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Straight past your nose and turn left at the elbow



Bloody London cabbies, right? They are famed throughout the country (`nay, even the world!` according to the gushings of the olympic planning committee wink.gif ) for their unrivalled knowledge of the cit streets.


Even apart from this, you would imagine that the coppers who are on guard duty at the bloody houses of freakin' parliament would know their way around the immediate area of the City, would you not?


Evidently not, as it happens, because we were sent in many directions other than the correct one to try and locate the SE1 venue. It doesn't help that its only accessible from one shady doorway in the middle of a narrow little underground roadway, but its THE LARGEST LICENSED NIGHTCLUB IN BLOODY LONDON!!!!


Its underneath London bridge station!! Its FrEaKiN' huUuUuGe!!!'


And imagine bumping into some other distraught hippies that were lost, and them asking directions from the oh-so-clever knowledge base that is our fair capital's taxi driving community, and them receiving the same kind of bizarre grief as we are sent every which way but loose on a cold Friday night in February!!?!




In total I think we were sent in 6 different directions between us, the bobbies at Westminster sent us over the bridge into the heart of SE1-land, a taxi driver sent us back over it, 2 more taxi drivers sent us in 2 other (totally conflicting) directions, and the other damn fool clubbers trying to get there hijacked another pair of hanson cabs who proceeded to calmly send us right up the garden path.




Mind you, its not just the cabbies who have botched things, it seems a lot of things in the city's transport agenda are fuxx00red laugh.gif


Of course it is rude to ask a cabbie for directions but I put on my best charming face and pleaded poverty when asking them, in the vain hope of not getting stitched. Plus we really didn't move around that much - we crossed the same area of crossroads 4 times - and we knew where we were being sent to and from and it was obvious it wasn't the right damn way!!


In the end we found it was the opposite way from where even the cops had sent us!! I guess this is what Londoners do for entertainment, then?? biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif Pretty cool if it is actually; I'm pretty sure I would do the same thing.


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the bobbies at Westminster sent us over the bridge into the heart of SE1-land, a taxi driver sent us back over it

Wait, the Polis were right and didn't try to wind you up? blink.gif That would never happen in Glasgow. mellow.gif

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Yup: "Return to London Waterloo please"








Check out the links to the club itself up there in the post, I had no idea it was quite that prestigious, or large.


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