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I am hugely impressed and shocked that something as cool as this:

http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...ndpost&p=638612 is allowed to happen in airsoft.


I mean, come on?!!! Why the hell are we p**sing around in some woodland with rhododendrons and artificial 'nam villages when there's this abandoned factory area over in sunny Spain that looks pretty much like every cool urban invasion movie ever?!


Health and safety would throw a fit of course, but hey, screw 'em biggrin.gif If it was healthy and safe it wouldn't be much fun now, would it?


Man. I am totally blown away.





It gets me thinking of course .......


Without dreaming of the `ultimate site` too much, I would say that with a good area of ex-industrial origins you could have some incredibly intense and involving times, having never CQB'ed myself it has total novelty value anyway, but even so there are some amazing kind of possibilities out there that simply have not been capitalised on yet, and I wish I was a property tycoon right now because some funky funky sh*t is being concocted in my head. I just need a few houses and a roadway and half a million quid ......


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Holy *fruitcage* that place would be like a dream to play in

Some one out there must become a millionaire and buy a site like that for all us UK players to go live at when the VCRB comes in laugh.gif


A job in spain, and a skirmish site like that - sorted !

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