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She's back, and she's got a new trick...



...magical Hardcore is ten times as slick as - erm, maybe not. I just realised I haven't been updating my blog for a good long while, so in the unlikely event that you've been worrying about me, here's a quick update.


1. I finished all my uni coursework. w00t. Exams soon. Poo.


2. Stuff is being built at Section 8 Airsoft. Cool stuff. Recent build days at the Shotts site means that we now have a bigger tree fort and a system of bunkers to play with since we can no longer use the farmhouse area. I'm thinking of helping out with a build day if I can get the time or the transport.


3. Ghost leaves for Greece in less than a week. Sadness sad.gif


4. Roleplay is goooood. Both of my current games are coming along swimmingly, and I've been researcging Silent Hill to try and glean some useful information. I'm also tempted to see the film, but have no-one to go with unsure.gif


5. Sharpe has once again graced my TV screen. All is right with the world.


6. This evening I shall most likely be out dancing. Happy Hardcore smile.gif


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Damn damn damn, damnit woman you reminded me I missed the new Sharpe! I literally *just* bought a nice new cavalry sabre purely because of this mad.gif


B*ll*cks to it.


I hope it was great sad.gifwink.gif Grrrrrrr....

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Oh do pipe down mr hippy who happens to be evil, unfortunately I only saw the first installment and had to miss the conclusion. However, I can tell you that it's on top form with the inclusion of:


Green rifleman's jackets!

Red coats!

7-barrelled volley guns!

Sweet young filly in bosom-baring white gown!

Sir Henry Simmerson!




Cunning plans!

Cliffhanger endings!


So I'll be picking up the DVD soon enough smile.gif

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Keep up the blog girl, after a while it becomes second nature!


I have 233 posts in mine now (give or take a few by my wife).


When are you coming down to EW again?

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Not entirely sure, I need to see what times I'm available this summer to actually go anywhere (damn all summer jobs!) but hopefully I'll be able to make a trip to the capital all on my lonesome smile.gif

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