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AEG Realism



It remains cold and difficult to test airsoft, but that's not stopped me posting up a few new reviews on the justpistols website.


I've also been photographing some of my current guns (some for review, some for fun as they're already reviewed) with my lovely new digital SLR and you'll find a lot of these shots are in the picture threads and/or my gallery.


One of the guns not yet reviewed is my ICS MP5 SD5 AEG. As I don't skirmish, an AEG is an indulgence, but I've been enjoying the AEG (all metal goodness smile.gif ) experience (especially in the cold weather, when it doesn't vent freezing gas all over my hands!) and I've been attracted to the idea of another AEG.


The particular model that's taken my fancy is the G&P SPR Armalite style sniper rifle. I've read some mixed reviews and it is quite expensive, but I'm tempted by the mixture of Assault rifle and long barrelled sniper rifle. Another, very similar rifle I'm considering is the G&G SR25, but that's semi-auto only - realistic, but a little dull for an AEG... smile.gif


If anyone's got any experience with either of these AEGs, drop me a PM or add a comment to this thread.


One thing that my investigation into AEGs has highlighted is that realism seems less important to the AEG buyer than it does to many GBB owners, but it might explain why some threads on GBBs divide into people decrying lack of realism and those thinking the details are unimportant.


Most AEGs seem to feature fake markings, which would (IMO, and those of many others) be laughable on a GBB, but cause few raised eyebrows on an AEG. Even some guns with 'accurate' markings only feature them as transfers or painted-on markings, where the real thing has engraved markings.


I guess this really indicates that few AEG buyers are collectors and that they, fairly obviously, don't value high levels of realism that highly. It also makes sense that those same people can't understand the GBB collector's value of realism on gas guns.




PS Does anyone ever read these blogs?


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Well, the biggest unrealistic thing about AEGs- espescially the semi auto DMR/Marksman types is the trigger lag. On a real gun, you pull the trigger, or if its set properly you tap it, and boom, lead goes down range, on an AEG, you have to hold the trigger back for half a second (or maybe more if its upgraded) so they don't act real, also on most the bolts dont move -in fact useing your MP5 as an example of this is perfect as the bolt is partially molded into the body- unless its to expose the hop unit, so maybe with AEGsits a subconsious thing? IE It doesn't Act 100% like the real thing, why should it look 100% like the real thing?


PS, nah: just me and elrey tongue.gif

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Not too much on the viewage, but those who do are dedicated.


The unrealism of AEGs stems from economy -- I dislike the way ALL (read even my $2kUS ones) handle, I usually find myself tapping the trigger, but only compressing the spring 3/4 of the way, and having to pull again in a frustrated way to get a BB to head downrange.


I'm all about realistic trademarks -- the issue here is that AEGs are utilitarian -- which to some means using 600rd magazines like nothing's up. That's your average user, so there's that.


There is a camp among AEG enthusiasts that is a lot like you (myself included) and tends to glob around the G&P guns (GET THE SPR!!!), I use Marui locap mags stuffed with 32BBs each, and then have to play against fools with 450rd mags who make a nice looking M4 function like a garden hose.


Cheers! G&P Guns are nice: I have the WGC Custom M16A3 w/ CA M5 RAS, which is nice, but my new G&P Based SAM-R will own beyond all reason!

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