't seen my dad since August 2004. smile.gif That was definitely an 8.


Today's been slightly ###### as it's never nice to wake up to a sore throat, then having to have ribena and paracetamol for breakfast. On the plus side these new pringles are pretty yummy, and I have Mr and Mrs Smith to watch later on biggrin.gif


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