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Went out to a `rave` (messy, debauched underground-style mashup, for those that don't quite know) at Londons swanky SE1 nightclub on Friday, totally on a whim and a late and random invitation; it turned out to be pretty much identical to a festival but indoors - under a railway bridge in Lambeth in fact - in a cavernous series of rooms in the dank and seedy underbelly of UK nightlife ( i.e. the best part).


Turns out it was run by and for ......


peace-lovers advocating hate ( ohmy.gif ) busy making unsubtle insinuations towards violence!?!



Ah yes, my very favourite of all activists; the militant hippy. Actually they tie with fundamentalist terror-loving muslims, but we've already had enough of that this week wink.gif


Bunch of idiots in fact, these activist hippies, and this is coming from a hippy himself although the difference is I hold some rather more important (IMHO) things in regard than these over-zealous counter-liberal douches.

I do hope I am making friends here wink.gif I'll be making more in a minute biggrin.gif


The thing with the overly liberal hippiefied idea that all this corporate profit-driven meat-eating business - that has kept them clothed, protected from real violence and immunised against the diseases that kill all the Poor sods in Africa for their whole lives - is destroying our planet, is that it is both unchallengeable in the first place, and secondly and most importantly that its actually not all that evil.


The whole idea of `evil corporate America and its puppydog Britain` has been twisted out of the reality that it is by the pinko equivalent of Abu Hamza.

Mr Hamza goes out for the day and to make sure he gets his job done he has a checklist: -


One copy of the Qu'ran,

One apparently infallible belief set that is so open to interpretation that the basic rules of the actual religion can be overlooked when naughty men twist it to fulfill their own murderous agendas,

One hook, and

One streaming and unrelenting litany of evangelical and sanctimonious hatred for the western commercial ideal.


Mr Pinko-supposedly-liberal also has a checklist:


One copy of The Bumper Fun Book Of Lies About Nature,

One generic yet apparently original belief set - loosely called "spiritualism" but some idiots still call it paganism - that copies the most perfunctory and simplistic parts of the most famous religions (backdate christianity about 6,000 years to the ZorroAstrians and you get the basic idea),

One cup of herbal non-gluten wheat-free totally guiltless* tea, and

One streaming and unrelenting litany of evangelical & sanctimonious hatred for the western corporate ideal.




Now the problem I have with the generic idea is the usual "America is bad and the western world is corporate and corrupt".




Nice health system you got there! I see your not dead from TB, or polio, or rubella ..... would that be thanks to a strong economy that enabled your country to have fully comprehensive vaccination program since you were born?? I reckon it might be.


Wow! Fantastic clothes your wearing!! You had a certain choice when shopping didn't you? Facilitated by this here country being so well developed and progressive thanks to enterprising capitalists over the past 200 years (and more) that you had that choice? Even if you bought it from some headshop that claimed all those wooden dragons were carved in Africa (more exploitation? I think so! Did Johnny Afrikaans receive the full £200 price tag in his paypal account this morning?? F**k no!!) then consider, please, the arrangements that brought it ultimately to you. Shipping, packing, advertising, negotiating, storage, commercial costs, overheads, and then of course the miniscule cost of actual manufacture - and markups at every step of the way except the very first.


I see you got here by car!! etc. etc.


No idea of how the world works allows militant hippies and most hippies in general to think that whatever they do is somehow a choice, one that benefits the people who make that initial effort, the oppressed indigenous peoples of dozens of countries.....


Well sorry, but it just don't. If it did, we would lose all our power and status quick-smart and pretty soon you would be whinging because another culture had inflicted it's own ideals and beliefs onto you and yours, perhaps even by force.


Besides that there is the great good done in the western world by all this economic power, and we are the only ones able to do the world the greater good because of it and will continue to do so via forums such as the G8 summit, and agreements to end situations such as the Cold War due mostly to mutual power and the will - and reticence - to wield it.


All these things that make up the big picture are hidden from the militant hippy, because they are so adamant that they are the minority doing the right thing that they fail to see that there aren't actually that many wrong things, especially when you consider how else it could possibly be done.

How good would the hippies be at running the world? It would collapse in an ineffective heap after a couple of years if they held to their ideals, and if they compromised on them that's as good as admitting that the way we do things now is a better and truly realistic way for us to survive, and progress as a society.


The simplest and largest oversight of the hippy is the nature of human nature. Our present system deals with and accomodates and controls the evils of human nature better than anything else.

Without it there is no point being `for the good` of anything as it is no longer true humanity that is being cared for.


The even simpler root of it is that you can't change people, only deal with them.


Mostly though the thing that ###### me off about militant hippies is their silly and juvenile belief that they even can, let alone will, actually change the world according to the rules that they just made up. Its like confronting a mob of 8-year olds, ones that are more articulate and well-versed in the indoctrinated anti-corporate b***ocks, but nevertheless they are simply a bunch of hyperactives that believe they know better than the people who have kept them alive throughout their whole existence so far, and who are the only ones who know and truly care about how to do so in the future.


Talk about ungrateful rolleyes.gif


*see here. I realise that this is a very maddox-esque entry actually .... coincidence I assure you. Honest.


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