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Shotguns, and why I love them...



I have just purchased a Maruzen M870 shotgun.


It looks like this.


user posted image


It is horribly impractical to skirmish with due to the fact that it ejects shells, and I will probably only carry it as my 'marshalls gun' for making test shots.


However.....it is possible the gun that has made me smile the most out of my entire collection.


Shotguns always make me go a bit giddy - even with the inherent disadvantages of them in a skirmish environment I still will run around using my SPAS 12 as a primary weapon. Why?


Because let's face it kids, Shotguns are just *fruitcage*-ing cool. And this is probably the closest I'll get to a real one without a liscense.


The sheer glorifying cinematic joy of racking a pump and laying the smack down cannot be equalled in my mind, except possibly with John Woo Esque dual gunning. The sheer manly feeling of sliding shells into the tube and then 'bouncing' the pump one handed before entering the fray, I defy anyone to do it without smiling.


I loves my boomstick smile.gif


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... And then you have to go around picking up the shells afterwards, which leads to back problems, which'll eventually put you in a wheelchair.


You'll have to change your forum handle to Ironside or something.


Then again, i know one guy who put a Tesco bag on the side of his to catch the shells...

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Uh huh huh huh, shotguns, huh huh he he he he a-ha ha ha ha hahahahaHAHAHAHARGH!! *maniacal laughter* wink.gif


Yeah they are kinda cool laugh.gif Its not like you can't use them either, you just need to be conservative and a little less trigger happy (don't need to tell you how to shoot things of course).


One thing I would heartily recommend if you want something cool with great shells (much nicer than Maruzen shells) and a beautiful finish and action - Marushin M1887. I know you don't like 8mm but its the most fun gun to play with in the world biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


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Then again, i know one guy who put a Tesco bag on the side of his to catch the shells...


Good god man a tesco bag? Marks and Sparks or Asda at least...

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