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The musings of a sleepy Hardcore....

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I wonder how many chickens I've eaten in my life. Seriously, It must be a lot. I would eat chicken every day If I could, but considering I've eaten it probably at least three times a week since I was a child, that's a hell of a lot of chickens.


Also, if I managed to find a reliable method of counting every incident of chicken consumption (which is impossible) I would have to decide on a way of figuring out the almighty chicken number, which is even more difficult (if that were possible; do you get varying degrees of impossibilty?). Since packaged chicken contains meat from several birds, then I don't know exactly how many chickens were in my last Subway sandwich even though the overall mass of chicken was rather small. So I'd probably need to divide the total mass of consumed chicken and then divide it by average bird weight, so that I end up with an equivelant figure.


Ye Gods, what the *fruitcage* am I talking about....

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I think you're making the false assumption that a lot of what you ate was really "chicken". However methinks that statistics on how much of a chicken's undescribable bits you've eaten since the year dot might not be palatable biggrin.gif

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Hmmmm...considering I would be calculating total weight of all chickeny bits regardless of which part of the chicken they came from, I suppose it doesn't all have to be breast meat or whatever. As for the parts that didn't actually come from chickens..... oh well, the impossibilities keep mounting up smile.gif

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