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Long time no posting



Afternoon all smile.gif How are we?


You may have noticed a distinct lack of updating going on in this blog over the summer - unfortunately I have to blame this on a resit exam for my English Lit degree and the copious amounts of revision that came with it sad.gif Sadly any spare time left over from that was given over to a frantic job hunt which has currently resulted in my current employment as a checkout wage slave. Joy.


Working isn't all bad though - I get better money than a lot of the other jobs I was applying for, plus my supervisor has scheduled me to work alternating sundays to allow me to go airsofting biggrin.gif Also, with the VCR bill not looming overhead (at least not to the same extent as it was), my wages should help me realise my dream of owning an SAA, an Uzi and a sniper rifle before long. The choice of sniper rifle is between a PSG-1 and an SVD Dragunov - I'm doing a bit of research into both at the moment.


All in all, things are looking up in the life of Hardcore - my degree is back on track (albeit slightly changed), I have money for shiny things, I have a job that I can just about manage and I have a trip to Electrowerkz to look forward to. The only thing that's bugging me is the hunt for some Russian tigerstripe that doesn't set me back £50...


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Get the SVD. you KNOW you want to. then talk to your friendly fairy and get a genuine sling and scope, and be the envy of possibly a few of the people at your site!


gah. I wanna go to Electro sad.gif got my TMP all ready for it. just need a tac light/laser thingy...

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There's a few things I still need to find out about it though - most importantly being how heavy it is. There's no point in getting it if it's too heavy, regardless of how incredibly sexy it is. Also, since it's not an AEG I need to see how easy it is to cock the spring.


Damn my weak arms sad.gif

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i reckon its about... as heavy as a big AEG. G3 SG1 or so. not as heavy as an LMG or such, but still more than the average AEG.


Considering it is full metal, though (seriously, everthing apart from the plastic wood) its not too bad. It's well balanced, and you can always get a sling for it smile.gif.


As for the cocking side of things, its a bit tricky, but once you've done it a few times, i doubt it'll phase you much. I reckon its about the same as an upgraded VSR or so, but slightly more awkward, due to the wierd bolt handle.


Get one. Hell, even if you dont use it, get one. it's just THAT nice biggrin.gif


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