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White Van Man



I started my new job today - it's a five week T.I.E. tour as a Soundie/Road manager for Raenbow Productions.


To be honest, the job itself I could do in my sleep, and I seem to be impressing as I've replace their rather dilapidated sound kit with my own and the quality of the show has gone up as a result. As it stands, the job is not the subject of the blog.


The subject is the white van I picked up this morning.It's a Fiat Ducato mid base, so it's actually deceptively large. And people fear it.


I'm serious. People give way at junctions and traffic lights, and generally behave a lot more courteously than they've ever done when I've driven a small car. In it's defense, it's probably because I could tank this thing into most things on the road and not bat an eyelid.


The more worrying thing is the tendancy I've noticed to allow the above to go to my head. Alan Davies does a big long sketch about how that as a motorcyclist, there is nothing worse than someone in a white van they don't own, and that there's always two people in it - one driving and one giving ideas.


I have more than enough ideas for myself, but I NEED to shake this feeling of semi-invincibilty before something bad happens, like me crashing the bloody thing.


Oh, and for some reason best known to the designers, they've decided to put the handbrake on the right! WTF?


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