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'K prep continues



Once again Ehobby impress me.


Previous orders with them have taken the approximate listed 7 or so day period for delivery. That being without the offered "expedited" shipping option as I haven’t yet bought anything from them I have needed that urgently (Oh and because I’m trying to save money where possible for a change tongue.gif )


The order placed about a fortnight ago gave me quite the surprise when it turned up only two days after shipping. It certainly seemed that the postal service timings had dealt me a stroke of luck there, chuffed as I was to get parts so fast with such a low shipping prices.


Having placed an order on the 22nd, shipped on the 28th in advance of the expected 2nd of Jan posting date noted on their store front, I was even more surprised to find it sat waiting on the door mat when I came home tonight. Once again, 2 days from postage to receiving.



But, the endorsement of Ehobby wasn't the point of this post (Though they are superb – try em out if you haven’t already), it was the contents of that little package that turned up today.


A quick little photo to pad out this probably waffly text now comes in handy:




- Guarder v2/v3 steel gear set

- Prometheus shims

- Guarder bushings

- KA steel gearbox spine


No prizes for guessing the intentions behind buying steel gears and bushings for what will be a brand new gun.


It has to be said that with said parts above, plus the CA metal body, and freebie Madbull shark hop rubber, the wait for my next pay cheque in order to get the gun itself plus the other necessaries is becoming a bit of a killer!


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