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Into the breach once more...



Ok, so this weekend, instead of running a game at Conflagration like I planned, I will instead be heading down to London for some serious training.


Topics covered:

Close protection/escort drills

Assault ladders

Vehicle drills

Dynamic Entry

Corridors and stairwells

Low-light combat (& use of torches)

Methodical search

Ballistic shields

Hostage rescue

Move & Cover

Firing whilst moving

Personal admin

Assault course (prizes for best team & best individual)

Final exercise


These courses will be supervised by qualified and currently active instructors from backgrounds such as law enforcement (armed police), close protection, and

experience working with various PMCs. Though there is an obvious difference between training with real firearms, and training with airsoft equipment, there are still many skills that are common to both.


I can't *fruitcage* wait....




8 midcaps for M4


2 Star mags for MP5

2 X Glock 19

2 X Spare Glock mags

2 X TM Hi-capa 5.1

4 X Spare Hi-capa Mags

4 X stick Batteries

3 X 8.4 brick batteries

Tactical light

Vertical grip


Blackhawk crossdraw

Body armour

Webbing Belt

Helmet (Protec)

Shooting glasses

Gloves (Armoured)

Gloves (Pistoleer)

Gloves (Thinsualte)

Comms (Primary)

Comms (Backup)

3 point sling

Mp5k Sling

Face mask

Buff bandana

Black BDU trousers

Black Army Jumper

Woodland BDU trousers

Woodland BDU shirt


3 X black t-shirts

2X boxers

3X pairs socks

SWAT Assault Boots

Casual clothes X 1

Casual Belt X 1

Cell Phone + bluetooth Headset




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