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Welcome to 2007



Morning, or should that be afternoon


Last night proved once again that a new years eve house party can be both a bit pants and also very funny, the bonus being alcohol isn’t a rip off and you don’t need to get the inevitably expensive and large rounds in either biggrin.gif


It has to be said that fortunately I’m not feeling too bad thanks to the choice of rum & coke for the evening, despite drinking about 2/3 of the bottle. I doubt the same will be said for some of you this morning wink.gif


More importantly, it is only a few more days to payday, so not long until I can order the ‘K up. Yes, I really am counting down the days. Fingers crossed the lovely people at the Inland Revenue have sorted out the correct tax code for me now. If not my wages will be set for another bashing for no reason, other than they didn’t get things sorted fast enough. I need the cash now, not when the cheeky monkeys decide to give it back after earning some interest on it !


That’ll be it for now, as I have to go work for a few hours - it is 2 ½ times pay again though so I think I can cope with that.


Happy new year, have a good one.


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