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Well, why not eh



Hey all,

Yup, time for me to jump aboard the blog bandwagon. That is having finally got round to actually asking for one (Cheers Arnie), perhaps aptly close to the start of a new year.


I'll avoid the probably obvious starter of a recap of the year’s events in relation to me, other than to say that 2006 almost put a complete damper on my airsofting due to serious cash issues and the VCRB. Thankfully for now at least both money and the state of airsoft in the UK both seem to be looking more positive.


2007 does look like it will be an excellent year for airsoft with the plethora of new guns and further productions of currently available models by other manufacturers. A few particular things will be on the calendar and awaited eagerly, namely the arrival of the Eagle Industries MP5K holster and also hopefully the release of Tacgear.de's Next Gen Flecktarn BDU's. The holster started out as a purchase I didn't even intend to keep, but will now have a metal bodied and fully upgraded K to sit in it by the time it arrives. The BDU's are something that I have been watching for what seems like an eternity, and are very much needed to replace my now weary looking current fleckie. They certainly look the dog’s danglies and I hope they will not end up a disappointment when they become available.


Expect regular updates as I attempt to avoid doing anything constructive (Like finishing my now generally loathed degree with a worthwhile mark, or working to earn money) and a focus mainly on things of interest to me rather than regular comments on the latest "oooo me wants" object of the airsoft community.


I expect you'll be reading more from me soon; airsoft tends not to be ignored very often round here wink.gif


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